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Official Droid Incredible Overview Video Courtesy of Verizon


Verizon’s starting to get the hype train rolling a bit faster on the HTC Droid Incredible since they’ve opened the floodgates for preordering yesterday.  Product specialist Derek gives us a pretty enthusiastic rundown of the Incredible and its features. We don’t learn much new here, but we do get to see some of the Verizon-specific apps that’ll come with the phone, as well as a few of the apps they decided to preload onto the device for you.

So the web marketing is getting its head start, now how about the national television and billboard ad campaign? I wonder how they’ll balance the amount of ads between the Incredible and the original Droid (seeing as how it’s still a hot item for Verizon). Hopefully they come up with a campaign just as unique and engaging as before.

[Thanks, Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. An awesome smartphone…..a big applause to Htc and Google for what they have done so far and a thanks to Linux who brought us the most efficient heart for an operating system!Android rocks, iphone sucks!

  2. Sprint better get a release date out for the Evo 4G or I am gonna have to stay with verizon and get the incredible!

  3. Snooze you lose. The video is down now.

  4. Nevermind, works on youtube, but not on the site for me.

  5. That thing is moving fast during that video. Wow.

  6. it moves just as fast in real life. i played with it last week and i was amazed at how snappy it is.

  7. he kept calling it the “HTC Incredible”

  8. I’m glad I pre-order that beast. Can’t wait to get it!

  9. Branding it as the HTC DROID Incredible, must have been a choice/decision made relatively recent, since the video does refer it to as the HTC Incredible only. Maybe Verizon realized if they were going to carry the DROID brand further on select devices, this was the Android phone to do it on before some of the competitors release their Android phones.

  10. Yes another HTC Verizon Phone that you cannot remove the preinstalled applications. Sense UI is horible. I have the ERIS and am real frustrated with no updates and a bunch of junky apps that are preinstalled by Verizon and HTC. I’ll try a Motorola next time.

  11. None of the demos have shown the new 2.1 Android gallery app. Is it not included I wonder?

  12. I’m sold. I think its hilarious that everything he was mentioning was like the death of 1000 iPhones with each point. Awesome phone!

  13. wow big points for exchange policies – assuming that comes with sense ui. that is something that google really needs to get on the ball with

  14. This makes me even more psyched about the Evo. I’ll gladly wait until early June for larger screen, 4G, and $30 less per month.

  15. Bah. No Hardware Keyboard. I HATEHATEHATE Virtual Keyboards as they HAVE NO FLIPPIN TACTILITY!!! I NEED to feel keys as theyre pressed. Even the small ones on my old Palm Centro were sufficient!

    I’ll stick with my Moto Droid and its slidey-keyboard thankyaverymuch.

  16. hey guys.. i pre ordered my incredible on the 19th at like 9am est. and it showed up today FEDEX. i have the phone in my hands 9 days early… has this happened to anyone else??!

  17. I was considering the Evo, but honestly…a phone is only as good as the service that is provided and Sprint in the Los Angeles area is very crappy to say the least. 4G isn’t even going to be available in LA. The phones are so similar that I decided to stick with the droid incredible and carrier with the best service in LA (and I’m sure the rest of the country based on their coverage maps). I pre-ordered and signed up for a 1 year contract. With a $70 difference between 2 and 1 year, I know this time next year, I’ll want to jump on the new Verizon 4G phone so it’s well worth that extra $70.

  18. I just watched the video and at no time did they say you can make a phone call with the incredible.HHHMMMM!!!!

  19. Okay, all my iphone friends, who have been give me a hard time about waiting and not getting one, apparently the Droid INCREDIBLE is in the house and can multi-task. Where you phone can sing, the Droid can sing, dance, and pat it’s head and rub its tummy all at the same time.

    As a single dad, I need something like this. I wonder if there is an app to help with snack time!

    ;) ~ Okay, I’m enjoying the Snoopy dance over here.

  20. Verizon is stepping up to the plate with some very good phones. They need to put preasure on Rim to improve their blackberry’s or Android will be the only phones they sale.

  21. I don’t see the synch with Picasa that was added with 2.1, I see Flikr, but what about Picasa??

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