Apr 26th, 2010

Besides the fact that this press release is dated for April 27th, 2010, we’re appalled by the information that it brings us: Motorola will preload Skyhook’s location services on its Android-based devices in place of Google Maps and Navigation Beta. In an unexpected “it’s not you, it’s me” type of event, Motorola’s vice president of software and services product management Christy Wyatt chimed in with her own commentary:

“Motorola is committed to providing rich location services for our customers and developer partners,” said Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president of software and services product management for Motorola Mobile Devices. “Precise location is central to the mobile experience, and Skyhook’s Core Location will enhance Motorola’s Android-based mobile devices with its innovative location technology.”

The move doesn’t seem to be hostile, as we haven’t heard of any rumblings between Google and Motorola, but it is very ballsy, nonetheless. It’s not clear whether or not this change will be reflected in upcoming 2.1 updates for Motorola’s phones, but we should start to see new phones carry Skyhook from here on out.


An interesting thing to note is that Skyhook has developed their location service so that developers would not have to change their code: something I’m sure a lot of developers would be relieved about. Now, please, excuse us while we take a truckload of tissues and a crying shoulder to the Googleplex. This break up wasn’t very easy for them.

[via Engadget]

[Update]: Seems we may have misunderstood Skyhook. It appears that they may just be implementing their core location features, which handles the triangulation part of the equation, into Motorola’s Android handsets.  Google Maps and Navigation Beta itself may not be at stake here, however it’s imperative to remember that no one has said otherwise, either. If any more information surfaces regarding this, we’ll let you know.

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