Best Buy Begins Advertising HTC EVO 4G


Unlike Verizon with the HTC Incredible, which was kept heavily under wraps up until its release today, Sprint has been playing a little more loose and free with the HTC EVO 4G. Now on Best Buy’s page you can begin signing up to receive updates about America’s first 4G handset.


The page also covers some of the more anticipated features of the phone that will surely steal the Incredible’s thunder come summer:

  • Large, vibrant 4.3-inch screen
  • Blazing-fast 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Top-notch HTML Web browser
  • Two cameras, including an 8.0MP
  • 3G/4G mobile hotspot capability connects up to 8 Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • Google mobile services including Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube
  • Social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more
  • Works in 3G and 4G markets
  • HDMI connection

Rumors are also floating around that Best Buy has given a price of $199 on contract for the EVO, quelling some worries that this uber-phone may come at an uber-price. This hasn’t been substantiated, but there have been a few reports of Best Buy employees quoting this pricing.

Still no firm release date is given, but with Sprint planning to give a handful away to Premier customers at the end of May, we’re guessing this one should be out to the general public sometime in June, if not July.

[Best Buy via Wireless Goodness, thanks to webby for the heads up!]

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  1. This phone is a game changer! I will have mines in October.

  2. …standing in line as we speak..drooling.

  3. sucks, i’ll have mine on release day, if not sooner (praying sprint fuks up like verizon:)

  4. I am getting this sweet thing as soon as i possibly can im ready for an upgrade and in desperate need of a rad phone,…currently im making do with a palm treo pro. This phone needs to come out today.

  5. Is there anything in there that’s worth than the Incredible/Desire? The only thing I can think of is no AMOLED screen. Anything else?

  6. Damn the onslaught begins.

  7. @Dan – I take it you mean worse? The ROM is less in HTC EVO in comparison to Incredible.

  8. @swehes
    I am pretty sure that the EVO has 1gb of ROM, while the Incredible has only 512mb.

  9. This is a sweet phone, absolutely. However, I prefer the smaller size of the Incredible and appreciate its design cues. Strangely, the only thing I REALLY would like to see on the Incredible is the kickstand :)

  10. @swehes, where have you seen the listing for the ram/rom on the EVO? I don’t recall seeing it official posted yet. Just curious.

  11. @swehes, the 8 gig internal storage that you’ve been thinking of Incredible can not be used to stored apps. It’s only there for pics and movies… It’s equivalent to external SD card. Actually, EVO has 1 gig ROM which you can use to install apps while Incredible has only 512 Meg.

  12. @Derrick – I guess Ram and ROM is not official. Just things I have read from the non official sources. I guess it is speculations.

  13. This is exciting. Just found out my company I’m working for has discounts with Sprint. They also have discounts with Verizon and AT&T. So now it is just a matter of which phone (EVO) I want. :)

  14. Oh yes! Oh God yes!!

  15. we need Arabic languish support !!!!!!
    Google plz do it………………….

    vote for Arabic languish on Android by pressing the star beside it on

  16. I have an iPhone 3GS and I can’t wait to get the EVO 4G! I don’t even care what Apple comes out with, I’m sick of the iPhone and when I heard what iPhone OS 4 will be (the same as OS 3 except with multi-tasking, big whoop, Android had it a long time ago) I was even more ready to ditch iPhone. CAN’T WAIT!!! The EVO 4G is gonna be sick! What other phone has 1Ghz Processor, 512 RAM, Android, 4.3 inch screen (while still being very thin), 8 MP camera, 4G, HD Video, HDMI out? All those combinations will be hard to beat.

  17. This is great! Too bad you can’t sign up for further updates and preorder info…..

  18. I want this now.

  19. I like my HTC HERO! I just want/need the finest phone available! That is the HTC EVO 4
    G! I can’t wait!!

  20. @swehes

    Actually HTC Incredible only has 512mb rom. But it also had an 8gb internal memory built in also. And then the extra microsd slot. You can check the spec on verizon wireless website. Rom should be the fastest as it is embedded.

  21. @swehes-don’t know what your discount is with sprint, but check this out, http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=173903, don’t know if this is better or worse than what you’ll get through your company. I’ll be leaving tmobile for sprint when the evo drops!

  22. Where is the GSM love htc? I think they would have gotten more sales on GSM network…jus sayin

  23. Oh to be one of the lucky “Premier Customers” to receive one in May…

  24. this phone is cool as #$@#! but if sprint does not release it soon, I may pull the trigger on the incredible. Stopped in to a verizon store to check it out and it was pretty cool, if it had HDMI, i’d own it now

  25. @omac… No GSM love because there’s no GSM 4g network, yet. This is something sprint has been working on with HTC for a while. Sprint’s idea and request that HTC is filling. Sprint was ready to get their first 4G phone out to change the game.

