Snaptic Wants You to Move Your App!


Snaptic has teamed up with HopeLab and TED to bring you the Move Your App! Developer Challenge. They are making an open call for developers to create Android applications that “inspire people to move.” All you need to do is register for the challenge and submit an app based on snaptic APIs by May 21st.


The winners will be announce May 27th at Snaptic’s Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Those lucky enough to create the top apps have a chance to take home an all expenses paid trip to TED Global 2010, MacBook Pro computers, Android phones, software, hosting, and more.

So what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes to develop the next big Android app that gets people moving, then get to it! And be sure to share the results with us.

[snaptic via Android and Me]

Kevin Krause
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  1. I just want to applaud phandroid on getting all their new writers. This site has become soooooo much more enjoyable to visit lately.

  2. @jo: agreed. They don’t just repost what they found on engadget and gizmodo anymore. Feels… fresh.

  3. How does one go about becoming a contributor for a website such as this?

  4. TED? wow. Im into a broad spectrum of shit and i never thought that i would hear a mention of TED on a Android site.
    This news? gets an A mutherEffin PLUS from the Gman

  5. I wish google could have some official dev competitions.

  6. I agree about the site improvements – Great stuff!

    And, Lorin, they have done 2 already…

    That said, does anyone know what these API’s are? What so they provide?

  7. woll you name is very cool!

  8. I wish google could have some official dev competitions.

  9. Hi Dan,

    The APIs allow you to integrate note taking functionality into your app. The notes have geoinformation, photos, tagging, and more.

    You can look at the API at

  10. @chris
    how do you want to contribute?
    – you can donate and get super user status, or golden user, or some shit like that.
    – you can tip them off about an idea for an article by following the “tip us” link up top.
    – you can let everybody know that this is your favourite android site and thus, get them more views.
    – or you can just frequent the site so that they will get a lot of advertisement income.
    – am i missing anything?

  11. If by open call you mean spamming devs using their email addresses published on the Market then yes, they are.

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