FCC Says Hello To EVO 4G, Sprint Follows Up With Training


One step closer. As was expected, the FCC has cleared the HTC EVO 4G in time for training units to be shipped to stores and for warehouses to begin filling up. The filing was caught by Engadget, who noticed a WiMax and CDMA device for Sprint’s data bands.


Model PC36100 (also affectionately known as the HTC EVO 4G in non-FCC fashion) is ready to shed its cocoon for the masses to gobble up its truly deserved definition of being a game changer (at least on our side of the waters). Sprint’s just as ready as they’ll ever be, though, as they’ve begun their standard training regiment for the device to launch this summer.

Through the desirable training materials (which, for the time being, are all digital), we’ve gotten a good share of new details, as well, thanks to AndroidGuys. The device will come with Sprint’s share of apps pre-installed (which includes NASCAR, Sprint Navigation, and more). Additionally, we’ve learned FM Radio is indeed confirmed for the device (although there’s still no word on whether or not the kickstand will act as its antenna) and that there may be some special rate plans just for the EVO.


The plans would mainly be targeted at consumers looking to use the phone’s Mobile Hotspot feature. We’d expect Sprint to ask consumers to pony up for such a luxury, so there’s no real surprise there. Finally – and the hackers will love this – the lack of an optical trackpad, a trackball, or a d-pad doesn’t spell doom for accessing the phone’s recovery features: the volume rocker will act as navigation buttons while inside the menus.

Be sure to head over to AndroidGuys for the full gallery of training screens, as well as Engadget for the boring (yet still very exciting) FCC stuff.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Battery still to small, damn….

  2. can’t wait! definitely jumping ship for this phone! (it’s been great, really, but.. i’m sorry verizon, it’s just not going to work out. it’s not you, its me.)

  3. @Incredible does

    Battery still too small? Uh, no. It’s one of the largest stock batteries to come with any phone, and it’s larger than the Incredible’s craptastic power-pumper.

    Also, 4G uses 1/3 the power of 3G, so you’ll save 20-30% in battery life each day right there. And don’t cry if you don’t live in a 4G city, just get another phone.

  4. Wow, took a swing at Engadget there didn’t you? Lol

    I yelped in excitement when I saw this post lol

    1. @xBeRx not a shot at Engadget at all! We love their dedication to keeping tabs on the FCC. It’s the FCC, really, that I was taking a shot at ;)

  5. Once they bring 4G to VA i will be on the jump to Sprint

  6. Don’t cry if you don’t live in 4G city because Sprint is adding 50 million+ people to it’s coverage this year! I am lucky enough to be in Raleigh, NC, we were of the first to get 4G!

  7. @Quentyn Kennemer Yeah srsly, screw the FCC.

    Lovin the site btw

  8. it be nice if sprint’s 4g was on the other side of PA. It always seems like western PA always get fucked and eastern PA doesn’t.

  9. i don’t really like that Sprint is going to pre-load their apps. That should be optional. And I certainly hope are removable.

    This is one thing that really bugs me about Sprint’s past marketing. We are talking about one of the most technologically advanced smartphones coming to market which draws the tech/gadget lovers. So they’ll promote their Nascar app which seems to be a completely different audience segment. Are people really rushing out for a high-end Android handset for a better Nascar experience?? Is their Nascar app a compelling enough argument or even a leveraging factor of choosing Sprint over another carrier?? I certainly doubt it. Match up your marketing to the audience.

  10. @Chris…Every carrier add’s there own crapware to there phones it is nothing new…Once the phone comes out someone will figure out how to root it and we will be able to remove whatever apps you don’t want….

  11. Hey Daniel A. I’m in Raleigh too. I had no idea we were the first to get 4g.
    Do you know how strong the signal is in various parts of Raleigh. Is there a map of some sort?

  12. Sprint is actualy the best one as far as apps. The only thing u get is the navigation and nascar???

  13. Don’t forget Sprint-Nextel has huge sponsoring deals with NASCAR. (They have a sponsored car and a race, the Sprint Nextel cup, right?)

    Although I personally don’t follow NASCAR (and don’t know anyone that does and is considered a Sprint subscriber)… But you gotta admit, it sort of gets the marketing message across??

    NASCAR = Fast = Sprint = Sprint Evo 4G???

  14. I can’t wait for this phone. My 3GS is going bye bye.

  15. 1500 mah is small. Touch pro 2 uses it and battery life isnt that great as does the hero and same issue. 1500 is to small should have given it a 2500 since its ment to be used as a mobile hot spot

  16. if you don’t live in a 4G city then move to one nearest to you.this phone is worth it.

  17. I live in Phoenix, AZ, 5th largest city, and we don’t have 4G and it is not yet on the list, but I’m buying the EVO anyway — Since I don’t have 4G access, the larger screen is a major reason I am choosing it over the Incredible, as my upgrade from the Droid.

  18. Chris,

    The Sprint Nascar app is excellent. Live broadcast of the race wherever I’m at, tons of cool features, too. And like a previous poster stated, it’s called the Sprint Cup for a reason, so they should do an app.

    BTW, my experience with Android/Sprint has been phenomenal. And Sprint TV isn’t too shabby.

    I live in the Chicago area, which IS 4G, but I think I’ll wait until they have this phone’s features w/physical keyboard.

  19. Incredible fanboys suck it!

  20. I have to admit, I’m disappointed that the wifi hotspot feature might come with an additional price tag. That’s one of my most-wanted features, and I had assumed it would be included in the Everything Data plan. Now I have to re-evaluate my priorities.

  21. Another Phoenix, AZ sprint user here…

    I’m still highly considering this phone even though we have no idea when 4G will be available in the Phoenix area. I can always play with the 4G when on vacation visiting all you lucky 4G cities out there :)

    Maybe if enough people in Phoenix buy the EVO 4G sprint will justify the cost of setting up 4G here!

  22. Boohoo…i may have to pay 10-15 more dollars to hook up 8 Devices…not 1 or 2…8

  23. @3 phnws jugglin I guess u must live at home (by the name of ur handle). For some of us that do not live at home and have a family 10-15 bucks/month is a lot of money. When u get a family you’ll understand. The additional price for the hotspot is something that could be a deal breaker for me. Verizon offers that for free on the palm pre…nit a bad phone either. I have one from Sprint.

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