Verizon Still Promising 6 New Devices


So now that the Kin One and Kin Two are out of the way, Verizon is promising in an internal memo that they are not the only devices that will be seeing a launch this quarter. More great news for the HTC Incredible, which is almost a sure-thing considering there are still four more of the six promised phones to be unveiled.


Go check out the full image over at the HTC Incredible thread at AndroidForums, who again are responsible for grabbing this scoop. They sure are keeping busy with all the Incredible news that has been flying around lately, and again you can get all the info they have uncovered on the Incredible here.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. from the screen shot: “ONE of the hottest devices this spring arrives soon, an it is not the only ONE!”

    That is a Nexus ONE tease/hint if I have ever seen one.

  2. Verizon blow my mind and tell me that you can use the incredible as a mobile hot spot…. And that it is coming out tomorrow instead of the 29th

  3. I feel so lame that I am hitting refresh on the google page every few minutes and have my google live search loaded in anticipation of an announcement of a RELEASE DATE… I hate this. I remember the old days of product releases. I would show up at the store on a whim and say: “oh wow… the new x gadget is out. Cool.” Nowadays these releases are SO much hype created by the net. I usually don’t get much work done. Still trying to figure out what happened to my March 23rd.

  4. Honestly, first they should work on the 2 they already have and getting them up to par with the latest android firmware before trying to get new phones out there.

    Give us Eris users what we have been waiting for since January.

  5. No. Give us 2.5-year-old Blackberry Curve owners what we have been waiting for since November. Bring on the Verizon Incredible/Nexus One and do it soon … before I decide to wait to see what Apple has cooking.

    I know, I got no loyalties.

  6. @Andrew…I am with you. The lack of any real info from Verizon on an Incredible/Nexus One is a joke. Done waiting.

  7. 6?

    kin one
    kin two
    htc incredible
    nexus one
    some other android phone? (lg aloha?)
    maybe a blackberry?

  8. All I want is the Nexus One. That’s all. One simple thing.

  9. Verizon blows, I hope apple puts the wood to them and goes with att im tired of waiting and teasing. Tmobile has fantastic devices and no service, verizon has crappy devices and good service, cant win. ATT seems to the the constant, ok devices and ok service. Welcome to America.

  10. Well said swaheely – I am making the switch to T-Mobile. It usually only takes a couple days to find a sweet phone I like.

    There are no good phones with Verizon. They are either teeny brick phones, have little to no battery life, or tones of glitches.

    What a joke. I guess it’s better than having T-Mobile lack of service in most areas and tons of dropped calls.


  11. TO VERIZON WIRELESS. not to t-mobile. long day.

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