Clear Images of Droid Incredible Cases, Car Dock


Remember those unclear shots of the HTC Droid Incredible car dock and gradient case? Well we now have a clear shot of both items, plus a look at a red and translucent red version of the same case. I’m not going to waste anymore time talking when the pictures can do a much better job.

I should mention that our sources inform us the mount and dock won’t be available at launch, but should  be hitting the shelves shortly after. What else might we learn about the Droid Incredible today? So far we have seen Verizon’s staging site, confirmed a name change, and gleaned the official release date of April 29th.

It should go without saying that this big heads up comes straight from our friends over at the HTC Incredible thread at AndroidForums, who have just passed 700 pages and over 2 million views all dedicated to this hot new handset.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. Flippin nice!!

  2. Hope the screen is bigger then the first Droid. Looks really cool so fare though. Can’t wait to wait for it to be out a while before I buy it. So ahhh HTC Are whoever hurry up and come out with this so I can wait…to buy it.

  3. it has the same size screen

  4. I will wait to buy a case from a 3rd party that will get rid of the funky back. The car dock is interesting though, may get that

  5. Seriously, I think the Incredible will be awesome, but I hate the design of the back and I am not a huge fan of the colors. I wish that we had the incredible specs with the HTC Desire look (and that it would come out for Verizon).

  6. Those are ugly as f!ck. Not everyone wants to be a walking advertisement for Verizon, especially after they waited so long for a new phone. Can’t they just make a black case? Also, what is up with the case bevel?

  7. @Mensah:

    The screen is 3.7″ diagonal, like the Droid, but the proportions and pixel count are different. The Droid is 480×854 which makes it 16:9, but leaves it a bit narrow. The Incredible is 480×800, which is a wider rectangle – same screen as the Nexus One.

  8. one of the pictures has tghe verizon brand on top but the other s have the htc vrand on top

  9. That Dock & Mount is pathetic. My TomTom hides better than that. If they Really wanna offer a Car Mount, how bout one of the Charging Car Mounts like they have for IPods? The ones that Plug into the Cigarette Lighter?

  10. my cock is getting stiff

  11. Idk, I’m liking the gradient case.

  12. yeah the gradient case look hot. Kinda sucks that it doesn’t get rid of the weired shapes on the back tho

  13. Bob I have to agree, this has got my peter so hard it hurts!

  14. Yeah, I like the shape of the back. It looks like it will feel comfortable in hand. I hope the keyboard is smooth.

  15. Not so hot on those cases (especially the red-to-black gradient…gross), but that car dock looks fantastic. Hopefully it’s available soon!

  16. I just got this phone and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it..When you have a case over the phone it cant really feel the back!! its pretty freaking rockin!!

  17. Slight gripe…

    I wish there’d be a little uniformity in hardware features among Android based phones. For instance, this thing looks like it has a mini-usb port while the Moto Droid has micro (in different locations). So if I get the Incredible, I can’t use my Droid multimedia or car dock.

    At this rate, Android users have little hope of ever having a wide selection of decent accessories. Compare this situation to the variety of docks and accessories available for the iPhone. The fragmentation argument (which is bullshit in most ways) is spot on when it comes to accessories available.

    Again, slight gripe though. This thing looks cool.

  18. For those who question the shape of the back… The design purpose was for the speaker phone option, when you lay the phone flat on its back sound is not muffled.
    Thumbs up! I LOVE this phone!

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