T-Mobile’s Project Emerald To Bring Us A New Android Phone This Month?


Whether or not you’re a fan of T-Mobile’s secret “projects” (with the most recent being the long-speculated Project Dark that brought some interesting plan options to the carrier) they probably interest you just as much as the biggest magenta fanboys themselves. A new project name is being thrown around – Project Emerald – and this time it looks like it focuses on a specific device.


A source of TmoNews’ states that the project will bring T-Mobile a “new Nexus One-like device” that’s going to be sold and marketed by the carrier both online and in stores. There is one phone that immediately comes to mind that fits the bill of a Nexus-like device: the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s been rumored for a while to come to T-Mobile, now, and this could be a small grain of hope that the rumors turn out to be true. Of course, more Nexus-like would be an HTC Desire which a couple of smaller regional carriers in America are already getting.

Or it could be something totally different. No one knows, but we’re going to keep our eyes glued to the scene, in the mean time, as we hope to lay any information we can find out onto the table (hopefully this month as a TmoNews commenter reminds us that Emerald is one of the birth stones for May).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What if its something that we HAVEN’T heard of or actually SEEN, WHILE running Android 2.2?

    Or what if Nexus-One like simply is in regards to the hardware and not Android? What if its NOT an Android Phone? what evidence do we have that it will be Android?

  2. @2FR35H . I think the hint of it being Android is the Emerald? Emerald is green isn’t it? Plus the fact that Emerald has a lot more “value” than just the color “Green”. Meaning, this project probably has great potential. That’s just my input.

  3. @2FR35H yea no one really knows anything right now, that’s why there’s a question mark at the end of the title, and why I state it could be something completely different at the end of the post.

  4. Motorola Shadow!

  5. T-Mobile’s (USA) lack of foresight failed to capture Android audience this year. They should have gotten the Incredible or the Desire when they came out.

    Focusing on MyTouch is a pointless move in the long run. The plastic quality of the casing makes it look cheap, even on the Slide version (though the keyboard is nice with large letters and seems smoother than the N1 as look and feel goes). The N1’s technical issues with the screen made it a flop it should have not embraced. That was a bad move on Google’s part as well. Quality control should have been kept to a max.

    If T Mobile wants to attract more users, it should focus on the BEST phones available and have one come out every four months. This would position it better than its competitors, even though it lacks the coverage.,

    The N1 is not the best anymore. Its slow compared to the Incredible, Desire, Legend, My Touch Slide or the EVO (like very few, I have been able to use each and every Android latest devices and one very sought out competitive device, and the Incredible leads the pack by leaps and bounds.) Project Emerald may provide us with better phones, I do hope they have the foresight to fix this inability soon!

    Android 2.2 will bring a new JIT Compiler making enhancing the performance of any phone that runs it (and it will be the envy of iPhone users, as even the G1 will gain a substantial increase in speed and response!). I hope that T-Mobile takes advantage of these circumstance!

  6. Its not the motorola shadow trust me and I think emerald means well see something this month or early June… but why would I say this ask anyone who has a brithday after May 15 what their brithstone color is mine is emerald and my brithday is May 31st. And for them saying a N1 type like device the only one I can think of is the Desire which is just about the same thing and ever carrier was said to have a N1 like device VZW incredible sprint evo at&ts legend and where’s tmos device. Like the article says we don’t know but 1 thing I think I’m right about is that its close very close

  7. I saw video of the Samsung Galaxy S where someone had a TMO sim in it, I knew because he had TMO apps on it but I’m not sure if it was UK or not, this might be pointing out something. If anyone’s interested I can put the link out, it’s a review and shows the 720p camera, which looks nice.
    Anyhow if this is true, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S(would be alike because of the processor), Desire(because it looks like it and the processor), or an advanced Motorola Motoroi that was recently rumored(processor). Something different is always an option though.

