What Phone Are You Getting In The Next 4 Months?


It’s Friday, news is slow, and I want to hear from you guys. This week has been incredible (last time, I swear!) with all of the news about Verizon’s latest Android offering set to grace our pockets on April 29th, and new phones are always popping up all over the place. Assuming any of these phones are out within the next 4 months, which one of them are you looking forward to buying?


I don’t want to limit you there, though. What phone do you “wish” you could buy? I know there are a few Americans out there wanting to get a taste of the HTC Desire, while there are sure to be Europeans that wish they could get their chance to play with the Droid Incredible or the HTC EVO 4G when they drop here in the states. Don’t stop at just phones, either. Are you looking to snatch up an Android-based tablet or PMP device any time soon?

My mouth has been watering over all of these Android phone announcements lately, but my unlikely contender would have to be the Samsung Galaxy S. If the rumors that this thing is coming to T-Mobile USA are true (and assuming that it comes out sometime this summer), then I can finally lay my T-Mobile G1 to rest. Barring that, though, breaking my contract early and swallowing my $200 ETF doesn’t sound too bad if I can’t resist picking up the Incredible on Big Red soon.

Feel free to discuss in the comment section below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. reality: HTC Incredible
    wish: that VZW would get off it’s ass and make with the LTE and then deliver on a phone like the EVO 4G.

  2. I’m a Verizon customer; nuff said. Buuuuttt since not everyone is very perceptive…. HTC DROID INCREDIBLE FTWWWW

  3. Hero. Still the most bang for the buck, especially if you don’t anticipate 4G in your area for the foresee-able future. Add the pending 2.1 update, and there isn’t a better deal going.

  4. waiting for the evo.

  5. htc evo4g why bother with anything else nobody can beat sprints service and prices. i mean any mobile any time cmon u guys not to mention free roaming on verizons network cant beat that

  6. I’m with sprint. Very anxiously waiting for the evo 4g! what sucks though is I can’t upgrade till july 1st.

  7. I’ll be divorcing my Droid and severing my ties with Verizon to get up close and personal with the EVO 4G.

  8. I may drop my Samsung Moment and go with an EVO 4G. But it’s unlikely. I really need the hardware keyboard for ssh. Swype does not like linux commands…

  9. My Sprint contract is up 4 months from yesterday. The way things look right now, I’ll be going with the HTC Incredible. Of course, a lot is going to happen in the next 4 months and I could easily be swayed. My wife just left Sprint and now thinks she is pretty cool with her Droid. All it does for me is make me jealous since I rarely get to get my hands on it.

  10. If AT&T doesn’t screw up the software, then it’s the Dell Mini 5/Streak for me.

    If anything on that device fails to meet my expectations, then I’m headed for the Sprint HTC EVO. That’s a monster handset, and with the free roaming and being Verizon compatible, then that’s the phone for me.

  11. I am torn. As a long-term Sprint customer, I am nearing the end of my latest 2-year renewal. Should I wait for the EVO 4G in a market that doesn’t yet have 4G on its roadmap (Phoenix)? I really like the looks of the Samsung Galaxy as well… the next iPhone is an option, but not convinced that I want to be sucked into their ecosystem yet.

  12. evo but if i can’t wait long enough droid inc.

  13. Kind of wish I could get out of my contract and get an Incredible. I love the droid, but the slide out keyboard isn’t as useful as i thought it would be. Sometimes i wish i had a phone without the slide out.

  14. HTC Desire if they can get full Root privileges , if not will probably trade in my Magic for a Nexus one on Vodafone UK, provided they don’t force their lousy app store on me

  15. Getting a Nexus One in the next few weeks :)

  16. +2 Verizon customer going to HTC Incredible on the 19th FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. EVO 4G ftw!

  18. Breaking contract on T-Mobile to switch to Verizon. The Incredible is not much better (if any) than the Nexus One, but to have a top tier phone on the top tier network has sold me. Nexus One on T-Mobile is not that attractive. Still just a lot of EDGE towers. But snapdragon phone on Verizon is that attractive.

  19. Got an HTC Droid for my wife. Nice but still no Marine Navigation software so …for the next few months I’ll have to stick with WM 6 on HTC Touchpro.

  20. I am hoping for something good on AT&T. My wife loves her Iphone. Hopeful for the Galaxy S or a nice HTC Android offering.

  21. I go for the Dell Mini 5

  22. I won’t upgrade my droid until an amoled HTC Evo comes out for Verizon. Nothing else would be a big enough improvement to justify a new phone. An integrated FMradio and mobile digital TV tuner wouldn’t hurt either:)

  23. Hardware keyboard, availability in Europe, no security crap. I won’t buy anything that won’t fullfill any of these conditions. Sad thing that no reasonable phone like that exists yet, I’m afraid. I hope that rumours about some HTC (I’m a bit afraid about hw issues with their new phones) hw kb device will be true. Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about taking another Samsung device in my entire life (Galaxy i7500 here :/) and Moto has shown Europeans a big f*ck you (Milestone’s locked bootloader) so they’re probably out of the question, and who’s left there?

  24. I’ll be dropping my Blackberry for the Evo or the Galaxy S.

  25. Should it hit T-Mobile USA, the Samsung Galaxy S. Definitely.

  26. i will be throwing this piece of ish phone i got now in the recycle bin and gettin a EVO 4G.

  27. If they had 4G in my area I’d be lining up for the Evo, but for now I’m hoping the Galaxy S (or maybe even Galaxy S pro) actually show up for T-mobile US.

  28. Wish: Nexus 1 or EVO 4G
    Reality: Preording the Incredible on Monday :-)
    My Personal Hell: iPhone

  29. My honest Android dream phone? That Android would be ported to my brand new HD2. My Moto Cliq is great but I wanted a large screen powerhouse. So now that I also have a HD2, it needs Android badly.

