Sprint is Giving Away the EVO 4G to Ten Premier Customers


So you think you can dance? Well that won’t matter much for this contest, but Sprint is inviting its Sprint Premier customers to “blaze across America” with its first 4G phone, and before its official release at that! Ten lucky Sprint Premier customers will take home an HTC EVO 4G, with additional prizes including a job as an EVO 4G blogger, a “4G trip,” or just plain old cash money. Winners will also receive a free year of service with a connection”faster than most people’s DSL.”


All you have to do is be a Sprint Premier customer and register your name along with 150 words worth of why you deserve to win. If you fit the bill, head on over and go ahead and put your name into the drawing. Then when you win, feel free to let us over here at Phandroid have a go with your EVO 4G.

[Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up!]

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  1. grrr another thing i am jelous of.. being a radioshack emloyee i am probably ineligable…

  2. some lucky ppl out there.

  3. I submitted mine, so lets hope

  4. here is my email to HTC after hero update joke.
    (( OK Im going to buy and htc incredibl and enjoy android 2.1 but after a few months android 2.2 or whatever released and again I should waiting for another damn update.you know in android these damn waiting never ends.THE ALL USEFUL LIFE CYCLE OF A HIGH END ANDROID PHONE IS AT LAST 4 OR 6 MONTHS.LIKE MY htc HERO )).AND now here is HTC respond.
    (( Hi, I’m Victor, and I will be glad to assist you today.Thank you for your interest in the new HTC Incredible device. At this time we have no information on when the Android 2.1 update will be released for the Hero device. Once the update is released it will be pushed to your device as an over the air update or it will be posted on our support site for your device. I do apologize for all the inconvenience that this issue may has caused you )).
    All these problems just remind me windows mobile updating issue. I really love Android but now the only thing Android needs is a update system like windows phone 7 otherwise it became another windows mobile.

  5. I think Sprint needs to get a clue. If they truly wanna get more people to care they should also be including the Average Joe, otherwise known as non Sprint customers, in the contest!

  6. CJ — Why would Sprint willingly give out a phone to someone who doesn’t have a Sprint account? They’ll go straight to eBay. They’re not doing it for “more people to care,” they are doing it to reward the customers who’ve been with them for 10+ years or spend more than $70 a month on their cell plan for 6+ months.

  7. Anyone read the rules and regs? As a winner you agree to blog about your experience with the phone. The deadline for blog posts: 8/31/10…could that be the “real” release date. Still Summer, but that would suck!

  8. Waiting…It pains me to know that there is no chance of getting a phone before June. The contest clearly states that winners will receive their phone before it is released to the streets. The 10 lucky winners will be chosen on the 18th of May and need to reply within 24hrs of notification. There may also be need to sign an affidavit within 3 days.

    Sprint’s rules: “The Semi-Finalists will be notified on or about 5/18/2010 by phone, text or email. Semi-Finalists may be required to confirm their acceptance of the Official Rules and their agreement to participate in the Contest within twenty-four (24) hours of being notified. Semi-Finalists may be required to complete and return an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release and any other documents that Sponsor may reasonably require (the “Affidavit/Release”) within three (3) days of being notified.”

    All this adds up to a disgustingly long wait; the earliest we could see the phone is May 22nd if the phone Gods are nice. Unfortunately, I would liken Sprint as Hades, the god of the underworld, trying to take over the other more popular gods (AT&T-Verizon); therefore, us mortals will have to wait until the projected June 13 date to experience the Phone of the…

  9. @m.H

    I really don’t understand why people are getting worked up about Android updates taking a little longer on custom Android devices. Yeah, I suppose it’s kind of frustrating to know that a newer Android is out there… somewhere… but it’s not like quarterly updates are something that people are used to expecting from their phone. The iPhone updates once a year, and people manage just fine. I don’t know how often BlackBerry updates – if at all – but I’m sure it’s not as often as Android. Why not just enjoy the phone you have, and all the amazing things you can do with it, and be a little more patient. If you need a little help, why not try watching this video?…


  10. Oh, that “18 years or older” requirement is so irritating. I’m 17 and it’s always prevented me from entering things like this.

  11. Nope this is the way it should be if ur a loyal client and have a primier status u earned ur rights to stuff like this and trust me I google news for evo like twice a day so I am as anxious as the next guy…

  12. @ CJ

    Jez…why should a company care about the loyal people that have stuck with them through thick and thin. Lets award our phones gratest new phones to the types of people that jump ship at the first sign of some issues but only want back in at the first sign of the BEST DAM SMARTPHONE PERIOD.

    I am a Verizon customer (soon to be Sprint) and I actually slightly jealous that this is only available to Premier customers. HELLO!!! However, you are knocking a company because they want to reward their customers first! That’s a company I want to give money to…that’s what it tells me.

    @ rudyjr

    You mean you have to wait 7 days to get the BEST DAM PHONE PERIOD 4 weeks before everyone else even had a chance to purchase it…yea who wants that…what the heck is wrong with people nowadays. Entitlement is terrible in this country.

  13. The hard part is getting signed up for Sprint Premier. What a PITA that is!

  14. @Logitic it should do it automatically after you fulfill the month requirement

  15. I entered already, I hope they like my story! Im so anxious for this phone! Sprint, You RULE!!!

  16. I don’t see what the hype is about this phone it has practically the same exact specs as its brothers the Incredible and Nexus minus a few different tweaks like the screen size 2 cameras and limited 4g service. For people on Sprint tho its great for them because its the best for that service but I definately would not go through the hassle switching networks just for this phone maybe if it had a gig of RAM……

  17. @me
    The front facing camera is the big selling point for me.

  18. @me
    I agree with the over hype except that it is all I have to look forward to on sprint with regard to a wonderful phone, for I refuse to pay the bloated prices of the other dirty carriers. The Moment was mediocre and the Hero just a tad too small. I would gladly accept anything similar to the incredible, N1, or the Desire. Really, all I am asking for is a Hero in a larger size. I loved that phone but typing on it drove me bonkers.

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