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Android Ported To iPhone 3G, Too [Video]


You may recall a story we reported on a couple of weeks back about programmer David Wang (‘planetbeing’ on the internet)dual-booting Android on his iPhone 2G thanks to the Linux On The iPhone project. He stated that iPhone 3G and 3GS support would come later, and it’s now starting to take form. If you want to try this one on for size, you’ll need to wait for David to package everything up into a nice download (as well as get a few more issues worked out) but those of you wondering about 3G (and – probably soon – 3GS) support can stop.

Right now, the audio framework has yet to be patched into the Linux kernel (meaning audio will not work in anything you do), but everything else seems to work as Android intended. The implementation is still slow compared to what you’d get on a dedicated Android device, but how much can you ask of a few programmers? David states he’s still actively looking for volunteer coders to help with the project, so if this interest you, head over to the project’s site now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. so doesn’t this require a jailbreak of the iPhone since I’m sure Apple isn’t offering the OS through the App Store?

    boo. if iPhone OS is so great, why do they want Android on the handset taking up the space. I am so over the egotism of iPhoners and with Apple’s recent d-bag actions, I don’t want to see them taking advantage of technology outside of their walled garden since it doesn’t open its technology up to others.

  2. @Chris Apple is in no way affiliated with this project. This is indeed only possible on a hacked iPhone, and is developed by a third-party group that has no affiliation with Apple.

  3. I wish he could get a current version of Android on there. My coworker keeps sending me links to these thinking that this is still the state of Android. He basically only reads Mac sites. I haven’t made it by his office to flip his world over with my Incredible yet.

  4. Steve Jobs must be getting so pissed by seeing this! I’d love to watch how red his face gets while this is playing.

  5. Maybe Flash will run on the iPhone after all. You just have to run Android on it :-D

  6. To answer your question Chris…..
    Q: Why would iphoners put the android OS on their iPhones?
    A: because we can….

  7. gayness. come on android hackers. hack the iphone os to android. actually, just hack it so we can just have access to the app store and run the applications. the rest of it is boring

  8. actual this is better than i thought it would be

  9. so that’s what the iphone 4g looks like


  11. Nice wORK DUDE !!!! 5Star post plzz do me a favour if this andriod patch available plz mail me n lt me knoWW

    [email protected]

  12. Why waste time on an inferior peice of shit iPhone. I guess its good just to say you can do it, but the I would be more interested in some more development for the incredible such as custom Roms and such. IPhones are for women!

  13. HOLY SHIT this is sooo cool I can’t wait for 3GS support =]

  14. This is the kind of epic cool that only a phone geek can understand!

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