MyTouch 3G Slide’s Beautiful Retail Packaging Spotted, Compared Against Other Phones


Droid Sector got their hands on what looks like the final retail packaging for the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. The box itself is very unusual as far as the exterior goes. It looks almost like a briefcase or a safe deposit box. The material looks to be plastic with rubber edges stamped with T-Mobile and MyTouch 3G Slide logos. I’m convinced that every cell phone manufacturer needs to copy this design (the box alone makes me want to go and get one of these things).


They didn’t say whether or not the box was for mass production or just for review units, but I’m sure it’d turn a good amount of heads sitting in the window of a T-Mobile store. Early accessories look to include the charger (of course), MyTouch-branded earbuds, and I can’t really tell, but there are some other goodies beneath the cradle on the left side. Head over to Droid Sector for more images of the packaging, as well as views of the phone itself up against the T-Mobile G1 and  the original T-Mobile MyTouch 3G.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sure beats the standard cardboard box that all of my previous phones have come in!

  2. Wow, and I thought my Nexus One packaging was snazzy.
    Manufacturers take note: this is how it’s done.

  3. Certainly doesn’t beat my wife’s old Dolce & Gabbana Razr packaging, but good enough for us geeks.

  4. Meh… would be better if the Desire was in that box instead.

  5. The original MyTouch came in a pretty snazzy package. It would surprise me if this WASN’T the retail packaging since this phone is to carry on that product line.

  6. with that kind of packaging I wonder how much they are overcharging this phone……

  7. nothing is less important to me than packaging when i’m buying a phone. htc should have put more of an effort in making the phone’s design less vomit inducing.

  8. Honestly, i LIKE the MyTouch Slide, it has a QWERTY, it looks elegant enough for me. But T-Mobile & HTC screwed the pooch with the processor.An ARM Cortex A8 could of at least went into this thing, that’ll mean flash.

    I must admit however, the packaging also made me change my mind on the phone and actually want one.

  9. Hope it’s made from recyclable material and is bio-degradeable…go green T-Mo!

  10. Love the way the box look and all, but come on t-mobile!!!! where is the HIGH POWER android phones?? the sad part is that i’m going to have to get this phone just because i’m sick of my g1 phone(first day buyer)… why not the same phone, but with a snapdragon and atleast a 3.7inch screen!!! stop aiming for the teenage crowd(sidekicks and shit) we want some grown up SHIT!!!! PLEASEEEEE FUCKERS

  11. If you have ANY questions about the device leave us a comment on our website. Thanks!

  12. I would also like to confirm that it is the box pictured IS what the Slide will be shipping with.

  13. Thats one awesome looking case.

  14. The awesome case is to distract you from the 2 year old phone. Rumor has it there will be no updates past 1.6 for this device.

  15. lmao at jephyb, this phone will come with Android 2.1 out of the box genius please research before posting comments.

  16. @jephyb
    Just so you know its shipping with Espresso on top of Android 2.1. Dunno where you got the 1.6 nonsense

  17. Very nice
    Mytouch 3g packing was also really nice

  18. jephyb what are you talking about this phone ships with 2.1 so how will it NOT see past 1.6

  19. I’m loving the duralum style case! It’s like the phone you your gonna find playing Resident Evil, LOL.

  20. What CWALKER said! A-Men!

  21. Too much plastic wasted. Hero’s box on the other hand was rather strong, neat, small, fits anywhere… and much more ecologically viable.

  22. People are liking this phone- because of the BOX??

    Three year old tech that will not even support Flash and has a low res display. Weakest comparative “flagship” device- evah!

  23. Packaging sucks IMO compared to iphone and other recent “smartphones”.

  24. So the MyTouch Slide is a 2 and 3 year old phone ? .. The original MyTouch was Preorder/ship Jul/Aug 2009 I got mine in Sep.. It’s a great phone.. I like seeing what is happening with the new phones coming out, but I have no buyers remorse whatsoever. It will do me just fine for another year and a couple months.. As I am getting ready to take a vacation, the only thing that I would have liked is a better camera, but I have a dedicated camera anyways.. I am sure the Slide is going to be a great phone for many people.. calling it “old tech” without even trying one is ignorant.. just as assuming that having the “fastest processor” and “newest software” automatically guarantees the best experience.

  25. It looks awesome!!!

    I want one! Even though I’m already over qwerty keyboards, anyway…

    One question, what is that black case(?) above the phone that says my? Is it a wireless-charger “ala” Palm Pre?

  26. @Diego, the MyTouch line chargers are modular. The plug is a separate unit that the USB cord plugs into (it lights up with a pretty blue light when plugged in and the power tines fold down for easy storage/transport). The same USB cord (standard USB one end, mini on the other) is used for computer sd card functions. You can also use the same cord in a car adapter power plug. I do understand, however, that you can now get an inductive power pad charger that is compatible.

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