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UPS released a brand-spanking new app for Android today, allowing you to take all of your package and shipment tracking on the go. Aside from this helpful feature for the impatient, the app also locates the nearest UPS Stores and shipping centers, making it easier than ever to get a handle on your incoming and outgoing shipments.


The app looks even easier to navigate than the UPS website, so getting the most out of it shouldn’t be hard at all. Not really the type of app that will get much use from the casual user, but businesses and those who make frequent online purchases and sales will probably love this. What I’d like to see is a single app linking PayPal, eBay, and UPS tracking, making it super easy to track online shopping and shipping. What do you guys think?

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I agree there should be an app that bundles these services together, but also add Fed-Ex as I find their services of equal or even greater value. I personally try to get Fed-Ex whenever possible….btw I used to work for UPS.

  2. I’d like for you to use QR codes.

  3. QR code?

  4. It came out today? I’ve had this app for over a week now. Hahaha.

  5. Requires 1.6 or higher, which excludes over half the Android world. :\

  6. @James — agreed I have had this app for a while. Certainly not released today.

  7. lol @ the app being released today. It’s BEEN out for a while. What a joke!

  8. @James and @Bryce — Same here. I have had this app for some time. I guess its fair to say that this phandroid reporter may have stumbled across the app today.

  9. I wasn’t impressed with the app- I much prefer supports multiple carriers, uses an existing Google or Yahoo id, solid mobile version of the site, and still free!

  10. Sorry- the above post seems to have included my hyphen as part of the url. Should be (and I’m sorry for not posting a QR for it)

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