  30. I got an outdated Hero and I want to get a new phone. HTC Desire and Nexus One has multi-touch problems, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has only got 1.6, HTC Evo haven’t got any trackpad or ball and Incredible will not be released in Europe, Samsung Galaxy S will be released around summer-time (can’t wait that long!), HTC Legend is too ugly IMO (I got the Hero as a gift) and the screen is too small anyways. All other phones suck.. WHY IS THE WORLD AGAINST ME??!

    Looks like a tablet is more appropriate..

  31. I still have my G1 through T-Mobile. Will be ditching it as soon as the EVO 4G comes out.

  32. Only just got my Motorola Milestone, and hoping it’ll last at least a year TBH..

  33. My contract with AT&T has expired and I’m going month to month while waiting for a decent Android device to get released by the carrier. So hopefully I will be buying one of the two unannounced HTC phones soon. Unless they screw up the Sense UI in which case I will be going to a new carrier.

  34. As I mentioned in the AndroidForums.com forums, I am getting the HTC Droid Incredible on launch, then taking extreme pleasure in smashing my BlackBerry Storm One (launch unit) to a million pieces. It will be on video> It will be fun.


  35. As long as AT&T doesnt F- it up, I want the Sony Xperia X10 which will be released at the end of June.

  36. GSM T-Mobile Nexus one with a KEYBOARD!

  37. reality: HTC Desire
    wish: HTC Evo 4G

    I’m from Germany

  38. I’ll be leaving T-Mobile for the Sprint EVO4G. If there’s legit confirmation that the Galaxy S will be available on T-Mobile around the same time that the EVO drops, then I’ll have to think about it, but will probably still ending up going with the EVO.

  39. I decided to get the HTC Incredible and will pre-order it this Monday, April 19th.

  40. Dell Mini 5/Streak if it doesn’t take forever to come out. Just hope they add a micro-usb to the final production version as I hate proprietary connectors. Nexus One for ATT if the mini 5 takes too long to long to come out and doesn’t come with micro-usb.

  41. The Incredible, May 23rd… Day before my birthday is the earliest I can upgrade.

  42. Currently: T-mobile G1

    Wish: HTC Desire

    Reality: Nexus One (Unlocked)

  43. Reality: Got a Nexus a month ago, I’m good for a bit.

    Fantasy: <a href="http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/31/samsung-galaxy-s-pro-to-come-with-a-qwerty-keyboard-in-june-say/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+weblogsinc/engadget+(Engadget)Galaxy S Pro with PlayReady DRM Support for my Windows Media Center Recorded TV and Zunepass music.

    Hey, as long as I’m dreaming up new phones, I might as well go all out. :-)

  44. I decided to get a droid, and not get the incredible. The physical keyboard was too much to resist!

  45. I’ll be sticking w/ my Droid for the long haul (18 Months anyway).

    I *wish* I could buy an EVO 4G w/ a keyboard on Verizon. <–Maybe that will be the Droid 2.

  46. I’ve never owned a smart phone before. I’d like to pick up the Incredible when it comes out though. Is that a little much for a first smart phone?

  47. I thought I was waiting for the Nexus One – Then I realized that I was waiting for the Droid Incredible and didn’t know it. I have a BB Curve 8530 that I am dying to unload and get into something with a little more power. Seems the Droid will do nicely.

  48. d’oh

  49. I am trying to be patient enough to wait on the msi android tablet that is coming out later this year. Hopefully i will be. That thing looks awesome. Of course, by then i will be hoping i’m patient enough to wait on a different tablet.

  50. I’m stuck in T-Mobile Android graveyard. I would pickup anything that they would release with something newer than an outdated ARM11 processor and a screen bigger than 3.2″ but I really have no hope left at this point that this will happen in the next 4 months at all. I suspect that Galaxy S rumor will turn to dust just like many TMO rumors before it did. Well, at least Cyanogen is about to release another rom update for the G1 so that’s something I suppose.

  51. Droid Incredible this June.

  52. I’m with AT&T, and they are apparently slow about getting on the Android bandwagon. They offer some crap phones (still offer the RAZR on their website!!). But I want the Motorola Milestone. For real.

  53. I’ll happily be getting an HTC EVO 4G.

  54. Currently: T-mobile G1
    Wish: HTC Desire
    Reality: Nexus One

  55. I wont mind getting any, just as long as it has android 2.0

  56. Want any of these phones Dell Streak, SE X10, HTC Incredible, Nexus One, HTC Evo but need it on T-Mobile. I have a family plan and will only get a phone when I can get the early upgrade price on it.

  57. I’m hoping to get the Samsung Galaxy S- I would deffinetly get the one with the keyboard if it comes out. It would have to be on AT&T though- T-Mo is barely available where I live

  58. I bought the moto droid in march but took it back after 3 weeks when i first saw the incredible leaks.
    I’ll be getting the incredible for sure.

  59. HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S if/when AT&T picks them up.

  60. The HTC EVO 4G on Sprint. Perfect plan, Unrivaled Phone & I live smack dab in the dead center of a 4G area. Anything coming out with less than what the EVO delivers, is useless to me.

  61. Getting: Verizon HTC Incredible

    Wish: Verizon Motorola Motoroi (720p record, HDMI out)or Verizon Samsung Galaxy S

  62. Wish: Droid Incredible
    Reality: My Touch Slide

    The Galaxy S (Tmo) would be great but I don’t think I could live with paying ATT’s full amount until then (lost service discount)

  63. Impatiently awaiting the HTC Desire and hoping AT&T doesn’t F it up too bad. Rooting just might be an option.

  64. Tough call but I think I would have to go with the Samsung galaxy s. Super amoled and hummingbird. Plus being the thinnest android device to date. All worth it.

  65. Droid Incredible for me, because I’m with Verizon and am too impatient to wait for the Evo. BUT, the Evo seems to be better in about every way, provided it’s not too big to fit in my pocket and 4G doesn’t drain the battery in about 15 minutes. Samsung Galaxy S is interesting but I don’t trust Samsung … I’d need to see some good reviews first.

