Google Acquires Labpixies for Further Push into Casual Gaming


Google just can’t keep the wallet in their pocket, and their latest splurge bought them a little Israeli start-up called Labpixies, developers of casual games and other applications such as Flood-It for Android, iPhone, and Facebook. Their early-adopter status with the iGoogle platform probably didn’t hurt when catching the attention of their new sugar daddy.


While Labpixies’ primary focus will be on developing gadgets for iGoogle, the acquisition shows Google’s continued commitment to exploring the potential of gaming across their platforms. Recent hire Mark Deloura has come on board as a developer advocate for gaming, with his goal being to drum up developer support for Android and other Google services.

As the power of Android phones increases steadily and developers are looking towards new ways to enhance games, it sounds like the great gaming renaissance for Android is looming just around the corner.

[via Google Code Blog]

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  1. Never heard of this game (btw, it’s free). Just downloaded it, and it’s a pretty good casual game. They make some other games, too: Color Drips, TrioPRO, and Line Up, but I haven’t tried those yet (all free).

    Definitely worth checking out.

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