Live at 1:00pm Eastern – Phandroid(ish) Podcast 20


podcastlogo3001Live at 1:00PM Eastern Dave Demarest and Talton Pettigrew talk some Android. To be up front we’re just sorta wingin’ this one, and it’ll be brought to you Tea Time style.  What will we talk about? Who knows! But it’ll probably have something to do with Android.  Considering my wife just got the Incredible, that will likely come up. So head on over to http://blogtalkradio.com/phandroid to get your laid-back podcast on, and give it a listen!

p.s. The player below will have last weeks on it until we get started. Or until it’s done. I don’t really know.

As always, we love your comments! So bring it.


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  1. i was a caller! =]

  2. How can I get an account. ?
    No texing while driving day pass it on…

  3. This should be available via Google Listen.

  4. Great Job guys need more htc evo information. And you guys need some current or x wireless employees.

  5. Maybe I’m the only one who uses Google Listen, but this podcast doesn’t show up correctly. I click on the “listen to this podcast via RSS” link, and plop that into Listen, but the latest show is episode 14. I hope you can fix that as I would like to listen to your podcast on my commute.

  6. Why can’t I get the latest podcast through iTunes? The last one that iTunes has is episode 14.

  7. I wonder the same thing xFactor… Can’t understant why the even if i give directely the XML link it only shows Episode 14…
    Seems like a XML parse error ?

  8. What do you know about htc slide 1300 mah battery consumption 2.1 or 2.2 froyo? I would think with all bells and wistles with the software and installed programs 1300 mah might not be enough.

  9. Never heard of Google listen before, gonna check that out!


  10. U use doubletwist to sync podcasts to my nexus one and no podcasts after episode 14 show up either. I think it had to do with the way they are broadcasting them or they are no longer updating their site with the latest podcasts

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