Sprint Rolls Out 4G to Central PA


Tired of your boring 3G coverage, denizens of Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Reading, Pennsylvania? Well now you can take advantage of Sprint’s 4G coverage area, as the carrier has just flipped the switch on the next branch of America’s first 4G network. Ok, so not really much to take advantage of unless you want the Sprint Overdrive mobile internet hotspot.


But then there seems to be this little handset coming out in the near future, you may have heard of it: the HTC EVO 4G! When it launches come summer you too will be able to get the most out of the first 4G handset on Sprint. Welcome to the 4G world, Central PA!

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Wished it would have said LA area, including all of Ventura County.

  2. I’m in central pa! But I have tmo..

  3. Funny how Central PA gets 4G and vast parts of NY still do not lol

  4. @Hitman How else will the Amish get internet?

  5. bah humbug! flip the switch on Miami already!

  6. @Hitman – Or any of California. It is obvious that Sprint has started releasing 4G coverage in the areas with the lowest concentration of potential users. Another blunder for Sprint (I am a long time Sprint customer, not just another Sprint basher). You would think with the new HTC Evo 4g coming out this summer that they would like to be able to sell some of them to the 1/3 of the U.S. population that lives in California, but, the only city in CA on their “future” list is San Francisco, ignoring the 2 biggest cities in the state (L.A. and San Diego). I guess they are still uncertain about the reliability of the network if there is heavy use.

  7. @MVTom – I have actually seen an article where LA was on the list as well. Here is one article that shows LA as an area that will have Wimax rolled out.

  8. @MVTom – Sprint has to make they have 4G in San Fran for the official CNET review. Just kidding I don’t that to be true but I agree living in San Diego myself how do they skip the other big California cities.

  9. @MVTom yes as that may be a good point you still have to think that if there is a problem with the 4g coverage you will not be in danger of haveing any issues. Once Sprint tests this in lower areas then I am sure that there will be a mass roll out! Just like any new item you have to let the first few moths go by so that any issue is fixed (just like all of Apples 1G items) they all suck! Give it time it will happen sooner than you think let all the bugs be fixed it is better for you! XD

  10. Well I live in the Baltimore Area and York, PA is only 45 min to an Hour away. Reading is only an hour away from Philly (Which already has 4G) and Philly is roughly 2Hrs From Baltimore….So i think that this does make sense…Ultimately there can be continuous 4G Coverage in the Lancaster, Philly, Baltimore Tri-City Area…Smart idea. Theyll do this for other Short radius cities as well.

  11. @MVTom, I do not see how Sprint is blundering anything, Sprint said Wimax IS coming to California, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and San Francisco counties will be getting Wimax soon. If any carrier are blundering, it’s Verizon and At&t. Verizon will not have a *4G handset* until mid 2011, At&t will NOT have *4G service* until 2012.

  12. Im in eastern PA. There sure is still a lot of white and grey on their map. EVO looks compelling; Sprint network does not.

  13. People are so consumed with all of the G’s, 2G, 3G, 4G that they lose site of the facts… Sprints 4G WiMax service is just slightly faster than HSPA 7.2 (AT&T’s current 3G network), and not nearly as fast as HSPA+ (T-Mobile deploying) which are both still 3G, let’s not even get to LTE speeds which will laugh at WiMax in the near future.

    To me, it’s not worth the switch… just to say I have another G. 4G sounds cool, but it’s more than just a “G” thing.

    The EVO on the other hand is a great step forward for Android as a whole, and will raise the bar going forward, but the G game is getting old to me.

  14. I don’t care what “G” it has. Droid ROCKS!!!!!!

  15. Comparing T-Mobiles (Give us a few more minutes) to Sprint is a Joke. Once again…people comparing technology today to technology of 2011-2012

  16. Did MVTom just claim that California is 1/3 of the U.S. population? Might want to consult the census on that one. That aside, I think Sprint is making a smart move. Rolling out 4g slowly, and in smaller markets that will provide good feedback and troubleshooting. Get the kinks worked out before a BIG roll-out.

  17. @Cybersedan you do relaize that WIMAX will have more Bandwidth. Which means that when more people are on the network it will not bogg down. Also you are talking theoretical speeds. Theoretical is not the real world.

  18. Hey Sprint, how about rolling out 4G to the nation’s 5th largest city (Phoenix, AZ)? It’s not even on the list for this year.

  19. I’m glad that the Amish are among the first to experience 4G. Maybe this will get them to appreciate electricity a bit more… no offense to any Amish readers ;)

  20. @Cybersedan

    All i can say is if you literally believe everything you read without researching it for yourself, then I got a great piece of land for sale in the middle of lake michigan, you seem like the perfect person to sell it to.

  21. People you are comparing non-existant technologies to the current iteration of wimax that has already been delpoyed. Entirely not fair and certianly not apples to apples.

    When those so called faster services from the other carriers ARE delpoyed (because nothing has been built out yet for them) WIMAX2 will be released which last I checked is getting speeds of up to 300mbps in test labs with most likely 100mbps in real deployment speeds. Its a simple software upgrade. So if you want to compare 2011 technologies Sprint and WIMAX clearly beat the rest.


  23. SPRINT*…silly me

  24. Wimax technology already have the capability to reach speeds of around 60Mbits/s. That Clearwire and Sprint decides to choke the speeds is their decision.

  25. Ok, so I’m sitting here in Harrisburg and now I have to take back all of those bad things I’ve said about the town I live in (ok maybe not all of the things I’ve said. It’s true, the Amish will barrow your phone to make a call. I’ll try to get a picture of it the next time it happens). Any advice on getting out of a Verizon contract that I just re-up’d back in November when I got my Moto Droid? The EVO looks too cool to pass up. The only question now, is 4G going to be on a unlimited data plan or will the savings normally found on Sprint be lost?

  26. Awesome. I’m in Harrisburg. My family is in York, my wife’s family is in Lancaster and Reading.

    So this is going to cover me everywhere I go. I’ve been going month-to-month on my ATT’s ancient Moto SLVR for a while now waiting on the EVO. Now that I know I’ll have 4G when I sign up, it makes it even better.

    I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

  27. @ Webby

    I agree, completely!

  28. Cybersedan,

    Get better informed before spewing your bias. WiMAX and LTE are more similar than they are different. Very similar speeds. The differences are more about politics! WiMAX is ultimately cheaper for the consumer because there are no Telco licensing fee unlike LTE. Other than that the speeds and specs are very similar.

  29. Cincinnati please… Although I am on Tmobile’s no contract plan with a nexus one. I just want to see how much unlimited service will cost. If I can get rid of my internet from time warner and use just my cell phone internet with the EVO acting as my router for my home devices for anywhere near what I’m paying now, it’s bye-bye nexus one.

  30. GAHHHHHHH I won’t see 4g for a long while……I hate smaller cities in the middle of nowhere!

  31. lol@RAWR, I live in California only four citied have 4g, total population for all four 4000 I think. :P

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