  66. Incredible. Breaking contract with T-Mo…I’m close enough that the fee is cut in half. I really need a higher end phone for as much use as I throw at all the time. And now with the kids getting to the age where we can road trip more the lack of 3G coverage I’m gettin from T-Mo really makes the phone pointless for what we do on the road. We haven’t been happy with what we’ve had on the road with T-Mo. We use maps alot, search, streaming music to replace XM, weather, web etc. The wife is more anxious than I am to go back to Verizon. Plus it looks like T-Mo is gonna be real slow on getting better phones.

  67. I’m waiting out the last 6 months of a T-Mo contract. I have no real issue with them, they’re pretty good in the places that I go, but if they haven’t come out with something like the Galaxy S or an EVO 4G competitor by then, I will be jumping ship to whoever has the phone I want.

  68. For me the EVO without question, for those believing the EVO is also going to Verizon, don’t hold your breath. Like the droid is exclusive to Verizon, this is truly a Sprint exclusive. Sprint and HTC have been working on the EVO for the last 2 years. All the apps (Android included) have been optimized for Sprints Wimax. The EVO is Sprints baby.

  69. evo! the day it comes out… which is hopefully sooner than later because my pantech pn-215 is getting embarrassing.

  70. Unfortunately i live in a third world country called Italy. USA is light years ahead respect us. I’d like to buy a device with Android but i think it would be better to wait for Froyo!

  71. I Want Moto ROI…

    is the best…

    with Digital TV!!!!


  73. None. By the time the EVO 4G comes out, my Nexus One will probably have been upgraded to Froyo.

  74. Have Hero, after 2.1 update, I should be good, still under contract. Want the Evo 4G. Houston will have 4G by the time my contract is up in October, and the Evo price should have dropped by then. Double nice!

  75. Droid, compliments of Google I/O conference. I’d rather be handed a Nexus…..

  76. Getting up early on 4/19 to preorder my new INCREDIBLE.

    WISH…iphone on verizon with a slider (crazy, huh?)

  77. I will keep my HTC Hero and I will buy the new iPhone if there is one .

  78. Do I have to choose a new phone?? Cause if thats the case the Droid Incredible for me, but I have to say, I am getting a new phone at the end of this month and I think I’m choosing the Droid Moto. I like the keyboard, and Sense UI doesnt do much for me, so why spend the extra money right? (I know for a fact the Droid Moto is goin down in price with the Droid Incredible is released)..

  79. Either the Incredible or the Evo 4G. Right now leaning toward the Evo but hate to wait longer. Will be mightly tempted to pick up the new Droid on 4/29. We’ll see.

  80. Incredible all the way! Contract ends on the 22nd, Inc. in my pocket on the 29th. For goodness sake I still carry around a LG DARE people!

  81. Got my Experia X10 yesterday. It’s a great phone, very solid build and a good potential for at least a year ahead.

  82. Not sure exactly what phone… but definitely something Android with at least a 4″ screen… Have a N1 now, but after having the HD2 I just can’t see going back to a 3.7 inch screen… it just seems small now I guess.

  83. HTC Incredible or the Verizon Nexus 1- but they both seem great!!

  84. Absolutely the HTC Desire. I’ve wanted a smartphone since the iPhone, but I really didn’t want to contribute to the Apple coffers. I wanted an Android phone since I heard that Google was making it. The HTC Desire just fits me the best, especially with the big screen and swoopy GUI. HTC Sense has seduced me.

  85. I don’t mind early termination fees, but I can’t handle the cost of the data plans on Sprint and Verizon. My plan on T-Mo is way cheaper than when I had an iPhone. And there is no way I’m going back to AT&T.

    I have a MyTouch 3G right now, and unless the Galaxy S is coming to T-Mo, then I’ll probably get the new MyTouch Slide, or whatever they end up calling it.

    I’d love to get the Incredible on Verizon, but I can’t spring for the monthly fee.

  86. Waiting for AT&T to get off it’s duff and offer a good HTC/Android.

    Best case scenario: Desire

    I like the Incredible, but don’t like a CDMA phone (which outside of the US is useless). I’ll stick with GSM thanks.

    Otherwise I might jump ship to T-Mo or Sprint: ?? or Evo

  87. I am going to get a Nexy.

  88. The Evo 4G!!!!!! All the way

  89. I am a Sprint customer….Evo!

  90. I will be getting the Evo, so far I’m in love with this phone, I even dream about it lol j/k but yea the Evo best phone of 2010 so far hopefully it will meet all my expectations…

  91. I ordered my HTC Desire today.. should arrive tomorrow. YEAH! ;)

  92. In the market for my first smartphone (not iPhone) I’ve been eyeing the Nexus One since the rumours started, but it will not be coming to Denmark anytime soon. The HTC Desire is a great alternative with Sense.
    Now comes the HTC Incredible, but it doesn’t look like it will be coming to Denmark, either.

  93. Just got my Xperia X10 – on a typical Danish 6 months contract… so I’m sure there is another beast for me by autumn, maybe even a Nokia Android by that time ;)

  94. The INCREDIBLE is everything I wanted from the MOTO DROID without everything I didn’t want from MOTO DROID. But should I just go cheap and get the moto since they will most likely drop the price?

  95. If AT&T picks up the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 I will buy it on day 1.

    I am losing hope that it will, so I might buy a Milestone unlocked and use it on AT&T.

  96. what about the HTC Legend (hero 2). Is cumin to Sprint.

  97. Debating if I am going to break contract on my droid for an evo.

  98. EVO baby!

    4G, 2 front facing camera, Android 2.1 with HTC Sense. Big screen. Best coverage and pricing on Sprint.

    No other phone makes sense right now.

