TELUS the First Canadian Carrier to Receive MOTOBLUR with the Backflip


Last month, Motorola announced that Canadians on the country’s major carriers would be receiving three MOTBLUR phones – the DEXT, the Backflip, and the QUENCH. It looks like TELUS could be the first up to the plate with Best Buy Canada throwing up a pre-order slide on their Mobile page for the Motorola Backflip. $50 toward the phone, and you can expect to be carrying it in your pockets sometime soon.


You’ll have to step foot into a Best Buy store to claim one. Once the device is available, Best Buy will ring you up and tell you to come on down (hopefully, in Bob Barker fashion). That’s the problem, though: we still have no clue exactly when it’s coming. We do assume it’ll be very soon, though, so keep your ear to the street (and near the phone) for details on when you can scoop it up.

[MobileSyrup via IntoMobile]

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