TELUS Milestone Users Can Now Grab Their 2.1 Update


Great news for our Canadian phans! The 2.1 update for your Motorola Milestone is fresh out the oven and ready to be served. This update is not applicable over the air, so you’ll have to download some software to your PC to get your fix. Head over to Motorola’s support site and select your carrier (presumably TELUS) to get started.


Alternatively, you can download the exact file you’ll end up getting just by right clicking here. MobileSyrup was nice enough to get a screengrab of the PDF that outlines some of the extras you’ll be getting alongside the standard set of Android 2.1 features – you can check that out below.


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  1. Moto’s track record for updates is looking better than HTC’s that’s for sure! Dammit…

  2. Perfect! I just move this weekend from a htc hero to a milestone on telus because of the ******* delay of the 2.1 with the hero. Now I read this and Im ever more happy of my purchase! Thank you moto!

  3. my experience with the milestone has been so perfect so far!! had it since the day it arrived in stores so glad to have the update! we may not be rootable like htc but we get our updates alot faster!

  4. Well, I expeted more than 9 homescreens and live wallpapers. Gonna find out for more.

  5. anyone else experience music player issues after update? reports are coming in that the phone will randomly turn on and play an mp3 on the speaker

  6. The update is not that awesome. I didnt had the issue of the mp3 with the update, looks like its fixed.

  7. The update seems to have included QuickOffice too.

  8. No new app launcher :(

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