    I had (and still do have) my doubts about the $199 price tag. However, I did go to a Best Buy today just for the sake of questioning an employee. Got the same answer. Only he didn’t specifically say it would be that price. Just said he can’t see it being more than that. In other words, he doesn’t know. But I’m seriously hoping it’s true! EVO will be my next phone without a doubt!!

  26. It is official, The HTC EVO 4G has 1GB ROM (plus 512 MB RAM)- for the purpose of running Flash (10.1) intensive plugins on the web pages and HD recording (720p) and playback. 1GB ROM is necessary to run the device smoothly without slowing it down. Consequently, The iPhone 4G will also do HD recording and have a customized A4 chip for the 4G with 1GB ROM and possibly larger RAM > 512MB for screen size of 960 X 640, it will also have the dual camera capabilty just like the EVO 4G. The iPhone 4G will not initially have tethering or hotspot capability, until AT&T’s network matures its LTE network for 4G service (WiMax-like). Meanwhile, the iPhone 4G will be LTE-ready for video conferencing and possible tethering (extra fee) when available.
    In any event, the HTC EVO 4G, will take the crown, as being, the first fully functional 4G (WiMax) ready Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, when it ships in June 23- 2010.

  27. Some of you are confusing ROM/RAM/FLASH, the EVO has more ROM (1GB) than the Incredible, the “FLASH MEMORY” will be around the same, 8 to 10GB on the EVO. They both have the same RAM!

  28. Damn, I want that phone so much. Hope it’ll be available in .de soonish!

  29. @petebog: the Incredible does have a video out capabilities via the micro-USB. In contrast, the Evo will have a dedicated Type-D HDMI out. Just so you know.

  30. The Incredible is a nice phone but it really doesn’t even belong in the same paragraphs as the EVO…Evo is just so much better.

    Everything Incredible has AND…

    1. HDMI Out
    2. Tethering (aka hotspot for up to 8 devices)
    3. 4G Capable with 120 million under 4G by end of year, and 4G speeds of up to 100mbps in 2011 with wimax2. LTE will just start rolling out at much lower speeds.
    4. A bigger screen…much bigger and not at the expense of making the unit any bigger. Able to have a bigger screen because you get rid of the buttons…who needs them.
    5. A kickstand…yes I said it. A kickstand, haven’t used on of those in 20 years when I rode a bike, so it should be fun.

  31. I currently have an Instinct HD; so I can attest to recording HD video and it is great (I record weekly at karaoke). I will be getting mine as soon as it releases. I handled the HTC HD2 since they are the same size, and it is not as big as I thought. However, this phone has EVERYTHING that you could ask for. All I am hoping for that has not been confirmed:

    1. Data and voice (CDMA and 4G)
    2. Tethering and voice (simultaneous)
    3. WIMAX 2 – I am really hoping that Sprint can get WiMax 2 up to compete with LTE; from everything that I have read WiMax 2 will blow LTE out of the water and will be backwards compatible.
    4. Can’t wait to video conference (even though it looks like we will be the only ones able to do it). Check out fring.com to see that.
    Pick up a 32GB micro SDHC and this phone is far and away the best on the market – iPhone is NOT up to the task.

  32. This is definitely a winner.

    But I’m not on Sprint, and am quite happy on Verizon thank you very much.

    Incredible! :)

  33. @Derrick – That is pretty cool. However I do get a better deal through my work. :) But I bet alot of other people like to check that link out!

  34. New Hotness is the Evo. The only downside will be having to change my Sprint plan. I have had the same plan for over 5 yrs due to the 2500 anytime minutes for $89. Unfortunately this phone is destined to be one of the ‘must have’ phones for 2010 and I’ll have to get a worse plan. CURSE YOU SPRINT!

  35. Sadly, I belong to the set of people who need a physical keyboard. My Samsung Moment will have to do until the next big 4G/4″screen phone comes out *with* a physical keyboard…

  36. I went to two different best buys yesterday and they both told me the phone would be 199. They also said it would come out in the middle of June. June 13

  37. I wish this phone worked on all networks so I could just get it and use it on whatever network I choose……………………………………………………..arlekmgal’ekrkhne;qrghnse

  38. Thanks Echoota, now i hear Moto Shadow Rumored to be comin in June,Droid 2 possibly July. both with HDMI port and I-phone trying to release b-4 EVo, sprint needs to get this phone out!!!! move that release UP!!

  39. ihope by the time of release maby got adobe 10.1 flash p/

  40. Thanks HTC… for been a life saver. Now I can finally say good bye to my I-Kaka phone from apple. This phone is real deal. I am an apple fan but I tip my hat off to this phone… Keep up the good work HTC,. and kick some apple’s ass. I like the name Supersonic better…

  41. Great phone, like it. Damn good work and not unfinished design-crap like some others…:)

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