  99. As a T-Mobile employee, I’m torked that T-Mobile decided to go with the HD2 running Windows and not Android. I still have my G1 and will probably go with the new My touch Slide unlesssomething with a bigger screen similar to the HD2 or incredible hits tT-mobile. i thought about the nexus but just cant justify spending $500+ when I can get a TMo phone at a reduces cost. All I want is android 2.1 with a lareg screen. is that asking to much

  100. there should be a poll where you can pick. Fortunately i do have 4G coverage so i have to go with the bigger screen HD recording and output 4G! sucks that they’re taking forever.

  101. Have a Hero. No more SESNEless UI waiting for my upgrade and will get a Nexus One on Sprint.

  102. Right now I have the iPhone 3g and I’m waiting to see what the iphone will look like. But I’m pretty sure I will be switching to Sprint for Evo.

  103. For me, this is a no brainer….I’m living in Berlin Germany for the past 8 years (Tampa Florida native), and while it does suck that we won’t get the Evo, I’m holding out for the Nexus 2 aka Motorola Shadow…hands down. I mean, its got damn near identical specs as Evo, PLUS a physical keyboard! What more could u want from a superphone!

  104. I’m leaving Verizon and getting the Evo 4g.

  105. HTC EVO…although it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any 4G Sprint love in my area even though I live in the 12th largest city in the US and other dramatically smaller cities are on the upcoming 4G list. I’m not really sure where Sprint is going with that approach, but I sure hope they’ll be providing a discounted plan rate for the lack of 4G. Otherwise, I’ll be bouncing to Verizon after 13 years with Sprint.

  106. I’m from the UK, so we seem to get things over here about 6 months behind the US. So an HTC EVO is out of the question for the immediate future.

    I’m seriously looking at getting an HTC Desire, but at the moment it’s not available on 02, and I don’t want to switch to T-mobile. So I suppose i’ll wait 3 months and see if the either the unlocked price comes down, or 02 provide it with a decent contract.

  107. HTC Droid Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Galaxy S for sure. Unless the Galaxy S Pro turns out to be real.

  109. None. I got my Droid in the beginning of March. Besides the fact that I still have quite a while left on contract the unit is fine. Rooted, OC’d and does everything and asks for more. Absolutely phenomenal device. IF I could get one I think I would go with the Incredible solely because Sprints service by me is non-existent.

  110. I’ve still got the Mogul (this phone used to rock but has turned into an enormous headache). I want an upgrade now, but I’ve been unimpressed with Sprint’s offerings in the Android department, until now.

    I want the Evo sooooooooooooooooooooo bad. However, I don’t have a ton of money to drop on this phone so if the cost is above 200, maybe 250, I’ll have to go with the Nexus One.

  111. Current: Nexus One
    Reality: Staying with it
    Wish: Something with 4G, 1MB of RAM, 1GB ROM, 1.5-2Ghz snapdragon, and stock Android not encumbered with phone manufacturer’s OS upgrade schedule. In other words, it’s the Google NexusTwo and doesn’t exist.

    None of the latest phones has anything significant over the Nexus One except the EVO 4G. But even then, it’s just not enough to warrant switching, especially considering the lack of 4G coverage. It’ll probably be next year before anything comes out with such vast improvements that it’ll make me consider switching.

  112. I see no reason to wait for the Evo since I hate Sprint with the fiery passion of a thousand suns so Incredible here I come!

  113. I have the palm pre lets just say WebOS is amazing. The hardware BLOWS so ill be switching to the evo. Maybe HTC will buy palm and start making some HTC hardware with the WebOS software.. that would be a great duo

  114. Nexus One for me. Unless T-MO steps up and wows us with something new but I highly doubt that one. The EVO would be sexy too or the Inc. In reality it’ll probably be the N1

  115. Been going over this for a few months now.

    At this point getting a nexus one seems unlikely. The only positive I see is the Cyanogen Mod. (Hopefully, the other phones will have it ported.)

    Samsung Galaxy S looks great. Only question is AT&T and RAM/ROM which is still unknown.

    Evo 4G looks great. If you are on Sprint this is the phone.

    Droid Incredible has a better camera and more RAM than Nexus One. The specs are showing 8gigs of internal memory which is awesome. This is definitely the choice for Verizon.

    I know the Hummingbird processor is better at processing graphics than the SnapDragon, but what about regular everyday activities?

  116. sticking with the Droid. I am happy as a clam with it. By the time it gets long in the tooth for me, I am sure there will be sets in the pipeline making EVO look prehistoric.
    wish: a brain implant with direct sensory feed and neural control, giving my brain a permanent broadband connection .

  117. I will stick with my Hero on AT&T and $10 unlimited data!

  118. I am waiting on the Evo or the Nexus with Sprint,but it depends if AT&T brings the new iphone.

  119. The droid2 motorola shadow aka nexus two with LTE and keyboard wit 4.3in screen on verizon on yeah and the wrist strap thank u very much

  120. snupples said “None of the latest phones has anything significant over the Nexus One except the EVO 4G”

    Samsung Galaxy S has a better screen and a better processor for doing graphics.

    HTC Incredible has a lot more internal memory and more RAM.

    EVO 4G has not only 4G but 8MP camera and forward facing camera.

  121. Droid Incredible. Pre-ordering that thing on the 19th!

  122. In the next 4 months? Heck, I’ve had both a T-Mobile Nexus One and an AT&T Nexus One in the last 4 months. Isn’t that enough?

    Maybe if there is a Nexus Two on AT&T soon…

    Also, I need to get my wife a new phone. Needs to be waterproof, somewhat sturdy, and small. She needs to love the UI also. Maybe Nokia has something???

  123. EVO!!!

  124. I had the Nexus 1 loved it but it got stolen so now I’m either switching to the EVO 4g or staying with T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S…Sprint keeps messing with my brain!!!

  125. I will be ordering the Incredible on April 19. I have been waiting to upgrade my Blackberry since September and now there is something worth it. INCREDIBLE!!!

