Mar 11th, 2010

opera-engadgetEarlier today Opera announced the launch of Mini 5 Beta for Android that brought new features and an improved experiece to your mobile browsing. What I felt and said was the best characteristic of Opera Mini 5 was the way it handles page rendering – it compresses them on their own servers and sends that optimized version to your phone, greatly reducing load times. Engadget did a quick test comparing the typical Android browser to Opera Mini 5 when loading Engadget on the Motorola Droid. Unfortunately they didn’t allow embedding so you’ll have to watch here if you’re so inclined.

Spoiler alert: Opera Mini 5 CRUSHED the native Android browser in load time.

  • Android Browser: 42-seconds
  • Opera Mini 5 Beta: 27-seconds

Not only that but Opera Mini 5 loads the full page of content immediately, then taking additional time to fill in the cached pictures. It isn’t ONLY about speed but speed is of huge importance and Opera does that very well in the latest version of their Mini browser for Android.

[Via Engadget]