Black HTC Desire “Coming Soon” on Orange Website


The black rendition of the HTC Desire was announced last month, and though we heard it would be available around the end of April, little else has surfaced. Now it is pictured and listed among the Orange website, though it is tagged as “Coming Soon” with no hint as to when “Soon” may be.


As expected, the only difference here is cosmetic, but hopefully the newly colored units will boost the stock of the HTC handset that has been hard to come by for subscribers to Orange due to limited supplies and overwhelming demand.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. IF I would get the Desire, it would be black. Just hoping it’ll be released over here (The Netherlands).

    Here’s the front zoom image: http://i41.tinypic.com/95r681.jpg

  2. i prefer the bronze on mine i think

  3. The handset has now disappeared from the Orange website.
    Anyone know if they have dropped it from their line up?

  4. i spoke to orange today and they said the black version isn’t out until late may now. Boo!

  5. I spoke to Orange TODAY and I was told it was coming out this coming Monday.

  6. Well it still isn’t out yet! i’ve been waiting to upgrade my phone just to wait for the black hero…
    hopefully will come out sometime this week!

  7. according to the Orange homepage it is available as of today!

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