  126. EVO here. I like the front facing camera. And yes. I realize there is no apps for it as of yet. But there will be! :)

  127. For me its all about the Droid Incredible! I do like the EVO but honestly it just seems too big and I’m not a Sprint customer (or fan). And in a year or two there will be some AWESOME LTE phones out that will make the EVO look childish.

  128. 4th gen. iPhone baby. Hell yeah

  129. I’ll probably opt for the HTC Incredible, but I’m willing to wait a few weeks after it’s initial deployment. I want to read the reviews to see if it’s as good as everyone hopes.

    I moved quickly on my last phone, “Samsung Omnia”, and have been widely disappointed.

  130. Getting rid of my Moto Razor and I will getting the LG dare.

  131. Got a HTC Desire, simply fantastic piece of kit. So won’t need to get anything else except a spare battery :)

  132. EVO of course!

  133. Currently a tmo customer, have had the g1 for over a year..sooo sick of it. Unless tmobile can somehow miraculously reel in a cool phone…im switching in June/end of May to get the HTC EVO..I am dead in the center of 4g coverage and that huge screen, beefy processor and 2 cameras is the best thing going for me.

  134. Stil stuck with my Motorola Droid. Requirements:

    1) CDMA Carrier
    2) Hardware Keyboard that doesn’t suck. (*Glares at Droid*)
    3) Fast Processor
    4) >=800×480 screen


    1) HDMI out
    2) Dual core ARM Cortex-A9 Tegra 2

    So far nothing exists…and I wait. (Although the LU2300 looks interesting…)

  135. Wish there was a decent Android PMP. Like the Creative Zii Egg (without buying a dev kit licence). Archos is too restrictive with the content to get one of theirs. With the recent Zune HD hack it would be nice to see it rocking android. A Full Android 2.1 (or Froyo) with a tegra 2 chip would make a nice pmp. I’m saddened a decent Android pmp hasn’t come out yet.

  136. oh yeah..i love android to death, but 4th generation iphone could truly be a treat. i am sure steve and company are not just going to let these powerhouse androids like the EVO and Incredible take all the glory.

  137. Currently: HTC G1
    Wish: HTC EVO 4G
    Reality: Nexus One

  138. HTC EVO 4G, my 2 years with AT&T end in May, hopefully EVO will be out short after, and if 4G in St. Louis later of the year, the world would be prefect.

  139. current: samsung moment (recently sold the POS Hero…)
    short-term wish: Sprint Nexus One
    Long term wish: snapdragon/armada + 4G + <4" screen + big modder community + Sprint

  140. in 3 days: HTC Desire
    If i could dream of one: a nice tablet with ebook func. capable of playing at least 720p HD, and hardware Flac, ogg and mp3 audio support, and of course 3d graphics better than the PSP3.

  141. Anything with a decent screen, 1ghz processor and hardware keyboard
    nothing seems to be confirmed yet that has those three things

  142. How about a kick @$$ HTC phone with a keyboard? Doesn’t exist. I’m sick of seeing all touch phones gettin all the love, I’m using my G1 until someone get’s their act together. I’m hating the slow speeds of T-Mo’s network(almost always EDGE), the G1 is slow as dirt even with Cyanogen’s ROM. Put a keyboard on either the Evo 4G, Incredible, Nexus One, or Desire and I’d jump ship to either of the other carriers, contract breakage and all. I’m sold on HTC thanks to XDA-Devs, just please for droid’s sake show some love to the keyboard!!!

  143. Evo or Nexus One.

  144. Leaving Verizon and the Lg Dare for Sprint’s Evo 4g. I’m fed up with Verizon’s slow data speed and overpriced rates.

  145. HTC EVO!

  146. Evo! Dropping the pre like a bad habit LOL.

  147. I have the motorola cliq with t-mobile and i will b terminating my contract wit them as soon the HTC EVO 4G drops…hellooo sprint….again!!lol

  148. Droid Incredible, totally. Replacing my iPHone with it.

  149. Google’s sending me a Droid for I/O (*ebay*), but I’ll probably pony up for the EVO. I live right on the edge of 4G coverage, but the hardware alone is impressive enough to sway me.

  150. As much as I’d love a new phone. I don’t think one will be coming out in the UK that has a decent processor and a hardware keyboard any time soon…sadly…so I’ll probably be stuck with my G1 for a while…

  151. Definitely the HTC EVO 4G. Can NOT wait!!!

  152. The EVO 4g, don’t care what I have to do.

  153. samsung galazy s .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im with tmobile and have been sence voicestream got bought out…omg wish tmobile was not behind with the 1 ghz android thing just saying..good lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. they got the htc hd2 thing but not the same……..want android not windows……..

  155. Im looking at either the Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S yeah baby, doesnt get better than that

  156. Waiting for a phone like the EVO 4G on the tmobile network but I might just break my contract if it takes too long.

  157. I would get the EVO if it were on ATT or Verizon. Since it’s not, Im going to try to wait for whatever the next generation is on ATT or Verizon. Desire, Incredible , Nexus all pretty much the same thing and all seem like rev 0 devices to me. Ill wait for the next round (i think)


  159. What up Evo.

  160. Unless Apple comes out with something really spectacular this summer, I’ll be dumping my 3Gs (well maybe not quite dumping it, more like turning it into an iPod touch :) ) for the Sprint Evo 4G. 4G is available in Baltimore. I was with Sprint for nearly 10 years and got exceptional service but dropped them to get the iPhone 3GS. Since then, I’ve had countless dropped calls and crappy service. Looking forward to going back to Sprint.

  161. depends, if the moment gets 2.1 and the EVO costs too much, which it very well could, I am getting the moment

    maybe the N1 if it comes around the same time as the evo and is cheaper. Ive been eliginle for my yearly upgrade for a couple months now but I dont wanna get the moment and then end up with it being a free phone after the EVO and N1 drop.

    maybe moment 2…

  162. First of all, I got the hero on December 23 (I also had it marked on my calendar as the best day of my life) and ever since then I will NEVER (ever) go back to non-android device. So since the HTC hero was such a big success for cell south I’m sure that they’ll probably have another android phone (and probably a more powerful one) coming out soon.

