Samsung Galaxy S Launching In June For $1,000+


Over at MobileReview (translated) they’ve gotten their hands on the scorching hot Samsung Galaxy S and have provided a full review that, even after jumping the language hurdle, seems pretty insightful. The thing that leaps out the most is a more specific price and date, something that has yet to be officially announced.


The Galaxy S will launch in June for 30,000 Rubles in Russia which is the equivalent of over $1,000 USD. Uhoh… we hope it doesn’t arrive in the Americas at such an inflated price. Even after contract and rebate, that would be a hefty price to pay. And with the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint being another obvious option, price should be a huge point of contention between these two Android Phones.

Although with Russian commentary, we thought you might like to see the video they did as it compares the Galaxy S to some other devices and runs through some of the screens and options:

I think$1,000 unsubsidized and even $500 subsidized is a fee that most Android fans won’t want the burden of enduring, but I’m hopeful that Samsung and whatever partners they choose will find a way to bring the Galaxy S to market more affordably than this initially rumored price.

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  1. This is a shameless iPhone clone and $1000, no thanks. Aside from that and some lag (could be due to background apps), it seems rather responsive.

  2. holy chet

  3. The article also says 600euros (~800usd) There was a lot of talk about the Droid being higher priced than the competition before it came out too. In order to compete in the market I think we’ll see a much more reasonable price on release.

  4. This guy must have done something horribly wrong for that phone to run that badly. My droid runs significantly snappier than that for launching apps and returning to home screen. The scrolling was the only thing that clearly demonstrated it’s superior abilities.

  5. @kidphat: In what way is this a “shameless iphone clone”? Is it the 1ghz processor? The widgets? The HD capable camera? What exactly was it?

  6. Holy fudgizilzz no one is going to buy this phone so I suggest they get a deal with verizon cause they look like they’re outdated on android.

  7. BTW if you think this is a iPhone clone gtfo cause the interfare is like 200 times different.

  8. Thanks a hefty chunk of cash for a phone. The more the merrier I guess.

  9. NO WAY thats worth $1000+ maybe more like $100

  10. @kidphat: Yes it looks awful KIRFy with that iPhone-alike skin. That costs it a few points in my book, but not as many as that green-skied background. For a phone with a new technology display, they need some backgrounds that show off their vivid colors, not make you question the accuracy of the color rendition … and it’s just an ugly background.

    Still, if it were out now for $200-$300, I’d get in in a second. I wouldn’t expect it to cost any more than that.
    I can probably deactivate that home screen like the SenseUI on the HTC Desire if I really wanted to.

  11. @JBC: No, it is a “shameless iphone clone” because it uses a touch screen, you know because apple invented it. And because it is black, apple invented that too. Also, because it is rectangular with rounded corners, ya you guesses it, Steve Jobs idea there.

    Also because it runs apps and makes calls…it is an iphone clone.

    I just think all phones should be outlawed by the govenrment. Only apple should be allowed to sell them…because every thing they do is perfect.

    I love apple

  12. JBC : What kidphat means is that any phone that is all touchscreen with a rounded form is a copy of the so called GOD phone.

    My God get a clue kidphat. Take away the bezel on any phone and they all look alike. Oh and btw, this phone kills the iCrap. Android will take you and Apple kicking into the future whether you like it or not. All Apple had (past tense) was a phone that revolutionized the industry. Now, not so much. They have been passed by and the fanboi’s keep stammering that they still matter.

  13. if this thing is going to cost $1000 it scares me to think about how much the EVO4G is going to cost.

  14. @kidphat: look at the video, not just the pictures. i can see from the pictures that you might think it’s a “iphone clone”, but if you watch the video you’ll see that the pictures show the app tray, and not the home screen like you probably thought.


    one hell of a son of a b**** of the Iphone

  16. Nice phone but way way too much money.

  17. That is almost twice what the Nexus retails for no way.

  18. it must be an iphone clone on steriods cuz its way faster lol

  19. wow, I wonder if smartphone prices are just commonly inflated in Russia?
    There’s no way it’ll be $1000 unsubsidized in America. It’s got to compete with the N1; that’d just be stupid of Samsung.

  20. @ dave- sure ill give you the fact that it looks like an iPhone, but your reasons are about as intelligent as a 10 year old boy, need I say more then “its black and apple invented that?” Rounded corners. Again need I say more, get off an android forum if you love your apple.

  21. ok….1000$ is a 1 week vacation in the carribean plus some scuba. no way would i pay that much for the phone. as far as people saying “shameless iphone clone” i’d say they are right. the UI, especially the book reader is taken from iphone OS. but more importantly: WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT LAG? AND WHY DID THE SCREEN NOT RESPOND AT SOME POINT IN THE VIDEO? please who needs another laggy android phone?

