Apr 14th, 2010

Remember those unclear shots of the HTC Droid Incredible car dock and gradient case? Well we now have a clear shot of both items, plus a look at a red and translucent red version of the same case. I’m not going to waste anymore time talking when the pictures can do a much better job.

I should mention that our sources inform us the mount and dock won’t be available at launch, but should  be hitting the shelves shortly after. What else might we learn about the Droid Incredible today? So far we have seen Verizon’s staging site, confirmed a name change, and gleaned the official release date of April 29th.

It should go without saying that this big heads up comes straight from our friends over at the HTC Incredible thread at AndroidForums, who have just passed 700 pages and over 2 million views all dedicated to this hot new handset.

[via AndroidForums]

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