  163. I’ve been keeping up to date on literally every GSM Android phone there is. If I could get any phone, it would of course be the Nexus One. Realistically though, it’s looking like the Acer Liquid A1/S100 is the one for me. Good amount of internal flash, good chunk of RAM, 3.5in screen, easily rootable, and 3+ 2.1 custom ROMs to choose from. No US T-Mobile 3G, but I’m not worried about that.

    Second place would be the T-Mobile Pulse, mainly because of the price point. But it just seems really hard to find that phone anywhere, and get international shipping. I7500 Galaxy is on the list too because of the lower price, but the CPU is a little on the slow end.

    On the list but not in order is the Kogan Agora, and the SciPhone G993.

    The niche of the ~$300 unlocked phone is still not being filled.

  164. EVO hands down, I havent had a phone since verizon had the slider samsung with the TV antenna mobile TV. Verizon charged me like there was no tomorrow and when it was all over I was unimpressed. So I have been a laptop magic jack user with google voice for the longest. The Evo has everything I have been waiting for in a portable device. Um gonna cash sprint out and pay full price so its mine and unlocked! Then turn it into a wifi only phone withen the year! Come on now front facing cam, star trek didnt even have those!

  165. on a family plan on t-mo… guess what phone ill be getting? exactly. looks like nothing, unless we get some concrete proof of something new (besides MTslide, ugh) WTF is up with T-mo getting left in the cold with all the next gen android phones after being THE Android trialblazer? now we see verizon about to release its 2nd monster phone while t-mo in the meantime has managed to add a headphone jack to an almost year old phone. FAIL. give us something worth a shit.

  166. The Samsung Galaxy S is what I am saving my coinage for.

  167. There is only one phone for me, and she go by the name EVO.

  168. Sony Ericsson X10! It just looks real sexy. Specs ain’t bad too…

  169. Just yesterday I dropped my E71 in exchange to HTC Desire :)

  170. Sprint
    No roaming fees
    Free mobile to mobile on any network
    Sprint Premier member ($150 upgrade every year instead of $75 w/ 2 year contract.)
    Everything Data (unlimited)- with Any Mobile, Anytime plan 450 anytime minutes (won’t use any of my 450 anytime minutes unless i call a lan line between 8am-5pm) for $69.99 with 27% work discount. $20 for a additional line for the wife. So I pay roughly $100 for unlimited talk/data for 2 lines.

    Nobody offers a plan as good for less than Sprint does at least for me.

    Current phone: HTC Hero (1 year ends in Nov)
    Wish: HTC Evo
    Reality: HTC Evo in Nov

  171. Does anybody know if the Evo is coming to Europe, or something similar,and when?

  172. Microsoft Kin One. You never know when you’ll need a spare hockey puck. I hear it makes calls, too.

  173. Im in Australia, and “cleverly” ordered a HTC Desire from the UK….. it’s spent the last 2 days sitting in a fedex depot in paris waiting for the airports to re-open. I WANT MY PHONE!! :-)

  174. If the EVO comes out in Europe – with multi touch – it’s mine ;) But Sense UI has multitouch up until now.

    But if Motorola desides to bring out a Milestone/Droid with the Snapdragon Processor and Android 2.1 (no modified OS) the decision is not that easy ;) Of course they need to have the phone call problem fixed at release date – world wide I mean – and the release should be no later than a couple of days before the EVO release or have a significantly lower price. The Screen would need multi touch support even if it is not implemented in the US due to patent issues. But for Europe that is a deal breaker. (I won’t start ;) )

    @Joe: maybe, if price is an issue, go for the Samsung i5700 – got it for 250 Euros unlocked, shipping and VAT included. Samsung has released the Android 2.1 Firmware which I’m using right now. Great phone but I will get the EVO nevertheless…

  175. I’m leaving T-mobile and taking my family plan (that I couldn’t get the nexus 1 with) to sprint and getting an EVO 4G!!!!!!!

  176. it’s the Motorola RAZR for me.best phone ever.

  177. I’m recently a T-Mobile customer and i just purchased the HD2 phone. I must say what a dissapointment it didn’t come with the Android system. Coming July I will be switching my service to Sprint. I have five lines with T-Mobile so I will only be canceling my line. The Upcoming Evo4G phone is incredible it comes with the awesome 4 inch screen that the HD2 has but with the Android system can’t wait to get my hands on the Evo4G!

  178. Evo 4g or dell mini 5. Probably the Evo though. Can’t beat 720p RECORDING on a cell phone. Depends on how big of a difference the screen size seems to make.

  179. Droid Does. Evo specs read nice but that Sprint coverage is surely lacking. I do actually want to talk to someone. It’s the Incredible!!

  180. leaving sprint pre for HTC EVO 4G, currently the best phone in the world. IMO

  181. I’ll get a Desire once a carrier in my country picks it up (it’s rumored to happen in May…).

  182. I’m on Big Red but want a slider BAD! Aloha looks good but I’m hoping that a distant rumor, January of this year, the Moto Shadow starts to get make some more appearances.

  183. dropped the nexus and got the HTC desire yesterday best decision ive made minus no 3g on att which is a battery hog anyway..i use wifi mostly

  184. I have a samsung from Net10, Its a great phone and I really enjoy the good prepaid price savings. This Samsung looks cool. What I really like about Net10 is that I can choose how much I spend every month so getting a nice phone is feasible.

  185. Just got my nexus one, very HAPPY Evo users wont get 4g if your area isn’t supported like in my vacinity I would wait and see next Gen should be even better

  186. waiting to finally drop in on the android goodness :) ill be getting my first android with the EVO the day it comes out, been holding onto my upgrade for 3 months now

  187. Waiting For The EVO! It needs to hurry up I’ve been due for an upgrade for 4 months now, and I REALLY REALLY NEED A NEW PHONE. 8-). Good Day You guys

  188. Been with Verizon for 7 years but the Sprint EVO is just too good to pass up…plus Sprint’s plans are just way to enticing (cheaper – not even close). Lets go EVO…..Lets go EVO!!

