May 9th, 2010

Something pretty cool is brewing up on the XDA scene. Forum user ‘pikipirs‘ has been working on his Wiimote compatibility (Wiimote Controller) app for quite some time, now, and he’s put the project in alpha status. What you get is a working bridge between your Nintendo Wii Remote (minus the nunchuck) and your phone (if it’s supported).

He demoed Donkey Kong Country running on a Google Nexus One. The setup seemed fairly straight forward, too, so it doesn’t look like you’ll need to do anything too weird to get this up and running. You can find the app in the market, but be sure to take a gander at the post on XDA to see if there are any issues with your device (after a quick skim, it looks like most Sense-enabled – and most HTC devices, for that matter – are not going to play nicely with it, right now).

Hopefully, compatibility and stability becomes a non-issue as the project goes through the rest of its Alpha stage, into beta, and finally with its first stable release. Be sure to search “Wiimote” on the market to see some other different apps available that provide this functionality, as well: choice has never been a bad thing. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if I can get this thing working with my Wiimote and a T-Mobile G1.