Verizon Stocking Up For HTC Incredible Launch


While our original story that the HTC Incredible would be officially announced today ended up being what became the announcement of Microsoft’s Kin 1 and Kin 2, the ramp-up towards the Incredible release only continues as we see in a new leaked inventory pic dug up by no other than our very own sleuths over at the HTC Incredible Forum at AndroidForums.com.


As you can see in the above image, it appears Verizon is stocking up on dummy in-store display units (PCD ADR6300 MOCK UP) as well as screen protectors for the same device (PCD ADR6300 SCREEN PROTE). Looks like they currently have 7,500 mock-up units in stock at their warehouses and a ton of screen protectors (21,600) ready to go for whenever the Incredible ends up launching. Most speculation is pointing towards April 29th as d-day for this new Android phone from Verizon.

Even if the Android community may be disappointed that today’s big announcement was not ‘Droid related, all signs still point towards the Incredible coming VERY soon. For all the info on the HTC Incredible check out this thread over in the forums, and as usual all the credit in the world to the great members holding it down over there.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. Miss this one by a mile.

  2. I am so excited about the Kin 1 and Kin 2 i can hardly contain myself!!! My god verizon, no one gives a shit about the kin phones, how about releasing a phone that we (the consumer) actually will buy.

  3. Ok, This goes on and on, but here’s a nagging question – if the Incredible is scheduled to launch April 29th why haven’t we heard anything. Given they just announced the Kin for a mid-May release, it makes no sense that they would skip announcing the Incredible entirely. Sorry guys, but I’m not buying it anymore. Despite how much I want to believe it, inventory entries could mean a July or August release as much as April 25th or 29th. BTW, I’ve never seen anything convincing of even these dates.

  4. The whole Verizon ‘rumor mill’ about HTC phones releasing ‘soon’ is just BS. It’s ploy to keep unhappy customers waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. Droid is a compromise. Have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years, have 5 phones unlimited text etc on a family plan. We investigated alternative carriers for a couple weeks now and only need our phones to work well in 3 places – so now we can switch away from Verizon and get rid of the continual lies and innuendo.

  5. Verizon coninues to loose ground to the I-Phone. More and more people are sick of the BS verizon continues.

  6. As much as I want to slap Verizon around for terrible marketing, I can’t. It’s my fault for flocking to rumors and guesses like a desperate moth to a flame. My contract with Verizon ends next Monday. I think that I will drop the service, and wait to see what happens. Verizon usually tries to woo customers back. I like the prospect of being a free-agent. Unsigned, in demand, and willing to hear offers from all suitors.

  7. It’s “lose”, not “loose”!!!!!

  8. they definately wait for the bogo return period to expire. yea sounds like the usual vzw dragging everything out. bummer in the summer. i guess the evo may be a competitive possibility after all which is kinda cool.

  9. Incredible is probably releasing in May. This will be another missed info point. Guessing based on guesses always results in some form of miss.

  10. Honestly, can Verizon get any worse at announcing this thing? A vague mention of the device in a twitter account is the best they can do? Their pr totally sucks and they should be called out for it. btw those kin devices look like garbage that took a crap.

  11. Very Tired, those are my feelings exactly. There is no way they are going to quietly launch the Incredible without weeks of marketing. Look how much money they threw into advertising the Droid and, based on specs, the Incredible promises to be a much better phone. At best, I think people can expect the *announcement* on April 29th that the Incredible will be released (in the typical, non-specific Verizon way) “sometime this Summer.” They really are just trying to fend off customer defections by dropping rumors of the Nexus One, Incredible and now the Iphone. Given the original timeframe of Spring 2010 for the Nexus One, I do think it is likely that it will be available by June, but who wants to wait around for a phone that’s been out on the other networks for months and isn’t getting great reviews either. For me, my whole family is on Verizon. So making the switch will suck, but I have now decided to definitely do it this weekend. Hopefully having a new Iphone will take some of the sting away. :)

  12. Why in the world wouldn’t VZW have already started pre-hyping the Incredible? Similar market prep catapulted the Droid.

  13. I’m starting to think all of these Blog posts popping up all over the place playing with our little minds are being posted by Verizon moles.

