Cellular South Customer? Then You’ll Want To Stay Tuned For A “True Game Changer”


Even the smaller, regional carriers get excited to unveil their product line-ups, and Cellular South is no different. While we’ve seen them carry Android devices before (HTC Hero, anyone?), they’re promising to keep the momentum going with a big announcement regarding their latest stream of devices  – one of which they describe is a “true game changer”.


Considering how many high-end Android devices are out there now, and how many we’re expecting to get in the upcoming months, it’ll be nothing more than a shot in the dark to try and play the guessing game. We’ve signed up to be notified about what the phones are, and you might want to, as well: head over to Cellular South’s site to do that now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. An iPhone?

  2. Oh God let it be the Shadow and not just them saying they have a date to update my Hero to 2.1!!!

  3. my guess is that this device has some niche focus on “games”. doubtful that cellular south could bring a device to market to compete against the big 4’s offerings that could dramatically change its position.

  4. Not an iPhone.

    @Chris Cellular South did release the HTC Hero when it was new. Only 1 month after Sprint. I think they are very capable of bringing devices that compete. And their plan prices are more than competitive.

    They have announced that there will be 6 Android phones in 2010. Although it’s great to see that they are trying to compete, I doubt 6 is realistic… We’ll see.

  5. The Legend? A new Hero? Looks like it has a chin and physical buttons….

  6. danny, danny, danny………….read the article danny?

    I am a cell south customer, current hero owner, and am excited to see my carrier continue the android love!!

  7. That looks like the bottom of the Droid, imo. Compare for yourself. I’m looking at mine right now.

  8. Is it me or does it look like an Incredible? Just sayin’.

  9. That photo is a really effective tease. WUT’S UNDERNEATH?!

  10. uhh i hope i’m wrong, ’cause i thought everyone already heard this. isn’t it the Desire?

  11. ha ha. everybody thinks its something different. i think its the Sony PSPhone. (yes i made that up)

  12. @jeff – nice observation. It definitely does. Perhaps the Milestone then? Verizon’s the one that licensed the Droid name.

  13. I think its the Motorola Droid or Milestone,if you look close at it you’ll sell the mic at the bottom of the phone.

  14. droid maybe. looks just like the bottom.

  15. @ Jeff … it also looks like the bottom of a G1 LOL

  16. @Shawn… it does a little bit but check this out someone else thinks its the Droid also..

  17. Just to put it out there, there are two photos and there different…………..so yeah

  18. it’s the Droid, look at the bottom bevel, the kind of square shape and the dead-center microphone hole

    i followed the droid for a month before it came out, it’s the droid.

    and for that matter, droid on cell south is VERY interesting, since they’re dirt cheap to boot. hmmm

  19. It is not only the Droid, but also the Incredible. Went in a spoke with a rep who said they showed it off at a sales meeting last week. They will be out in mid Summer.

  20. Motorola Milestone coming June/July ;)

  21. I want a Blackberry Torch, not an Android phone. ):

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