Thumbplay Music Thumbs Its Way to the Android Market


Just  missing my Streaming Music Showdown by a week (but not avoiding its own soon-to-come review), Thumbplay music, the popular service already available for BlackBerry users, has been launched in the Android Market. Thumbplay is a cloud-based subscription music service that provides unlimited on-demand listening to over 8 million tracks from all major labors and hefty number of independent labels as well.


For $9.99 a month, users gain access to the following features:

  • Unlimited, on-demand access to any artist or album; millions of songs to choose from
  • Build a personal music collection with Favorites and effortless Playlist creation; auto-sync between smartphone and PC/Mac
  • Online and offline access: No connection? No problem! Listen to music on the subway or in-flight. Available anytime, anywhere. (Offline access currently only available on BlackBerry devices; coming soon for Android.)
  • Playlist Genie for music discovery: Instantly generate customized recommendations from favorite songs
  • Search: Find music by artist, song, album or genre; includes free previews of all songs
  • Import existing iTunes® playlists within Thumbplay Music’s companion desktop app. With a few clicks, recreate iTunes playlists and have them available on smartphone and PC/Mac.

Most of which is standard-issue for a music streaming app, though the iTunes playlist integration is something I have yet to see in an Android music app, and takes Thumbplay one step closer to truly merging streaming music with your existing library. A killer feature that could make it a media-player replacement.

Other than the iTunes integration, the price and features read pretty similar to Rhapsody, so whether or not this app is right for you is up to personal tastes. Check it out in the Market now and get a free 3-day trial.


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  1. Can’t advance the tracks!!!!! FAIL

  2. Just downloaded this last night along with rhapsody and defiantly like thumbplayer more..still beta so app has a hiccup sometimes but still good.

  3. Awesome band.

  4. Go Muse!

  5. Major LABORS?

  6. Thanks so much for this, I’m pretty vigilant on new apps but completely missed this. I LOVE it so much better than Rhapsody.

  7. Solid album you got playin there.

  8. Kudos for Muse!

  9. Grooveshark ftw! It’s only $3 a month.

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