Apr 27th, 2010

Zeemote, makers of of the JS1 Bluetooth gaming peripheral, have now made an Android SDK for said controller available to developers. The SDK supports Android 1.6 and higher, and is aimed at bringing a console-like experience to handheld gaming. The JS1 is a small, portable controller that provides an analog joystick and four buttons for a more game-friendly interface compared to on screen controls or hardware keyboards.


Zeemote claims that “existing applications can be adapted in a matter of hours” and plans to roll out a developer support program in the coming weeks to help encourage and enable developers to take advantage of their Bluetooth peripherals. New and old apps alike are promised that Zeemote functionality can:

  • provide a superior mobile gaming experience across multiple supported platforms (while maintaining compatibility with existing distribution channels)
  • deliver true analog game control
  • enable multi-player mobile gaming (two controllers to one device)
  • turn a TV-out featured smart phone into a mobile game console

I think it goes without saying that before you can enjoy the experience of gaming with an additional controller, the actual library of quality games in the market would need need to increase. Could additions of SDKs like Zeemote’s help push developers to create better, more engaging games for Android? Google has been looking towards gaming more and more lately, so there is hope larger developer support is on the way with some great games in tow.

[press release]