iTag: What Once Was Lost Now Is Found


Tired of envying iPhone users for their ability to locate and kill their phones remotely? Sick of the poor offerings in the Android Market such as Where’s My Droid, which does an utterly horrible job of answering the titular question in its namesake? Then do I have the app for you! OK, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s new to me and definitely worth mentioning. iTag is a new-ish app plus web-based solution for locating, backing up, and locking out your Android phone remotely. And from the look of it, this has the potential to become a must-have app:

iTag allows you to remotely locate your lost phone from a web browser, lock the phone out to avoid pesky snooping if someone should happen to walk off with your phone, and back up your sensitive data and wipe said information from your device. Even better, if your other friends are using iTag you can alert them to the status of your lost phone, and if you see they are nearby where you left your beloved Android, you can even ask them oh so kindly to pick it up for you.

Added on top of its already killer phone-finding abilities are a few little location-based social networking elements in iTag that allow you to see where your friends are and communicate with them. The example in the video showcases a scenario where a friend at the grocery store is asked to grab more ice for a party. Very cool features that will help to extend the usefulness of this app beyond the rare occasion of losing your phone.

I haven’t had a chance to play hide-and-go-seek with my phone yet to test out iTag fully, but when I do be sure to expect a full report. Until then check out iTag online and sign up for the app that is currently in its public beta phase. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. WaveSecure much.

  2. One would think corporations and government entities could find a way to put an app like this on their oft-misplaced laptops ;)

  3. What about Apps like WaveSecure? That’s been out for awhile with the ability to backup, track, and remotely lock your phone.

  4. yeah because laptops all have built in GPS and Cell radios for the program to use to locate it……just messing with you.

  5. there are many good remote apps out there…
    I personally like Prey.

  6. I read some of the reviews for this app. Apparently it’s $20 unless you refer to 3 different friends. This app comes as a 3 day trial.

  7. Just tried it on my Droid; this thing replaces your “Home” app, and if it fails, there’s no way to get back to your home screen to uninstall it!

    Which is exactly what happened to me.

    I’d avoid this one.

  8. I don’t know what the big deal is. We have had Mobile defense, Wave Secure and Lookout for a while now. And wheres my droid is a solid app (I would like to see you find your phone in a crowded room with no computer and your phone on silent)

  9. Hello,

    How can you write this article without a single mention of Wave Secure, the winner of the Android Challenge Developper ?
    It’s a Shame.
    Where is my droid, is a crap, okay, but Wave Secure is THE app which must have.



    Comment pouvez-vous écrire cet article sans une seule mention de Wave Secure, le gagnant l’Android Challenge developper
    C’est une honte.
    where’s my droid, est une merde, okay, mais Wave Secure est l’application ultime qu’il faut avoir.


  10. Doesn’t enable GPS for you? This is a nasty limitation that I’m guessing is a result of the API.

    When I had a Windows Mobile phone, I installed a great app that would send text messages with its location. It could activate the GPS remotely and you never had to worry about wasting battery life. Shame it’s not the same here.

    I also see this app as a trap for later service fees.

  11. I’ve been using iTag for a couple weeks now and I find that it eats up about 10% of my battery. I prefer to use Mobile Defense and (if you have root) put it on the /system/apps folder so it can automatically activate the GPS.

  12. If I had an iPhone I wouldnt want to just kill it remotely =)

  13. Wave Secure.

  14. Tried to take over my home screen. Trying to log-in to the website got a “user disabled”. Interface is absolutely baffling. Then a force close.

    This is way to half-baked to even call it a “beta”


  15. There is WaveSecure and MobileDefense and also Lookout which all do a good job. I have all them installed on my phone.

  16. Lots of bad reviews of iTag on the Market. I’m using Mobile Defense.

  17. What’s so bad about “Where’s my Droid?”

  18. *riing*riiingggg*
    Guy: Hello?
    Girl: Hey, where you at?
    Guy: ehh, just chillen with my boy. Wzup?
    Angry Girl: You lying son of a bi***!! HOW could YOU?!! iTag says your at my sisters house. My SISTER!?! HOW COULD YOU?!?

  19. ^
    she then remotely erases your phone…………..

    Talk about ruining a perfectly good birthday surprise……


  20. I think instead of just another app recommendation, Phandroid should do a compare and contrast review of iTag, WaveSecure, MobileDefense and Lookout.

    That’ll make for a better review article and give a better insight to us users as to which app we may prefer. There is just so much out there, that it is getting harder to pick the right one.

  21. Phandroid…

    Did you get paid for this one? Now Now Now…

    I think you really do know better.

  22. Wave Secure.

  23. This may be a good app, but it is certainly nothing new or revolutionary. Why write it up like its the first android lost phone app? Be real.

  24. I would like a service like this but I refuse to pay for a txt message package. Until the carriers start to allow applications to receive service messages on that channel or the developers discover alternative ways of sending the remote commands I will just have to keep track of my phone.

  25. @Zer09: Their is a good reason for using the SMS system for the commands. It’s really the simplest way of circumventing issues like no enhanced data package being on the account and such. It is simple, and unless specifically asked for, can’t be blocked. I will use my – still holding on G1 – as an example. I have it rooted and unlocked. Should someone find/steal my phone and decide not to return it and instead put in their sim from the crapass phone they are happy to get rid of, they will find that they don’t have the appropriate data plan to work the phone. They don’t care, they’re calling their friends to find out how to hook it up. In the mean time, WaveSecure is busy sending my Buddy List and the Server info on where it is and the number of the sim that just invaded its territory. Ok, were that info data dependent, it simply would have never made it out of the phone. Were it to use the service message system, I imagine there would be other issues. I don’t know about cross-carrier service messages here in the U.S., but when I have traveled with my T-Mobile phones in other countries I tend to get tons of VISIBLE service messages. A few of those on the opposing parties screen and you will be trying to outbid a 13 y/o for your own phone on eBay. A couple of garbled text messages aren’t as suspicious if at all visible. I don’t mind paying for a few txts if it gets my phone back. Heck, it does a hell of a lot more than the pointless “Handset Insurance” the carriers sell. – My very long two cents. Discuss.

  26. @zero09 mobile defense is not only free but I like it the best out of all the options available.

    BTW iTag sucks!

  27. I have a question I do not have an Iphone but my step mom does what is this app for the Iphone called?

  28. Wave Secure FTW. Just bought my subscription, they are having some discounts now, 20% off. Very solid app.

  29. @Craig: It’s MobileMe, which is preinstalled by Apple. You go to the Apple site and do something. Try an iPhone site if you want to know the specifics.

  30. How does iTag compare to MobileMe (Apple) and My Phone (Windows Phone)?

  31. Gave iTag a shot because they were offering free premium memberships for the first beta members. After having used Mobile Defense and Lookout (for the anti-virus), iTag falls short. I have a Droid Eris running 2.1 and when I connect to my phone from the website it shows my location 5 miles away. GPS is activated as well as internet. Also, the commands to lock/ring my phone do not work. I have tried this in Arizona as well as California with no success. Uninstalling and sticking with Mobile Defense (I like it for it’s accuracy,it hides in the background, and the alarm is F’ing loud) and Lookout (anti-virus and data backup). Sorry iTag. I tried to like you but I need the space on my phone and 2 security programs are enough.

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