  189. I’m a long time Sprint customer. Love the 3G service and great plans; never had an issue anywhere I travel to.

    So, it will be the EVO 4G especially w/ Sense UI, HDMI & WIFI tether upto 8 devices! ;-)

  190. MyTouch Slide!

  191. Ill be holding on to my N1, waiting to see what the next round of androids coming out during the holidays brings.

  192. Definitely awaiting the elusive Motorola Shadow. Must say I am pretty darn happy with my Nexus One though.

  193. I’m a bit sore with Verizon right now. I feel like they’ve been dragging their feet on the Nexus just so it won’t steal the Incredible’s thunder. Am i the only one that notices that that phone is DISGUSTING looking? It’s the ugliest phone i’ve ever seen (except MS Kin). And I’m sick of Verizon’s bullshit. VERY good chance I’ll be switching to Sprint for the better plans and the EVO…. though the Galaxy S with that luscious superAMOLED is tempting.

  194. Current: Samsung Alias
    Recently taken back: HTC Droid Eris (Had a major screen malfunction, worked with VZW Rep for…)
    Reality: HTC Droid Incredible

  195. I work for radioshack selling phones, and I have a Verizon dealer line (BB Tour) and a MyTouch 3g (1st version) as my personal line. I’m thinking of cancelling the MyTouch and paying the ETF in favor of the EVO 4G, because I need 2.1 and Sense. 4G won’t be in my area for a while though…..

  196. Was going to get the N1 for Sprint, but Google/HTC are dragging their feet SO LONG to get any CDMA variants of this phone out, I gave up. I’m getting the Evo. Why get a N1 for $500-600 when I can get an Evo with 4G for $199 or so? I know I won’t get Android updates as fast, but this is a PREMIER HTC phone, so updates will be fast, I’m sure.

    Done with waiting for the N1, I’ll just get an Evo. My Premier Sprint acct lets me get a phone in June. Perfect!

  197. im getting the droid next saturday!!!!! been waitin 5 months for it and my upgrade is 7 days away…by by blackberry or should i say WACKberry…WACKberry phones frezze way to much for me …i reset my phone more then i use it =’-(

  198. My number one phone period is the HTC Evo…I mean c’mon, what is even close to it in terms of specs besides the Galaxy S(which I don’t like because of its bizarre iPhone-ishness). I’m on Verizon right now though and my contract won’t be up for for almost a year >( But chances are nearly completely that I will drop my money on an Android very soon. Realistically it will be the Droid Incredible in my pocket…but I’m not taking my eyes off the Evo.

  199. I travel, so GSM is a must. Would prefer hardware keyboard, so was holding out for rumored Nexus One Pro, but may settle for Nexus One. If a Motorola Milestone with tri-band UTMS comes out, I’ll jump on it.

  200. will wait even more than 4 months just for the evo..by far the best phone coming out in the next 4+ months..

  201. I left Sprint nearly 16 months ago to get an iPhone, now I’m kicking myself for that shortsightedness. I will be breaking my AT&T contract to return to Sprint and the EVO 4G. They’re’scheduled to get 4G coverage in my area this year or next I believe, but I don’t care about that. I love phones for the features and the idea of having a forward facing camera gives me slight chubby. Not to mention, 720p recording and playback, a flash for the 8MP camera, HDMI out, a 4.3 inch monster display and removable storage! The HTC EVO 4G is an upgrade in every way. I’ll be glad to sell my unlocked 3GS on eBay or craigslist for double what I paid for it.

  202. I know there is some bad rumors going around about the Nexus one but I have one and personally I think it is still the best phone on the market. I have no problems with it Thanks to Cyan.

  203. if T959 is Samsung Galaxy S
    i will get that T959 (T-Mobile USA)

    wish: Samsung Galaxy S Pro (if they reallyd come out)

  204. Would love to get the EVO but I am a loyal T-Mobile customer. (Plus I had Sprint before, fool me once…)

    Still holding out for the Motorola Motoroi on T-Mobile, but I’m beginning to think T-Mobile scrapped the plan to bring it.

  205. Incredible of course!

  206. Saving myself for the Milestone. Still a milestone if you ask me (Phandroid style pun).

  207. Wish: Samsung Galaxy S pro (the one with keyboard)
    Reality: X10 from rogers with 3yrs contract :(

  208. Evo!!!

  209. Droid Incredible!!! Finally! Been waiting for a phone for a year now on Big Red. Had an iPhone for a week but ATT network sucks in my area. Motorola Droid – just couldn’t grow into it. Poor design. Also, never liked phones from Moto. HTC Droid Eris too slow. I hate Windows phones. Blackberry sucks.

  210. I will be getting a Nexus One pretty soon..

  211. Selling my Nexus one when evo 4g comes out!

  212. Is the ETF for G1 solid or does it go down every month I’ve been with T-Mo? f I can get out of my T-Mo contract without paying much I’ll switch to ATT Samsung Galaxy S. Seems to best GPU out of GSM phones. I know ATT limits app installation but I trust in Android community :)

  213. I have the ATT Nexus 1, might get the Galaxy S !IF! it is a big improvement. If not, I’ll wait and see what comes out in the fall.

  214. Currently have a HTC Magic on Vodafone UK. Am considering ordering a Nexus One from Google at the end of May, although now the Milestone (GSM Droid) has 2.1, I’m actually tempted given the cheaper price and the reported 3G/Touchscreen issues with the Nexus One. It’s a difficult choice.

  215. Nearing the end of my current Sprint contract this summer, so I’ll have alot of options to go with. My first desire is the EVO 4g but we’ll see what happens. It’s gonna be a fun summer.

