LG Aloha Slips Into Verizon’s Inventory System


Microsoft and Verizon are set to announce some new phones today, but that didn’t stop the LG Aloha from squeezing its way into a Verizon inventory slot. PhoneArena received an anonymous tip today with a nice set of screenshots that should make a good bunch of you happy. The VS740 – Aloha’s traditional model number – is closer to being launched now that Verizon has an entry for it in its ever-growing database of Android phones.

lg aloha vzw inventory large

We first saw mention of the phone last month via the FCC, and we were also treated to a leak of its user agent profile earlier this month. The VS710, which is the handset we first reported on, seems to be the same as the VS740 per this Wi-Fi certificate. Confused yet?

To put it short, the VS740 looks to be the rumored Aloha, while the C710 could end up being an entirely different phone – Android or otherwise – altogether. Whatever the case is, I’m happy to report that we could be looking at a Q2 release for this phone according to other sources of PhoneArena’s.

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  1. Talk about phone overload. I think I’ll still stick with the Incredible lol. Its still odd to me that Verizon is wasting time announcing some Microsuck phones on an OS thats dead when you have what could be a major release in the Incredible and aren’t creating buzz around it.

  2. The confucion is this: LG or the WiFi Alliance mixed up some certificates, mentioning the name Aloha with type number C710 instead of VS750. The name isn’t Aloha, but the C710 remains just as real, just as the LG Nexus phone

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