    I’m about a Bigfoot hair away from switching to T-Mobile. I’m sick of Verizon’s games.

  14. @rushmore
    then what is up with the leaked photo that shows the best buy will be selling it on the 29th? why are u saying may? is it cuz ur psychic? what makes u think may?

  15. First of all…verizon hasn’t said anything about the incredible. You guys assume they did based on rumors…mark my words though…the incredible will be available April 25

  16. I am really fed up with VZ lies and rumors.If they don’t release Incredible by the end of the month i am gonna get an iphone.
    As much as i dislike apple but i have to say their marketing skill perfect and thats why they sold 20M iphone in the last 2years and stole all them from VZ.

  17. what are you crazies talking about? we def know that the incredible will be at best buy on april 29th. the evidence for that is overwhelming and incredibly credible, from several different sources all with different pieces of evidence. whether it will be on verizon directly before or after is still up for debate, but being that it’s out at best buy on the 29th, quit this crapola about it not coming out until forever! (and for those fools saying may, april 29th IS a whopping TWO days before may anyway…. no one has said anything about much earlier than that)

  18. I love that people are so disappointed. There’s never been an official release date, just a bunch of rumors circulating the net. Now who’s fault is it for biting on these rumors?

    Anyways, Verizon does dilly dally a lot, which I understand is aggravating, but its not like they have broken promises or anything. Patience…thats all I gotta say.

    Any idea on a price on this new phone?

  19. also…regardless what u hear the iphone will not be available on verizon…at least not untill lte is fully functional

  20. I’m thinking THIS IS VZW’s ramp up to the Incredible. This kind of media costs them nothing. However, I think they may have miscalculated. The interest seems to be falling off. There is a “I’ve waited this long” vibe, leading people to either A) not care and buy a different phone or B) hang out and do nothing (not necessarily on VZW’s network!)

    I for one am sick of waiting and about to buy an Eris instead. If they release the Incredible within a month, I’m in luck. If not, the Eris is pretty good stuff, if not Incredible running 2.1 (if ever).

    But VZW wake up! Release this thing before NOBODY CARES ANYMORE, or they just wait and compare to the next version of the iPhone on AT&T and you’ve lost the people’s attention.

  21. What a joke. How many times can we hear the same thing “interesting sources tell us”, or “it should be released ass soon as April 29th”. Please. Nobody knows crap….period. Oh wait, I take that back…people claim to know the specs on the unit but that’s it. I wish people would stop posting these teaser ads (probably actually initiated and posted by Verizon themselves) and not say a word until someone knows the absolute facts. I can sit here and type on another page all the crap said to date, but at the end of the day it’s all worthless dribble. How about someone do something right and only post usable information on the day it’s actually available to the public! Now THAT would be “Incredible”.

  22. Big J, it is true that Verizon hasn’t said anything about the Incredible. So they are not to blame with the exception of being complicit in the rumors. With that said, what possible credibility does the April 25th date have? Particularly when you consider that Verizon would be foolish not to market this heavily before release. It seems like a contrived date to me.

  23. I agree with you RC, it benefits Verizon in no way to have a surprise release date. I’d expect a lot of marketing prior to the release to maximize sales. I rather them not, cause I feel that in my small region I’d like to get the phone without having to pre-order or wait in a long line.

  24. Just getting tired of waiting on all this. I’ve been out of contract since last November with AT&T waiting to jump back to Big Red only to keep getting delays on either the Incredible or Nexus One. Which ever comes out first will be my choice unless they continue to not give out any info, which may force me to another Android phone on another network all together…

  25. I DO believe you guys are trying….but for all the skill set for sniffing out a story, using reliable inside sources… maybe you could hit six winning numbers…

  26. Remember that big red didnt bombard us with palms or droid Eries like with mota855.also mota855 was the first big red device with android os…also big red releases phones on Sundays

  27. I can only wonder if VZW has some marketing exclusivity arrangement with Motorola so they would not promote the Incredible. Otherwise, the silence two weeks from an alleged launch doesn’t make any sense. Good grief…the Devour got a Superbowl commercial. You would think a device that can eat the Devour’s lunch would get more love.

