Cherrypal to Make $99 Android Netbook


Cherrypal, a company focused on producing low-end computers for developing countries, is going with Android on their $99 netbook. Saving some money on physical storage with a focus on the cloud, the computers will house internals that fall short of  matchinch those of the typical smartphone: 533MHz ARM A9 CPU, 256MB of RAM, 2GB storage, and 3 USB ports. But that shouldn’t matter much to those in the undeveloped world who will be greatly helped by Cherrypal’s low-priced offering.


These netbooks should look similar to the “Africa” model pictured above. The $99 “Asia” model will sport a 7″ screen, while a $148 version will come at 10″ with a webcam.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Its kinda cool.

    Does it have a touch screen?

  2. Any chance you could buy one in the US?

  3. Why cant they make that cheap arm a9 android phone?

  4. Careful. Cherrypal still hasn’t delivered $99 laptops ordered in January. Their BBB rating is “F.”

  5. These netbooks should look similar to the “Africa” model pictured above.

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