Tagwhat Makes Augmented Reality Social on Android


Tagwhat is a new service available on Android and iPhone that takes social networking capabilities and wraps them neatly into an augmented reality browser. The result is a network of location tags that can be shared with friends, showing them where you will be, reviews of restaurants and bars, and helpful info such as current deals or specials. The network of digital tags “aims to place users right inside their own personalized global canvas where they can discover, explore and share what matters with friends and followers.”


In a basic sense, it works very similar to FourSquare (in fact, FourSquare is included as one of the default augmented reality “channels”). Users can show their location and provide tips and info about said location. The big difference here is that now this information can be browsed simply by scanning up and down a street with your mobile phone’s camera, with tags appearing in an augemented reality view. Check out the videos below to get a better idea of Tagwhat in action.

Tagwhat also has some potential as a channel for retailers to deliver advertising content and coupons to potential customers. I’m not sold on augmented reality just yet, but we’ll see if this one takes off. How many social networks should someone really be on before it’s just too much, anyway? But if augmented reality is your thing, be sure to check this one out in the market now:


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  1. YAARA (Yet Another Augmented Reality App).

    What I want is one that aggregates other geo-social sites (GoWalla, Foursquare, Brightkite, etc.). Not yet another social network that none of my friends will sign up on.

  2. They should make the boxes transparent

  3. Interesting application.

    I must take a look at that.

  4. It’s like Layar

    That has also got social media included

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