Mystery Solved: Droid Incredible OTA Fixes Exchange E-Mail Bug


Over the weekend Rob reported on a rather mysterious update he received on his Droid Incredible. The guys over at Engadget Mobile did some recon work and got word back from Verizon on the exact reason for the fix. It turns out the update only affects those using Exchange for a corporate e-mail account. The gist of the bug has something to do with the CC field and using “Reply All” when responding to e-mails.


Here is what Verizon had to say:

It was discovered that customers using Exchange for corporate email may find when an email is opened that has no recipients in the CC field, unintended recipients email addresses can sometimes be added into the CC field from previously received emails when the user selects the reply all function. The update that is being pushed to customers is to correct that issue. THIS ONLY IMPACTS EXCHANGE Users (corporate users).

Unfortunately, that is about it. Gone are hopes of this correcting any issues with phone reboots or radio reception. The update should be completing its roll-out by May 6th.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. that sucks hot sweaty camel balls

  2. LAME! I hope they are working on more updates though

  3. the only thing i wish they need to fix is the camera freezing randomly.

  4. What you guys said so far x100

  5. They could have done better updates.

  6. Don’t know what problems people are having with reboots or reception. I’ve had mine since Thursday and haven’t had a reboot yet, and the only place I’ve had reception issues in was 2 levels underground in a parking garage.

  7. Yea I haven’t had any radio issues or rebooting issues on my INCREDIBLE either…Got it a few days ago from Best Buy and so far it’s working flawlessly.

  8. Signatures for regulatory work e-mail are now over 200 words long. Can you put a paragraph this size into the signature line now? Version 1.5 is not capable of this size requirement.

  9. they need to fix the browser from freezing up. i usually have to restart my phone a few times a day :/

  10. I bought mine first thing at 8 am Thursday and it was the first one out the door of the store. Have not had any of the issues that some others are talking about. Yea it does have a couple signal bars but sound quality and reception is as good as my Moto Droid and battery life is as good as my Blackberry Storm was. As a matter of fact at least it is consistant. The Storm would do great some days and other days it would show full charge and in just a short time be down to yellow. Incredible is consistant and it depends on how much I use it. Sorry some of you are having problems because it truly is INCREDIBLE.

  11. Anyone had market issues? It takes quite some time to load my downloads, and to get the confirmation screen before downloading an app

  12. I’ve had mine for a few days now and have had absolutely no problems. Just like Corp165, I too had a BB Storm the Incredible seems to be on par with that. Nothing scientific, but I’ve gone through a handful of charge cycles, and I think it’s gotten a little bit better

  13. I had the Black Berry Storm 8230, the Droid is in no comparison to the Blackberry. In all the time i had it being 3 years i have not had any issues with it until recently. I broke down and got he Droid Incredible HTC, from day 1 i have had issues. Now having it a month thinking i needed time to adjust i despise it the longer i have it. I will be returning it and going back to a blackberry. List of issues as follows for starters.

    battery wont even last a day.

    constanst falure notices and programs forced to close.

    radio has great static reception.

    difficulty setting up e mail accounts and getting authentication failed message.

    delays on message delivery being e mail based.

    Yahoo messanger has a mind of its own and recieved conversations are somtimes copied.

    Difficulty hearing conversations while driving even with volume set at max.

    God i miss my Berry……

    Dont get this phone, its a waste of your time and money.

  14. correction, my Blackberry was the Curve 8230..

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