Verizon Glitch Leads to Some Lucky Droid Incredible Pre-Orders Arriving Early


A few members over at AndroidForums have received the Droid Incredible in advance of the April 29th street date thanks to a glitch in Verizon’s pre-order system. It appears that as Verizon has the Incredible already in stock, a few orders were flagged as OK to ship and managed to leave the warehouse on a journey that eventually found at least one in the hands of forum member SoSmarmy. He was so kind as to shoot a quick video of the event to silence the many “haterz” (z added for emphasis):

Anyone else out there one of the lucky few to have received their pre-order days in advance? If not, don’t camp out at your door waiting for the package to arrive because Verizon has corrected the issue insuring no more phones will hit the doorsteps of America until the 29th.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. I hope that my order is shipped early.

  2. Hes sooo lucky, Unlike me wont be getting this phone because of money issues :(

  3. you smug bastard… ARGH! WHY DOES ANYTHING AWESOME HAPPEN TO ME!? *sigh* this guy’s a dick..

  4. always the brides maid.. oh wait I can’t order mine yet! Can’t wait till I can though. 2 more months and I will be loving new android hotness.

  5. Why can’t my contract be up now, why?!

  6. This happens nearly every time VZW releases a new phone.

  7. Some stoners in the warehouse sent them out by accident haha

  8. You are so lucky!!!! I hope I come home with a surprise!

  9. you lucky SOB

  10. FedEx dropped off my Incredible yesterday as well.

    I thought it might have been a corporate purchase difference but the error in warehouse release makes sense.

  11. Wow that’s awesome. I wonder how many people got it early? I just pre-ordered mine. I figure I won’t get it til the 29th.

  12. My contract was set to come up on July 25th. I called Verizon on the 19th and told them my Storm was terrible and I wanted to upgrade now. They moved it to expire that day and I pre-ordered my Incredible that night.

  13. I can’t get mine until May 23.

    HOWEVER, I stopped in to the Verizon store on my lunch today. They had one “locked up in the back”, and the amazing manager snuck back there and got it for me so I could play with it. OMG – now I freaking can’t WAIT to get this phone! It is so quick, slick, and sexy. Seriously. If I wasn’t convinced before, I am head over heels for this thing now. WOOHOO!

  14. I actually order mine on the 19th, I got it for $199 even though my new every 2 is not until August. It is worth a try for those not yet due.

  15. My Team Leader got his today. We figured VZW was sending an empty box to spite us. Turns out it is a full function HTC Incredible. Phone runs great, super snappy. (Snappier then my rooted/oc’ed Droid). It is a bit smaller then the Droid, that’s for sure.

  16. I think Verizon should start shipping out after the 25th just to make sure there aren’t an army of angry people getting their phones late right at the launch.

  17. I just played with the incredible today at my local Verizon store. I know the manager and he told me it was in. So, I went in and handled it. Very nice, very fast, and very thin. It reminds me of the Eris only bigger and faster. The screen was really nice. Only problem I noticed was the camera. It sticks out (the lense) and I’d be afraid of damaging it….so I’d definitely put a case on it. Overall, I loved it and can’t wait to get mine.

  18. well since verizon already fudged it up. they should just start shipping them to everyone now… whats another week going to do anyways… anyone who wants one enough to preorder probly already has… just give us our phones already…

  19. Very cool that VZW made this mistake. I wish that phandroid would have just reported on it though or found a better video from someone. The guy in this one is a Major Douche!!!

  20. lol i love that guy

  21. This sin’t the first time Verizon sent out new phones before they were supposed to have launched.
    I’m sure it wont be the last time either.

  22. mine showed up at my door around 11 this morning. Upset that no one has any screen protectors in stock though :-/

  23. They should have just randomly dropped them in a bar somewhere….

  24. Its not luck, they are a site that promotes Android phones….of course they will get their’s early “due to a glitch”
    Who cares, just wait for yours

  25. Got mine today as well, when activating it the verizon rep was very shocked that I had it

  26. This has to be one of the greatest videos I have seen. That last line makes it all worth it.

  27. Frank, can you test it for Bluetooth Voice Dialing please?

  28. @robhimself…you can upgrade your contract early…thats how I got mine! Hint: *611 and be polite.

  29. It doesn’t seem to have bluetooth voice dialing. Unless I haven’t learned how to work the phone yet. Its alot to take in. I forgot to mention I have 2 Incredibles, got one for my wife as well.

  30. Understand. have you tried pairing it with your bluetooth headset? If so, what happens if you press the headset button that normally starts voice recognition?



  31. I received mine today! Was afraid they accidentally sent the Droid instead but I was happily surprised!

  32. Does this phone have the HDMI port

  33. Went by local VZW store today they have 30 but so I had them put my name on one. I have to have 2 phones for various reasons. Have Moto Droid and love it going to replace my Storm.

  34. Received mine on April 20. Actually they sent me 2. Could eBay one but not sure how to list something… is a sweet phone.

  35. i am totally intrigued by the incredible, but i’ve yet to see how texting works on it. i text ALLL the time…so am i gonna be better off with the droid and it’s weird little keyboard?

  36. My fortune cookie last night told me to “Expect a pleasant surprise soon.” The darn flavorless thing was right, as my Incredible arrived today :-D Will be unboxing when I get home from work.

  37. We are contemplating buying a completely new mac laptop pro, the little older macbook is starting to get really slow. Do I need to choose one of the newer models or hang on to see what they are going to come out with afterwards? Many thanks.

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