May 7th, 2010

You may recall a story we reported on a couple of weeks back about programmer David Wang (‘planetbeing’ on the internet)dual-booting Android on his iPhone 2G thanks to the Linux On The iPhone project. He stated that iPhone 3G and 3GS support would come later, and it’s now starting to take form. If you want to try this one on for size, you’ll need to wait for David to package everything up into a nice download (as well as get a few more issues worked out) but those of you wondering about 3G (and – probably soon – 3GS) support can stop.

Right now, the audio framework has yet to be patched into the Linux kernel (meaning audio will not work in anything you do), but everything else seems to work as Android intended. The implementation is still slow compared to what you’d get on a dedicated Android device, but how much can you ask of a few programmers? David states he’s still actively looking for volunteer coders to help with the project, so if this interest you, head over to the project’s site now.