FCC Approves The Archos 7 Home Tablet


Archos’s latest in its brand of tablet devices has been given the seal of approval by the FCC. The Archos 7 Home tablet became available for preordering early last month, and now we’re one step closer to seeing it alongside its cousin: the Archos 5 Home. Along with the FCC-standard treatment of confirmed specs – which have been detailed for some time – we’re treated to some new pictures and details to feast on.

We’ve also gotten the device’s user manual in high quality PDF goodness, with other documents related to its passing. The processor looks underwhelming up against iPad’s offering, sporting a 600MHz ARM9 Rockchip 2808 processor as well as being accompanied by 128MB of RAM, up to 7 hours of battery life, and more bells and whistles unrelated to performance.


The trade-off to these specs lie in its price tag. For $179 – less than the cost of most subsidized smartphones – you can get a 7inch tablet device that should perform up to snuff with what you’d expect at that price point (I stress ‘should’ because I can’t get over the horror in what we saw with the Archos 5).

Those wondering what the EWE logo is all about in the device’s mugshots, Wireless Goodness details that EWE is a wireless service provider in Germany. This branding suggests that the Archos 7 Home could be data-enabled anywhere you go – in Germany, anyway. If we get any more information on mobile data for the United States versions, we’ll be adamant in updating you.

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  1. Actually, EWE is an electric power/gas/district heat/water company and the tablet is planned to serve as an energy usage display (probably WiFi connected to an “intelligent meter”).

    An older article (Google Translation):

    Greets from Germany!

  2. Unfortunate product name if it sucks. Eww. I can also see sheep sex jokes in the works…

  3. 200 bucks i would buy just to watch sports and movies at work. I think i read somewhere that it supports flash.

  4. hi there you are right i have the archos 7 with a 320 gb hdd archose dose suport flash but guss what hard drive failure fortanly the archos 7 has a 8 gb flash memory for $200 soo no hard drive failure

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