  8. Maybe it’s the Dell mini 5. It’s going to come out in end of may/beginning of June for T-Mobile anyway.

  9. May 21 – Jun 21 birthstone Emerald.. I suppose it could be something else, but when is the Slide due out ?

  10. @justmehere……what a bunch of rambling you just did. 8 dollars an hour at best buy does not qualify you to make those statements. Why don’t you post up some linpack results to back up your claims.

  11. Tmobile is the original career that brought Android for us all. Since then, the big three ( Ver, At&, Spr) have been eating it up with the best devices around. They left TMo in the dust with nothing to brag about. Look at what’s coming around the corner with bomb shells like the Evo, and more… TMo is being pimp slaped by the big three for taking the best and leaving out-dated phones to the original Android company. What’s up with that? TMobile needs a big turn around and reclaim the crown that is rightfully there’s. Please come up with an android phone that blows every one out the water including the futur Iphone. Please don’t let us down TMobile!!

  12. If I had to guess, maybe it’s the rollout of 2.1 for the MT3G’s. Hopefully, on May 21, playing up the “21” “2.1” thing, like they’re doing with the Hero.

  13. @JustMeHere Do you have a Nexus One and did you say it was slow? Did you not read the story before this about the JIT and how it makes the Nexus One way faster than it already is. No other phone besides the Nexus One is getting 2.2 at the moment, maybe 6-12 months from now. I have had different Android phones since back in 2008 and the Nexus completely destroys all others, well at least until everyone finally updates past 2.1 and by then or before then Google would have already released the Nexus Two. Also I know how fast the Incredible and the Evo run with their Snapdragon processors but its 2.2 that has the JIT in it so they will not for now be as fast as the Nexus One. Also I have a feeling since Google is giving away Motorola Droids at I/O it will be next after the Nexus to get 2.2

  14. does anyone remember the htc bravo? i have a friend that works at tmobile and they are getting that phone around november. at least thats what he tells me

  15. I know it is probably Android device, but just speculating and saying that maybe it is about the Microsoft Kin. If you think about it Microsoft Kin’s UI deals all with green. Everywhere you look all titles and what not are green. Of course I hope it is Android because I don’t use anything else. =)

  16. Project Emerald could stand for the Garminfone that is coming to T-Mobile

  17. @JustMeHere The N1 didn’t sell poorly because of screen issues that don’t affect a lot of people… (the sensor is only really a problem w/some games) It sold poorly simply because it received 0 advertisement outside of us geeks and it wasn’t sold in stores, period. It’s still a great phone though, and if/when it’s the first phone to get Froyo sales will probably jump up a bit. I’m still thinking about getting one even tho I know the Incredible has a better touch sensor, being w/AT&T I really don’t have a lot of options right now. I don’t know how you can claim the N1 is slower than the Desire or EVO when they all use the same flippin processor, lol… And the Legend IS slower (and has a smaller screen). If anything you should be complaining that T-Mo only offered a subsidy on the N1 for new accounts…

  18. @G1toN1 : The Bravo was renamed to the Desire around January.

  19. On the flipside of that, I’d love it if we get the Desire at TMO USA

  20. It’s already be said, but worth saying again: the Nexus One is the fastest phone out there next to the Droid Incredible, and when Froyo comes out, it will be the fastest again. By some estimates, 450 faster. If current trends continue, the Nexus One will always be 3-6 months ahead of every other phone in terms of OS upgrades.

  21. @dethduck
    yes i know but the name he used was the htc bravo not desire. i can only assume that it will change its name once it gets into the usa. sort of like the g2 and hero names! same phones diferent names!

  22. @Ratnok My Nexus One approves.

  23. @ Nars – yeah that makes sense

    @ Quentyn – I know I was just pointing out possibilities.

    I hope its nothing we have seen before because I really wouldn’t say anything I have seen here was Nexus like.

    If I had to guess its an exclusive so that would knock out desire and Galaxy S, Garminfone is nowhere near Nexus like, HD3 android is just pure fantasy, Mt3G slide could not be nexus like.

