Apr 1st, 2010

lg-alohaThe most vigorous Android adopters on the manufacturing side have been HTC, Motorola and now Samsung. Sony Ericsson tried to get onboard awhile back but seem to be paddling themselves in circles, while LG has only released/announced a couple Android phones (LG Eve, LG Swift) – all on the lower end side of things. The rumored LG Aloha seeks to break that trend.

A recent User Agent Profile combined with a Wi-Fi certificate for the LG C710 (PDF) give us more than enough evidence to think the LG Aloha is for real. That isn’t necessarily saying it will come to fruition, but if it does, it could include:

  • 800×480 Pixel touchscreen
  • 65,000 color display
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n

The kicker here is that while all the high-end Androids rolling out after the Motorola Droid are full touchscreen (Desire, EVO 4G, Galaxy S, Incredible, Nexus One, Xperia X10) the LG Aloha is rumored to have a full QWERTY keyboard. Personally, we would welcome LG into the realm of higher-end Androids, and hopefully that full QWERTY is remniscient of the LG Voyager. Yes, please.

[Via Tweakers]

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