Droids Need Lovin’, Too [Video]


I love Android. I love my T-Mobile G1. It’s probably the single-most entity that I think about in my everyday life (sad, right?). Now that I’ve made myself vulnerable and susceptible to a good verbal beating, there’s no-one that loves ‘droid like another ‘droid. IntoMobile came across some rather funny (and, depending on what kind of person you are, disturbing) videos that shows how a robot can romance his way into an Android’s heart.

The robot’s name is Romeo, and he really has a knack for this stuff! If only it were that easy for me to get my ‘droid into be– I mean, go ahead and check out these clips of Romeo wooing a few different Android phones with the goal of – hopefully – scoring some “market downloads” if you catch my drift.

PS: If you didn’t find my commentary funny, I apologize: I’m not nearly as entertaining and talented as the guys who put these videos together.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Funny.

  2. It’s kind of creppy

  3. Kind of agree here… More creepy then funny.

  4. hahaha def creepy

  5. that robot is such a creeper

  6. Yeah, that was pretty creepy. Good thing he didn’t cosy up to a Nexus One!

  7. That was probably more creepy than bluewaffle.net, specialfriedrice.net will ever be

  8. Wait…


  9. Im going to have to disagree with EVERYBODY here and say that i found that NOT to be creepy

  10. Haha. .very creative!

  11. Speaking of loving Droid. I was a Blackberry lover and even bought the Moto Droid when it came out. Took it back in 15 hours. I had two, yes two Storms, and a little over a month ago I repurchased the Droid. I love DROID and carry it everywhere(didn’t do that with the Storm). As a matter of fact I am going to get the Incredible when it comes in next week and replace my other Storm even if it cost me full price. NOW THAT’S LOVE OF THE DROID!!!

  12. You write for phandroid and you can’t get an upgrade from the G1? I like my G1 but would love any other android phone.

  13. Quentyn, G1. Are you running Cyanogen? Are you planning to upgrade to Evo 4G?

  14. Creepy indeed. Those innuendos made me itch inside…

  15. I think they’re pretty funny, actually. “got any Spandau Ballet?” hee, hee!

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