    If its nexus like in the sense of the whole entity it would have an exclusive 2.2, sold only on tmo, have 1ghz processor as a minimum, screen size equal to or greater than 3.7inches….

  24. Let’s get the Samsung Galaxy S to T-mobile without the bloatware of Yahoo.

  25. Samsung Galaxy S with stock android 2.2 would be freaking amazing

  26. Samsung Galaxy S with Touchwiz, however, will not be amazing.

  27. What if it’s the Nexus One? Let’s say Google decide to give Tmobile the exclusive right to sell it? Hmmmmmmmmm… I might get another one! Hehe!

  28. Would be funny if it ended up being the next iPhone. It’s rumored to be coming out on another carrier this year, and T-Mo is the only other GSM carrier.

  29. It is a bigger screen Nexus One, Android 2.1 , I have some info :D

  30. I’ve had the Incredible, the N1, the Desire, the My Touch Slide, Moto Droid, and the G1 all side by side. Once you load the same amount of apps (around 120) the N1 slows down considerably, Moto Droid does as well. Desire, Incredible and My Touch Slide didnt. Just my personal opinion. Regardless, the point is, T Mobile needs to deliver better phones or it will keep on loosing market share. Sad when you can surf at 2.2Mbps on a G1 currently in most metropolitan areas.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an Android fan. Just had the chance to work will all phones, including the one that’s not Android that claims to be better. I’ll stick to Android. With Froyo, its going to be a game changer. N1 owners, FM radio is coming along!

  31. I was a tmobile customer until just this week. I changed carriers due to the fact tmobile service is HORRIBLE. I was with tmobile for 2yrs and tried to stick it out however enough is enough. They can come out the best phone in the world however if their service is not any good that defeats the purpose. I have the motorola cliq an android device which I love but I love to be able to use my phone also. My internet was extremely slow couldn’t access it half the time due to network failure, kept kicking me off network then started dropping calls like crazy….time to move on to the next I much rather have a service I can utilize than a phone that look good.

  32. @queenbee: I have been with TMO since 2002 and I have never had a problem with their service. The same can be said for Sprint and AT&T as I have been customers of their services too. The major problems with bad service is due to a poor quality phone or a poor quality controlled phone. I have seen 2 G1’s purchased at the same time on TMO’s service one worked perfectly the other just bombed, dropped calls and no service. I have seen this with Sprint and AT&T, I would suggest looking at other TMO’s customers in the area and see what phone they have and if there are issues.

    The HTC Desire is N1 like, if you compare the specs they are almost the same, The desire actually has more ram than the N1, so don’t count it out.

    The Samsung Galaxy S maybe N1 like but it would be hard to say since they are using their own processor that isn’t being used in any other phone. So there is nothing to compare it to.

    TMO should listen to the people in regards to what the people want? The GarminPhone? Really? Come on TMO we already have navigation on our 2.0 and 2.1 android devices. We don’t need a phone dedicated for that. What we need is an Android device with 1GHz Processor 512(+) RAM and 512(+) ROM. Keep up with the competition before you lose customers on this alone.

  33. My Birthday is May 15th and my stone is Emerald.. Just putting my two cents in

  34. @JustMeHere you seriously need to know facts before you yap. Nexus one doesn’t have issues with the touch screen, it might not have what they call the true multi touch capability that other android predecessors have but it certainly isn’t the reason why it isn’t as popular. Nexus one was poorly advertised that’s all, Google still thinks this was a success, as many N 1 users including myself think the same. Up to this day the N 1 will always be a step ahead of all the androids and there hasn’t been an actual phone I consider to be an upgrade to the N1, they’re all just made to its likeness with a little bit of extra I really could care less about.

  35. Finally the dangerOS is being pulled and the Android 2.2 will be on this dual core snap of a beast. Best of all? It’s not your kids sidekick anymore.

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