Google Putting New Emphasis on Gaming


Google recently hired ex-Sony Computer Entertainment America manager of developer relations Mark Deloura to the similar role of developer advocate for gaming, a move that indicates Google is putting an added emphasis on the gaming market. What still remains to be seen is what exactly DeLoura will be working on, but the logical conclusion is that it will be Android related.


DeLoura takes his new job as a “signal from the company that they recognize the growing importance of games as a medium.” The question that remains is whether his work will focus on attracting new developers to Android in general, or if his work will be more specifically geared towards shaking out some early adopters for a Google tablet or Google TV. It could be a combination of all of the above, and DeLoura seems confident he will be the man to make it happen:

“In this time of great disruption in the game industry, there are a huge number of opportunities for developers. It can be difficult for traditional games companies to navigate the new possibilities provided by mobile platforms, social networks, and alternative business models. I’m looking forward to working with both traditional games companies and new game developers to talk about how Google can help, and the platforms and projects Google is working on.”

[Gamasutra via Gizmodo]

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  1. About time, though you’ll probably have to have 2.0 or 2.1 to play the good games. So my Hero’s useless.

  2. YES!!! About time we saw some indication of movement in this area. Move over iPhone. Actually just get out of the way :-)

  3. Who here would LOVE to see the PSP minis get ported over to Android? Ooh that would be awesome.

  4. @Malpraktiss: I believe Hero is supposed to be updated to 2.1 in april/may but another problem is if the hardware is capable enough to run new games?

  5. Now all they need to do is buy Palm and get some of that code into Android. Not to mention the patents.

  6. About time google, i think they’re planning for games support in the Chrome OS as well, you all probably saw the open source demo of Quake 2 running on html5

  7. maybe Google is starting to make a push with “cloud gaming “

  8. I’m almost certain they will come up with an Xbox Live type of system for Android. They can’t be left out with WinPhone 7 and Apple having one. *Wishes I had kept working on that idea a year ago :-( *

  9. @ a – True, why they went with Qualcomm is beyond me, ARM processors are amazing.

    @ Phil – Yeah, but what sucks is the fragmentation of Android devices, they SHOULD’VE made a minimum spec for Android from the jump, and ONLY upgrade those specs over time. It’s crazy to have some of your phones with Snapdragons and some with pintos. :-(

  10. Better gaming.

    A trophy system would be cool.

  11. most hardware on android phones are shit. i would say roughly 90% are far less capable than the iphones hardware.

    they had better be making more EVO type phones or they gonna lose to windows and iphone in the gaming area.

    and come on, the iphone has been around long enough!!! these dumbasses should realize that people are looking for powerful and capable phones. not the lame weak bullshit they keep selling

  12. Gaming? Sign me up! Oh, wait…looks like I will have to update to a new phone every 6 months in order to keep up. No thanks.

  13. Gaming on Android has not been a good experience for me. Hopefully this turns it around! I mean common the Palm Pre even has better games!

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