Motorola Milestone Heading to Cellular South


Cellular South teased us with a veiled image of an upcoming Android device for their regional network, and today a riddle posted on their Facebook page revealed that they will indeed be receiving the Motorola Milestone (or the Motorola Droid, as it was branded on Verizon). Along with the HTC Hero, the Cellular South Android line-up is growing.


For those who don’t see it right away, the first letter of each sentence spells out “Milestone”, all but confirming the device. Judging by the little green robot in their Facebook pic, Cellular South is throwing a lot of weight behind their Android lineup, and we can expect a few more devices to be announced soon.

[via Facebook]

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  1. That is awesome marketing right there. Subtle and genius.

  2. Who in their right mind is still using Cell South? lol

  3. That’s awesome :P

  4. Android Newb:

    I used to say the same thing. I mean they charged LONG DISTANCE for calling anywhere outside their coverage area for all but the most expensive plans up until a few years ago. Now that they came out with unlimted voice, data, and texting for $80/month and add a second line for only $40/month, they can’t be beat.

    Of course you have to live in their primary coverage area and can’t use the phone for more than 50% of the time outside the area or they drop you. If I weren’t planning on moving next year I would be looking forward to this.

  5. i’m actually considering leaving ATT after almost 7 years and returning to Cellular South.

    I live in Jackson, MS which is the headquarters for Cellular South and their 3G foot print in MS is larger than any other provider.

    I’m sick of waiting for ATT to release a worthy Android phone, I won’t however switch for the Droid/milestone. I heard they were getting the Desire this summer. And with smartphone plans at $69/month for unlimited data/voice/text nationwide, It’s truly hard to beat.

  6. This would be an interesting twist… the first time the “Milestone” name is used with a CDMA phone.

  7. Cellular South is actually a great phone company in MS. They have their own towers here, but use Verizon’s network while roaming.
    I’m T-mobile and am very annoyed by the horrible coverage here. The only benefit the GSM T-mobile has on the CDMA Cellular South is same as the ATT-Verizon commercials. You can talk and surf on T-mobile at the same time. Though it sounds insignificant, i assure you i’ve HAD to do this Hundreds of times. Whether it’s talking grandma through traffic, or looking up details for someone on the phone.
    I just might switch to Cellular South if they can offer some great “Super Phone” though with HDMI out…

  8. @ elijahblake The desire is coming to US Cellular not South Cellular they’re both different carriers. (DUH!)

  9. I too live in jackson, ms. You cannot beat their coverage, anywhere, nor their prices…59.99 for 3g unlimited web, nationwide and local calling, with 5.00 for unlimited text per month on top. This is for a business account, 69.00 for personal.

    i never drop calls, and when i travel out of state, never an issue either.

    gsm coverage in this state is dismal. no one gets signals too far off the main highways and inside buildings. They do have poor customer support tho,and poor phone selections. with an iphone unlimted plan being 160.00 a month compared to 59.00 a month, well, hard to resist really. I just wish they could get the incredible.

  10. Android Newb Don’t speak about what you don’t understand. If you live in the coverage area Cell South is the only way to go. Flat fees, no minutes, no extra charges and coverage everywhere. For most other carriers in the town I live in I can cross the street and lose coverage. Never with Cellular South. It has the best coverage that I have ever had and they are my fourth company. They will be my last because their plan is so inexpensive and totally comprehensive and they have no dead spots anywhere I have traveled in Mississippi.

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