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How to Make Opera Mini 5 Your Default Browser


Opera Mini 5 was released to much jubilation for those Android users seeking a light, quick browser replacement. The problem was, Opera couldn’t be set as the default browser for opening links from e-mails, messages, and other sources…that is until now (sort of).


OperaBridge is an app that provides a solution to the defaul browser problem by creating a workaround that launches Opera when clicking outside links. You set OperaBridge as the default app for opening said links and it in turn launches Opera Mini 5. You’ll have to sit through Opera’s loading screen, but for some the time saved on page loads well makes up for this.

So here is how you do it:

  1. Install Opera Mini 5 on your Android
  2. Install OperaBridge, too.
  3. Click an external web link, launching the “Complete action using…” dialog.
  4. Check “Use by default for this action.”
  5. Tap OperaBridge

External links should now open in Opera Mini 5 by default. Thanks to Andrew over at Androinica for this very helpful little bit of info.


[via Androinica]

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  1. Man, this is complete genius!

  2. I assume its only for 1.6 and higher…

  3. It works great I am using it now on my nexus.

  4. Comments from Androinica brought up a good point-

    “Why would you want to use Opera Mini as a default browser? It uses an Opera proxy server to pass all webpages through in order to create a smaller version that works well on mobile devices, and it breaks end to end SSL connections in doing so. Even Opera suggests using Opera Mobile rather than Opera Mini.”

    “There is a commenter on OperaBridge saying it is “sort of Trojan – messing with passwords” – huh!? ”

    Not sure how accurate they are but I’d like those concerns addressed before I settle on this as my default…

  5. excellent. thanks. works great.

    (poor JBC… hero? :( )

  6. Awesome. Glad someone did this. It is quite amusing that the Opera mini team did not add the couple of lines to register itself as a browser. Kudos to the OperaBridge dev to have the initiative to do this.

  7. Sadly, the quicksearch bar still launches the built-in browser…must not be using an intent?

  8. Works perfect on G1 running Cyanogen

  9. Wonder if it’s going to get an update this year? Multitouch?

  10. Very disappointed after seeing my Hero in the photo’d in the article and then not being able to get OperaBridge in the market. Boo.

  11. Cannot find any app called OperaBridge!

  12. without multitouch opera aint an option – i liked it on my itouch though.

  13. No matches in the market. :(
    Must not be for 1.5

  14. Hey guys…Works good on my hero 1.5…I could not find by by the name given, so I put in Opera…and there is an app that says ” Make opera default “…after installing it , I did a normal search from the homescreen bar and the question came up for opera to be used as default…Done..! Hope this helps..Dan

  15. @Steve-O, that was the first thing that came to my mind too. I won’t even be considering Opera Mini when I get my Incredible.
    With browsers like xScope (which STILL needs a comprehensive review here *cough cough*) I don’t see why I’d just give up my private info. I can’t believe there aren’t more comments concerning the seemingly severe security issues with Opera Mini. Yuck!

  16. I was looking for it. Huuuuge thanks! :D

  17. The new version supports Cupcake 1.5!

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