May 9th, 2010

US Cellular jumped into the Android party when they came clean and admitted they’d be getting the HTC Desire (which was leaked via a rebate form featuring the Desire as one of the eligible devices). At that time, they announced that they had another Android device in the pipeline, as well, and that they’d let their customers (potential or existing) uncover the device in similar fashion.


Nothing gets past a crazed Android fan, though, which is why they figured out that the Samsung R880 was indeed an Android-based phone (now named the Samsung Acclaim) and is now officially headed to US Cellular. It’ll be a 3.2-inch mid-range device with Android 2.1 and a full qwerty keyboard. According to Android And Me, the Acclaim is very similar to the Samsung Moment in design and hardware (but, to the dismay of many Moment owners at this time,  not software).

We’ll keep you guys posted when US Cellular decides to pull up the curtains on their remaining Android developments throughout 2010.

[US Cellular Facebook]

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