  22. THat is some beautiful samsung… I hope for another giveaway like they did with behold 2 ;D

  23. With that price….am out.

  24. LOL, I want the fancy iphone knockoff so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous amounts that at&t + apple charge. If I was willing to pay $1000 for a phone I would just get an actual iphone (I’d really get an Evo but let’s just say iphone since this is such a ripoff).

  25. And remember it’s a Samsung:

    1. Product is unusably buggy at the time of release.
    2. Support is dropped at the time of release.

    …at least judging from my personal experience with the Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500…

  26. For the reference, iPhome 3Gs 16Gb costs the same 30,000 Rubles in Russia. So stop crying about the high Samsung price and express some sympathy to Russians as we are forced to buy all the phones at ridiculously high prices.

  27. April’s Fool? ^_^
    Hope so.

  28. yeah.. if you buy it on the Russian black market!

  29. April fools joke for sure. Not even the iPhone cost that much and Jobs overprice all his products.

  30. Realities of life in Russia. A lot of imports are more expensive there. Cars cost about 3x as much. Visitors to US been known to buy several iPhones. And smuggle them to Russia to sell at huge profit. I suspect US price will be in 250-300 range

  31. Come on guys- this phone IS a shameless iPhone clone. Well at least visually. It has nothing to differentiate it in terms of style- other than a .5 inch larger screen. The Legend and G1 have “chins”. The Hero, Eris, and Desire have Sense. The Moment, Cliq, and Droid have keyboards. The Nexus One has a trackball with soft buttons. EVO is huge and has a kickstand. The Behold II has that cube crap, and the MyTouch has several hardware buttons. NO ONE WOULD MISTAKE ANY OF THESE PHONES FOR AN iCLONE. But look at the Samsung – it looks almost exactly like the iPhone and even drops the camera flash (which is a mistake) to look like it’s Steve Job’s super-powered bastard child. Is it a different and better phone than the iPhone? Absolutely. But a casual user couldn’t tell by looking at it. I guarantee that anyone who buys this phone will have to explain – “No, for the 40th time this month, this is NOT an iPhone!!!”

  32. Thats a pretty sweet device.
    Well done to Samsung.

  33. They should name it “iClone”.

  34. @Ratnok: Actually, this has 3 buttons on the bottom, a “reverse” chin, there is no metal bevel around the front casing, and the camera is squared not circular and much bigger. I really dont get other than the round ear piece at the top and the rounded squared shape how you can think this looks like an iPhone.

  35. Just what I always wanted. A $1000 cell phone! Pffffft…

  36. It wont be $1000. Period.
    You have the Russian rouble conversion to dollar (30,000 roubles ~ $1000) and Russia is well known for phones to be super expensive on their launch.
    So no, translated mobile-review articles on new mobile releases are not a good source to estimate the price of a mobile phone.

  37. whoever doesnt think this looks like an iphone is a crack addict. seriously every single post about this phone when it first was announced was “iphone clone” because it is. you cant deny it.

    besides, its the same size as the EVO but with a smaller screen, waste of time…

  38. U know when people say looks like an iphone, then every phone that came out after iphone should look like and iphone because if you are talking apps grid check out all phones have a menu grid. Now lets note that the menu can be changed to list which was found on a youtube video. People why does android use a grid with black background (see stop bashing the phone because its better than any HTC)

    By the way the home screen is still android with a twist of simplicity.

    Oh by the way there must have been something wrong with the guy in this review because all phones previewed on youtube are snapy.

  39. way toooooooooooooo much money. Hell the smooth is only $60.00 bucks and to be honest works great!

  40. Phone is good but the price… pffft! I’d rather buy an iPhone :) There is no comparison between iPhone and iClone… definitely iPhone rulez.

  41. Aku ingin sekali mengetahui harga galaxy ini, “Apakah uang yang harus kita keluarkan untuk memiliki HP ini akan sama besarnya dengan nama yang di berikan kpd HP ini : GALAXY”

    Jika harganya terjangkau, aku sangat senang. Dan bila setinggi langit… Whatever

    BTW, kapan akan dirilisnya HP Samsung ini ke pasaran di Ind?
    Mohon di pemberitahuannya karena aku sangat penasaran.


  42. Honestly that phone is one gud phone compare to the iphone i’ve been carrying for 1year sumsang has done a gud job not to mantion adobe flash on android it will be stunning to watch flash videos on galaxy s.

  43. im fallin luv w/ that phone but when i know abt the price.. mmpphhh being hopeless.. :(

  44. with a plan (2 year) this phone will not be more then 300 dollars prob about 200 ish.

  45. the price is massive…would prefer an iphone to this.

  46. i do really loves it..
    what a preety phone that samsung galaxy…!
    but it’s so expensive..
    maybe, i’ll prefer iphone 3Gs..
    thanks 4 the expensive price samsung..

  47. Ari 2 jt sihy gelem lah..

  48. I prefer buying a galaxy s than the iphone because i want to open flash sites in the browser, sync my outlook and have office. The screen looks awesome!

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