Apr 28th, 2010

Less than a month ago we broke the news that Paul over at Modaco had succefully rooted his HTC Desire, with the promise that a full tutorial would be following. After a slight delay, he has held to his word and released the HTC Desire root guide!


If you just need to get more out of the already top-notch Desire, have at it. Just remember the process of rooting will completely wipe your phone, and there are currently no backup options for the current ROM on the Desire. You also risk bricking your phone, and we all know how hard a Desire is to come by these days, what with all the stock issues and European volcanos. Of course, if you are considering rooting and are reading this article, you are well aware of the risks.

As far as what you will and will not get from rooting:

The root process will…

  • flash your device with a new, generic 1.15.405.4 based ROM that has Superuser access
  • show you how to enter the recovery image in future, allowing you to flash update zips

The root process will NOT…

  • enable you to flash your device with a custom recovery image that can be launched easily by just holding down the volume down button when powering on
  • enable you to have write access to the /system partition in normal use of the device

Both of these limitations are being worked on of course.

So root at your own risk and let us know how it goes. Just don’t blame me if something bad happens.

Full guide here.

[via Modaco]

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