Apr 12th, 2010

With a little help from the Consumer Electronics Association, the smartphone  industry has earned its own NASDAQ index, solidifying the influential status of smartphone devices, their manufacturers, and associated interest groups. Among the  companies included in the index is Google, a sign of how important Android has been in the growing smartphone market.

Joining Google are 84 other companies including Apple and RIM, though a complete list has not been compiled just yet. One could assume that mobile carriers such as Verizon and AT&T will be on the list as well.


Not every industry gets honored with their own stock index, and this move highlights the growing demand (and sometimes necessity) for smartphone devices. It is no doubt in part to the hard work of Google and the manufacturer’s of Android OS phones for helping to create an active and competitive market. Android has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, and has quickly become a leader in innovative and functional technologies that are improving not only Android devices, but helping to spur on changes in the industry as a whole.

[via engadget]