Motorola and Rhapsody Want YOU to Win a Prize this Mother’s Day…What About Mom?


Motorola and Rhapsody are teaming up to bring us the Mother’s Day Song List Contest, with the winner receiving a Motorola Droid, $400 towards cell phone service, and a year’s subscription to Rhapsody. So start scanning your music libraries for your best playlist of Mother’s Day-related tracks, then head over to the entry page to sign up for your chance to win.


Aw, how selfless of them, thinking of the music that will make mom feel special. But where’s the prize for mom? Well, maybe it’s for the best she doesn’t get her hands on a Droid, I know my mother would get more of a headache trying to figure that contraption out then any good from it.

Kevin Krause
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  1. Umm why not just have a drawing? I mean the subjectiveness of this “contest” is so wide that it’s pretty much pure chance anyway….

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s pure chance… there is definitely a craft in making playlists. I’ll probably make a submission eventually… sounds fun and you get something out of it, but its gonna be harder than it sounds…

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