    Again, I’m becoming increasingly incredulous about these rumors. If nothing else, Verizon is missing a “perfect storm” opportunity to engage its customers on social media and build buzz around upcoming product. Instead, it’s radio silence from them and the masses are stirring.

  28. Does this site ever get anything right? LOL!!!!!

  29. so what phone will the be talking about just over the horizon immediately after the Incredibles release? I find it interesting that all this talk makes the DROID already seem like a floppy disk.

  30. No one is to blame but themselves for listening and believing rumors that are on the Internet. Sure Verizon has allowed this to happen, but can you really think of a better marketing plan??? The Internet is going crazy over the Incredible and N1! Do they really need to pump millions of dollars into advertising when they get it for free? On top of that, Motorola is the the majority backer of the Droid advertising. It’s pretty much their last ditch effort to save the Motorola company.

    As far as Big J’s statement that the Incredible will be available on the 25th, Big J still has no proof that it will come out on that date. No matter what people think, there will be some sort of a campaign to promote prior to release. It may not be a huge campaign, but there will be one none the less.

  31. reality check – if you/everyone else paid attention, april 25th/29th is an extremely credible date.

    one source in the forum showed several photos of best buy’s inventory system with the 4/25 in stock date. from a DIFFERENT SOURCE, there have been leaked slides and timeframes that show the incredible launching at best buy on 4/29 – and on this same page, details for best buy’s weekly circulars for the month of april are included. and GUESS WHAT – THE PAST 2 WEEKS HAVE BEEN SPOT ON ACCURATE

    april 25th for promotion, 29th for release is all but confirmed for best buy. so as i said again, who knows if verizon will have it directly before or after best buy, but april 29th is pretty much confirmed for best buy at least.

    not to mention that the manual leaked. and we saw units on order. and the equipment guide has been updated to show accessories. like quit your whining everyone, it’s coming on the 29th.

    and as big j wrote, verizon doesnt always do a huge ad campaign for every single phone release. not to mention that if you read the thread in the forums, verizon has a history of announcing a phone and it becoming available 3 days to 1 week later – so the fact that we haven’t heard anything officially doesnt mean anything. you can start complaining on the 25th if theres still no official news.

  32. This is bull. I’ve been waiting since January for them to release a new Android phone. First the Nexus in the Spring and now the Incredible to be released never. My phone is on its last leg and I have 3 lines all out of contract since January. If I can’t get this phone before the the EVO is released I will switch to Sprint. They have better plans and a 30 trial to make sure it works everywhere I need it to.

    I want an Android phone but I don’t want a six month old phone (Droid or Eris)

    All Verizon can say is that good things come to those who wait but if they keep me waiting I’m just gonna leave.

  33. All these tears from people ready to drop Verizon for not announcing the Incredible are coming off as…well, whiny. Verizon isn’t doing anything to you. It’s all on you for buying in to the rumor mill and clamoring around these blogs and rumor-based media sources for any bit of info you can get. The Incredible is going to be a solid handset, that much is certain. If you want to drop your phone company for not announcing a product over which they have very little control, then go for it. More bandwidth for me and for others out there not interested in complaining about marketing when we don’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes. Verizon didn’t set your expectation on a timeline, so why the anger toward big red?

  34. We are all patrons in the brothel of the smartphone revolution!! We will all wait as long as it takes to get the most up to date smartphone there is. Also…. you leave Verizon and you will most certainly be getting into an abusive relationship with t mobile sprint or att. Im with ATT and have been with t mobile and sprint and I should probably seek professional counseling!!

    Have a nice day!!

  35. Im with you Hexto, been waiting since January an tired of the disappointments. Called Verizon customer service to bitch and i was told that they will be releasing 20 new phones this year, including the Devour, so now as of today 17 more.

  36. Does everyone want the rumors to stop? Does everyone want to know when Verizon is going to release what/when? Just a thought, how about signing up at Verizon’s website to be the first to know when new products are to be released? I did months ago and haven’t received one email telling me anything, and new phones have been released. Way to go Verizon on top of things as always.

  37. All of you have to be kidding me. You cannot believe a single one of these postings about the release. All of the dates have been wrong, all of the memo’s and screen shots are easily fabricated, especially when they have dates that are so far away that it is irrelevant.

