May 4th, 2010

Two weeks ago, we updated you guys on the “state of Android fragmentation” (I had to make it sound important), and now Google has clocked back in with another update. Last time, we saw 2.0+ devices sitting at the bottom of the barrel, while 1.6 sat in the middle watching as 1.5 dominated. Things are a bit different this time, however, with Android 2.1 making a significant leap.


While it’s sad that users are still subject to using Android 1.5 on a number of different devices (including the Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, Motorola’s MOTOBLUR-enabled devices, etc), we’re equally happy to see that Android 2.1 is making a strong push to take over. They make up for 32.4% of all of the devices that accessed the Android market within the two-week time frame, while 1.6 and 1.5 devices accessed the market 31.6% and 38.0% of the time, respectively.

Again, I stress this data doesn’t account for every device, but it’s a pretty accurate representation considering the frequency at which you would expect the average user to access the Market (updates, looking for new apps, support, and so on). As we expect more manufacturers to update their handset’s firmware versions to 2.1 (whenever that will be), we should begin to see Android 1.5 steadily decline over the next few months as 2.1 takes over as the dominant version. It’ll also be fun to see how Froyo/2.2 does after we begin to see handsets shipped with it later in the year.