Dell Streak/Mini 5 Making the Rounds


Looks like Dell is trying to stir up some hype and potential media partners for the Dell Streak / Mini 5, as it took a trip to the MTV offices and the set of internet tech show Cranky Geeks last week. While Greg Clayman of Viacom/MTV tweeted praises for the device, Rob Enderle revealed a bit of info about the pricing of the upcoming tablet/smartphone with an identity crisis.


Whether it’s too big to be a phone or too small to be a tablet, the Streak / Mini 5 will be available on a contract for around $300 according to Enderle. For that price, my fingers are crossed that AT&T does the right thing and doesn’t flub it up like the Aero, or they might just end up with a big stinker on their hands.

[via engadget]

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  1. Unfortunately it depends on what contract level it is. If has “With Google” emblazoned on the back of it then it is a google experience device and they can’t muck with it much. If it is naked like the backflip and aero they can pretty much have at it.

  2. If handled right and not gutted by AT&T this could be the first of the tablet form factors that will eventually run the market. You may not be able to put it in your pocket but you can carry it with ease. The screen is big enough for media/reading/typing. And most importantly its a phone which helps justify the purchase instead of it being an additional device to your phone and laptop. Ship it with a bluetooth headset and I really believe this type of form factor will fly.

  3. Sorry, $300 and a contract…Deal killer. With the amount of options out there that’s pricey.

  4. Any word on whether it will be available without a contract, and if so what the pricing will be?

    Also, any word on release date?

  5. I could wish for a release date for this thing? I would probably like this above EVO if it has the front facing camera. Else it will be an EVO coming this way.

  6. No sale. Put it on Verizon or don’t put it out at all. AT&T is known for crushing anything and everything a phone would normally be worth.

  7. I’ve been drooling about this phone in my sleep ever since Michael Dell allowed his sneaky preview in Crimson Red. PUH-lease tell me it’ll be available on Verizon. PUH-lease!

    I absolutely HATE AT&T and therefore pray for a CDMA version. I’d even consider Sprint to get this device. Plus I don’t know about the rest of you but this pretty much makes the 4G EVO obsolete even before it’s release.

    And this most definitely will blow away ANY version of the iPhone. This is the game changer right here boys.

  8. Rob,
    There are other carriers besides AT&T and Verizon.
    I hope this comes to TMobile

  9. Maybe this device would be better for women who carry a purse. Cause no guy is gonna lug a phone that size around. I can understand it as a mini computer wifi device but not a tablet phone thats that large. Where are we gonna keep it outside our back pocket or backpack. If you make a phone like this then I expect a bluetooth to come with it because there is no other way for this workout as a phone. And I have no confidence in AT&T not crippling this device. I am much more interested in the WePad and Gemini.

    I think my ideal tech heaven would be my Droid, a Wepad or gemini and a ipod touch that is running the new 4 OS. but I just don’t like how Apple is conducting its buisness so I may drop the ipod touch.

    Does anyone have any idea if these tablets will be compatitble with Android 2.1 level stuff or 1.6. They must be 1.6 if they have google maps.

  10. I am crossing my fingers and in a moment of optimism want to believe that it will go to AT&T and that in light of their new “Rethink Possible” campaign maybe, JUST maybe they’ll see the light and get this right by allowing it to be a true Android device and give it room to become what it can. But if not, I can take off my rose-colored glasses and sigh deeply and wait for something else.

  11. It fits in your pocket.
    look at picture number 13. It is a big phone, that you can call a tablet if you want.

  12. I had such high hopes for this device, but hearing this it is destined for AT&T ensures that the EVO is my next device. As a current iPhone user, I have sworn off any device on AT&T. Now two of the three most desirable pending devices (Samsung Galaxy S and the Dell Mini 5) are headed to the hell that is AT&T. very discouraging…

  13. Why the heck is everybody announcing prices WITH contracts everywhere. Depending on the contract the price can be anywhere from $1 to $500 or maybe more. Even $1 can be very expensive if you have to pay $2500+ over the next two years. $150 can be dirt cheap or freaking expensive, depending on the contract.

  14. I’ve been saying for 6 years that I don’t understand why nobody is making a phone of this format. I’ll definately buy it, even if it weighs 500 grams. I hate those small keyboards and having to scroll all the time while reading books.

  15. I can’t wait for this. I’m yet to see it or handle it..For me, The test will be how it fits in my pants and shorts pocket. I too think this is the optimal size.

    Also a few things I’m wondering about:

    – How much trouble to setup and how will corporate email work if on company contract with AT&T
    – Will I be able to easily make skype calls and surf through Wifi with no bearing on Cell phone carrier or log.
    – Looking forward to seeing how well I can use this device to store everything on the web

  16. @KG Rob knows that he just wants it to come out to the best carrier. T-Mobiles spoty 3g is a known turn….Off. I am in hopes of the samething Rob.

  17. @Phil
    You’re spot on

  18. Dell should already shipped this stuff as fast as they could before other brand or imitation from China comes or loose the grip in the market. Too much bureaucracy will bring Dell loose the costumer appetite. An it should be available unlocked.

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