  216. I’m going to preorder the HTC Incredible today. I work indoors and rather have the amoled screen. There is also no 4g coverage here and I’m currently on sprint, but Verizon gets better coverage in my area.

  217. Sprint! HTC EVO!

  218. Dropping my Storm(which actually aint bad with the updadted OS) for the htc incredible. Never pre-ordered anything and am going to pre-order 2morrow!!

  219. EVO 4G

  220. Being in Australia I’ve only just got the DEXT and liking it. Also it is sometime a little slow for phones to be available here as a non grey import, I’ll extend the 4 month window a bit.

    I’m really looking at Notion Ink’s Adam.
    And if I wanted another phone, the Samsung Galaxy S looks good.

  221. I’ll be preordering the Droid Incredible on the 19th. Too bad it won’t be capable of migrating to LTE. My runner up was the EVO, but while I can get 4G from Sprint/Clear in Hawaii, it doesn’t seem to be available in too many other markets on the west coast. Pretty lame to have a 4G phone, but limited to an edge connection when I travel.

  222. HTC EVO 4G!!!!!!

  223. Just got my first android phone, My Touch in August. Won’t be getting something new till next year. :/

  224. I’m with sprint and am eligible for a upgrade. HTC EVO all the way. I have a curve right now and its horrible. Cant wait to hear more about the offical EVO specs.

  225. HTC Desire on UK Vodafone, just waiting … and waiting, hopefully this week :-)

  226. NONE! love my Nexus One (maybe Nexus 2?)

  227. Samsung Galaxy-S!

  228. Being a VZW customer I’m waiting for the Shadow and or Droid 2 to drop. Prefer the Shadow as this point as there is not a lot of info floating on the Droid 2 yet but per my contacts it will be a nice update to the original Droid. Shadow will be sweet tho with a screen over 4″, HDMI output, and one of the thinnest Android phones to be release yet at just under 3/8″ thick.

  229. just pre-ordered the incredible :D

  230. Currently with sprint in the Samsung Moment, Gunna have to wait for the Evo 4G, and for those of you who dont want the EVO because your are has no 4G i say this, it still runs on 3G which means 4G or not its still gunna be better than the Incredible!! and Sprint is so much cheaper for so much more then Verizon offers you!!

  231. This year… still using last year’s Droid. It’s a great phone, better still at being a networked pocket computer and 21rst century communications device (most new forms of communication being more useful to me than “phone”). I’ll hang onto this until 2011 sometime. Which gives Verizon a year to see that LTE rollout through :-)

    In 2011, I’ll be looking for:
    * LTE support on Verizon (CDMA2000/EvDO fallback)
    * OLED at least 800×480
    * At least 4GB internal Flash.. spend the frickin’ $10, phone-maker people.
    * SDXC or microSDXC expansion… 32GB just ain’t enough.
    * Keyboard, probably…

    The great thing about being an Androidian rather than an iPhonie… something new to drool over a couple of times a month. Apple’s probably going to release something new in June or July that looks exactly like today’s 3GS, only does one or two new things, and all the iPhonies will go insane and cry that they need this new, ever-so-slight-tweak-of-last-year’s-phone or they’ll explode.

    It’s still a one size has to fit all approach, and, well, it didn’t fit… even if I didn’t have problems with Apple’s Draconian control over everything users can do with their purchased hardware. Which of course, I very much do.

  232. keeping nexus one

  233. I’ll keep my nexus one :)

  234. im with hazydave on this one, if you allready have verizon kinda pointless to upgrade a phone now when lte is around the corner unless you are doing a switch to sprints sorry excuse for 4g.

    what would be dreamworld perfect would be a hybrid droid/galaxy s with:

    *moto hardware, cell reception, battery usage
    *800 x480 super oled
    *8 megapix cam with flash, at least 780p hd cam
    *better qwerty keyboard…more like lg voyager/env
    *LTE capability

    *how bout a phone with some kind of background noise sound eq protection so when someones seat belt alarm goes off in their car you arnt deafened.

  235. definitely want the galaxy s if it is released on sprint and it would b awesome if it had 4g. but if not i’ll go for the evo… i just gotta get rid of this samsung moment. i am a big samsung fan :-) SAMSUNG IS MY FIRST CHOISE

  236. I’m going to get an HTC Evo 4G from Sprint… I have a G1 right now, and I really want the Nexus One. I’m just steering clear because of all the problems they’re still having.

  237. I just bought decided to get the Moto Droid once the 2.1 update was announced (and then pushed back, so I did have to wait a little bit). I got this phone, knowing about the Incredible rumors, and I gotta say, I LOVE THIS PHONE. It is everything I wanted and more.

  238. I know I’m late to the party, but Galaxy S Pro (Galaxy S w/ kbd) if it comes to T-Mobile.

    And maybe even if it doesn’t. Had high hopes for MyTouch Slide, but 600 MHz processor killed that deal.

  239. wish: Dell Mini 5 on Verizon

    actual:will give EVO4g a chance, but Sprint data coverage in my area sux

    real actual: will wait for a bigger screen to come out on Verizon (see comment #1 – i totally agree)

  240. I love Sprint and I live within 4G coverage. It’s a no brainer, i’ll be getting an EVO 4G!!!!!

  241. I want an HTC Desire so bad! But im sadly in the USA and do not live anywhere near a U.S Cellular. Which is infuriating because Im on Verizon, which is also a CDMA carrier, so technically it would work on their network but theyre too much of assholes to let me, probably.

  242. @ Jared from 4/16.. verizon is definitely not “on it’s ass” regarding LTE.. it’s been testing in markets since sometime last year.. and it takes time, and money to acquire, and install enough of the hardware, and cell towers needed for VZW to continue to provide the level of service it’s customers expect. Of course the LTE map won’t start off looking like the Red Map.. but there will be enough of a buildout that LTE will at least be widespread enough to be classified “nationwide coverage”. As far as phone.. I got my Incredible 3 days ago now.

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