Sony Ericsson Shows off Mediascape Integration for Xperia X10


No multi-touch and a plethora of other factors have resulted in some pretty negative press for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, but for a look at one of the cooler things the X10 is capable of Sony Ericsson is showcasing the music streaming service Spotify integrated right into its Mediascape and Timescape media browser.

This means Spotify can be accessed right alongside your library of music and video, and SE notes this isn’t the only service that is capable of integration, “there are of course other things made on other markets so this is just one example.” The below video demonstrates Spotify on an X10 running on Sweden’s Tella network.

No word on whether you must be a Spotify subscription holder or not, but users of Spotify who own an X10 should be pleased. I have heard nothing but good things about Spotify, but due to it not being available in the US, was unable to include it in my Streaming Music Showdown.

Not much more info is given on what other types of services will see integration into Mediascape and Timescape, but you can find more info over at the Sony Ericsson product blog.

[via Sony Ericsson Product Blog]

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  1. I hope Spotify adds local file playback on the official Android app, because it’s available on the desktop now!

  2. SE, why not just invest the money into getting multi touch and other updates out there. Im not really interested in the little features, its the big stuff I want.

  3. I love my X10. Mediascape is great, except one thing – I didn’t find any means to make it rescan SD card manually. If I add a new file, it won’t appear in the library until I use Meridian to rescan the directory.

  4. I. don’t. care.

  5. The X10 has a built in app for movies/music downloads “Sony Play Now” but right now it says “not available in your region”.

  6. …Next…

  7. Thanks Randy S…………..

  8. Telia*

  9. people actually bought this phone?

  10. I’ve had my x10 for about a month and had no problems with it, don’t really understand why it’s being slated that much. it’s great. The update that includes multi-touch is supposed to be comming out in sept but to be honest I’m not bothered about that at the minute. the only problem I have is the battery life but thats nothing different to any other top handset. Granted it’s not an ‘iphone killer’ there are many things on the x10 that are better than iphones and some things that make it a unique handset.

  11. 10. ab123 wrote on April 29, 2010

    the only problem I have is the battery life but thats nothing different to any other top handset

    I found after draining the battery 5 times and bringing it to 100% I get with heavy use 10 hours. If I use it like my last phone that was a flip-o-normal-cell. I have gotten 32 hours between charges. I hear different opinions about Juice defender and advanced task killer…after installing these along with the recharges I m getting better battery than my wife s iphone. the iphone comparison is just a total blind comparison. not comparing usage, just time.

  12. Great package but with a LOUSY battery! Cycled 1st battery multiple times and did not make a difference. Even with taskiller installed and minimal usage (text/phone only) battery is still only good for 5 hours MAX! On second battery now (thought 1st was a dud) and same story. Very frustrating!

  13. I got for free, battery life is what it is. I get a good day no problems with 30% left before charging at bed. Love all the stuff in it. If you get 5hrs MAX maybe you should buy an ipad or a “laptop” cmon its a phone afterall

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