May 9th, 2010

One step closer. As was expected, the FCC has cleared the HTC EVO 4G in time for training units to be shipped to stores and for warehouses to begin filling up. The filing was caught by Engadget, who noticed a WiMax and CDMA device for Sprint’s data bands.


Model PC36100 (also affectionately known as the HTC EVO 4G in non-FCC fashion) is ready to shed its cocoon for the masses to gobble up its truly deserved definition of being a game changer (at least on our side of the waters). Sprint’s just as ready as they’ll ever be, though, as they’ve begun their standard training regiment for the device to launch this summer.

Through the desirable training materials (which, for the time being, are all digital), we’ve gotten a good share of new details, as well, thanks to AndroidGuys. The device will come with Sprint’s share of apps pre-installed (which includes NASCAR, Sprint Navigation, and more). Additionally, we’ve learned FM Radio is indeed confirmed for the device (although there’s still no word on whether or not the kickstand will act as its antenna) and that there may be some special rate plans just for the EVO.


The plans would mainly be targeted at consumers looking to use the phone’s Mobile Hotspot feature. We’d expect Sprint to ask consumers to pony up for such a luxury, so there’s no real surprise there. Finally – and the hackers will love this – the lack of an optical trackpad, a trackball, or a d-pad doesn’t spell doom for accessing the phone’s recovery features: the volume rocker will act as navigation buttons while inside the menus.

Be sure to head over to AndroidGuys for the full gallery of training screens, as well as Engadget for the boring (yet still very exciting) FCC stuff.

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