May 10th, 2010

Some new details about Motorola’s latest Android offering has turned up over the weekend. The Motorola MT820 – which seems to have undergone a name change as it’s now known as the Motorola MT810 – will remain a China-exclusive device, for the time being, and for good reason.


The flip cover part of the phone has finally been explained: it acts as a capacitive touch layer, while opening the phone will expose a resistive screen. The technology enables Chinese writers to get the precision of a stylus and the usability of their finger in the same device. Other details were to be had, too.

The phone will capture 720p video, sport a still camera that takes photos with a minimum of 5-megapixels, and an LED flash to help it all along the way. A short promotional clip has also been spotted, too, emphasizing mobile TV (which is gaining insane popularity in certain Asian regions lately). We’ll bring you more information on the device as they inevitably become available over time.

[via IT168]

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