    In my opinion Verizon is sponsoring, ie paying all of these sites that keep the BS rolling and the hope that one of these cool phones will release anytime soon. Verizon is missing the boat with the new smartphones and the use of the device for more then just phone features.

    It seems to me that verizon is way out of sync with what people want in a smartphone. When they release the microsoft device before the nexus one or the incredible, it shows that they aren’t really listening to what the customers want, and I am personally tired of waiting for them to get their act together.

    I have a VX6800 way past its last legs, with 3 other lines that all of the contracts have expired and we are all tired of waiting for a cool phone.

  38. @Very Tired
    How can you talk about the “rumors” about products, then turn around and complain about Verizon’s “lies and innuendo”? Verizon hasn’t said squat about when the Incredible is coming out. All anyone has heard is speculation coming from who-knows-where. You can’t bitch about Verizon not following through on something it never said!

  39. I’m with the majority here. I am actually pretty set on LEAVING Verizon for Sprint.

    Sprint works just as well where I live, has *cheaper* plans and I am sure will get the EVO on time or at least close to it, as opposed to “Spring 2010.” FU, Verizon!

  40. Yeah, I know longer know what to think. Is there any reason that they would announce this microsoft crap but not in any way talk of a phone that is due to release “really soon?” Does that make even the smallest amount of sense? I want to keep holding out, but I recently shattered the screen of my Iphone and am using a 2 year old HTC in the mean time. If I keep waiting I will just get the new Iphone when it releases out of spite, though I am sick of Apple. And when they announce the incredible’s fall release I am going to simply give up. Then the question is why enter into a contract 6 months before the first LTE phones come out on verizon or ATT? Lots of hype but nothing is being delivered…what a joke this all is

  41. i mean, isnt it safe to say it will be on or before the 29th because of the best buy release?

  42. Its ok Verizon we know its out there, Please don’t make us keep watching
    videos of other peoples nexus ones..(T-Mobile)
    (ATT) And every other third world provider!
    And also i can’t watch that crappy underground Video of the Incredible one more time,,,

    Ok I Vented…

  43. It’s time to switch from Verizon to a real honest company one a person or person trust! My contrct expires soon too and the ENVo looks good, besides it’s a better deal all the way around. Good bye Verizon!

  44. So why the rumors? Why the drama? Why does verizon leave us nothing but rumors? Are they stalling for time? Are they stupid? Are they being logical? Do they have restrictions on advertising android OS on their phones?

    If you have these answers tell us

  45. Oh my God!!

    A couple thingsmake me sick…

    1) All of you should quit talking trash about how Verizon is losing to IPhone. Firts off, they came to V first and it was turned away. Fortunately for Apple, AT&T picked it up so THEY could lose money hand over fist for paying Appple what they wanted while launching their crap phone on a network that cant handle the data capacity. Way to go!

    2) IPhone has roughly 48% of the PDA market while Google currently ahs roughly 30% of the market thanks primarily due to the awesomeness of the Droid which was by the way voted top gadget in 2009 by Time magazine.

    3) V has a few phones that run absolute circles around the IPhone (Droid, Eris, Imagio, Jesus Christ I would even take the Knack over the IPhone)

    4) With the wealth of knowledge that infests these blogs, I am surprised that no one has pointed out the absolute fact that V has a 6 month exclusive to Android 2.0 and guess what, Moto Droid lauched at the end of October. So 6 months is upon us.

    5) If V launches the Incredible, Nexus or IPhone, it will be in the best interest timing of V rolling out their LTE. So when it happens, it happens. But I can assure you, if they launch ANY of these phones, AT&T, and Apple, will be in a world of trouble in the celular realm.

    Just sayin…

    P.S. – I may have spelled some words wrong, so those of you who never have a valid point to make, but are so pathetic that they like to correct grammer on other peoples posts, please go (insert favorite derogatory adjective here) yourselves

  46. Get wise.

    The rumors are ways for tech sites like this to get hits on thier page. they get paid by advertisers by hits.

  47. Oh yeah…and one last thing…

    Those of you threatening to leave V for Sprint?!?!

    At least use a credible carrier.

    Did you ever think to yourselves…Wow, Sprint seems to keep lowering their plans…you know why? Its because they cant even give their service away and they will continue to lose customers left and right like they have they past 6 qusrters. Feel free to check my facts and next time use your brains.

  48. Everything I’ve read says the iPhone won’t come to Verizon until November. Is somebody getting the Nexus One mixed up with the incredible?

  49. pisses me of when people say that they can’t wait anymore and their leaving Verizon. that’s such bullshit! out of all of them only 1% will actually do it, so STFU and be patient.

  50. The internet fanboy crowd is greatly overestimating their influence in this case. The average Verizon customer knows nothing about all this kerfuffle. They aren’t “disappointed,” except that they are vaguely aware of an ATT iPhone monopoly, but that cuts against a lot of other companies besides Verizon. They know nothing about Android and don’t know much about the capabilities of phones generally beyond the “coolness” factor of the iPhone. To them, the fact that a non-iPhone can move the world doesn’t matter: iPhones are “cool,” just like Creative or Sony could make the best MP3 player in the world and no one cared, they all wanted Apple.

    In the meantime, it is in Verizon’s best interest to keep their current inventory selling. It makes sense to have at most a 2 week campaign ahead of a great new phone, because 1.) they don’t want to cannibalize their other phone sales, at least not yet and 2.) while few people know about upcoming releases, EVERYONE hears about huge releases that go bad: not enough phones, not enough accessories, not enough bandwidth, not enough support, etc. If interest is too high too quickly and the system is overwhelmed, then the next stop is a headline on Drudge and people getting fired.

  51. Well said arminius!

  52. Correct me if I am wrong but, wouldn’t releasing the Incredible spur many people to “sign” 2 year contracts for the subsidized price of the Incredible?

    And with that being said, by the time the next iPhone is released, people would already be with Verizon and have to violate their contract with Verizon to join up with AT&T to get the new iPhone?

  53. Yeah i think your right Verizon probley can’t handle letting the Nexus One jump on their network all of a sudden like Att, T-Mobile,
    Canada wireless, What was i thinking that we should want the top of the line phone Thats been out close to 5 months already! how selfish we all must sound wanting the First smart phone that compares to the iphone ,, and the company that has the iphone has this phone too.

  54. DONE.

    V announced the Incredible for launch on 4/29.

    You big babies…

  55. http://www.verizonwireless.com/incredible <—–all you people that doubted the htc incredible release on 4/29…are all stupid. the end

  56. All you P*ssy’s out there bitching about the relese of HTC Incredible, sound like a bunch of tard’s waiting for the superman lunchbox to come out. My God grow the “F” up will ya!. Bunch of flip-floppin half-witted inbred mofo’s.

  57. i mean really guys….why get so worked up over a phone.if you want to leave so bad…well leave. see…its that simple. Verizon doesnt tell lies. Yal just believing rumors. Have been a customer for over 10 years. Its your own fault if you believe ill-sited rumors on supposably “soon to be released” products from unacreditd sources. If you simply do your research, you will find verizon has yet to lie about anything. they said they would release the incredible in april and wow…its coming out april 29th. but seriously if you are that upset, dish out the money for your etf and get to stepping. dueces.

  58. Well, to posters 2-10… looks like you are retarded.

    The Incredible does launch on the 29th… in fact, mine comes in the mail tomorrow.

    To the guy that got tired of waiting on the Incredible on the 12th and cancelled his service and went to AT&T for the iPhone.. how smart are you? Yes you can still cancel but why would you even buy an iPhone right now with the iPhone HD about to be released in June? And if you had waited two more weeks you could have had an incredible. I’ve had both an iPhone 3gs and been able to play with an Incredible…. the Incredible beats it hands down and I loved my iPhone.

    In the end every single person who said one of the following things : “I can’t wait anymore I’m switching”, “Verizon is dishonest and is probably paying people to spread rumors”, or “I’m going to SPRINT (I can’t believe anyone would ever say that.Minus 99999 to credibility)” are idiots.

    Releases tomorrow as “rumored”. I hope all the naysayers switched to AT&T or Sprint and enjoy all their dropped called and edge service.

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