Hold On to Your Butts, More HTC Desires Shipping


HTC Desire fans in the UK just can’t catch a break. Depending on what carrier you prefer, you may already have a Desire, you may have one on pre-order, or you may be patiently waiting for the units to arrive in-store. Before you go and cancel that pre-order or move on to buying another phone, you may want to know that 10,000 more units are expected to arrive in T-Mobile’s hands with the purpose of diminishing the number of people stuck on waiting lists wondering when they will get to fulfill their Desire.


A poster on the T-Mobile forum had what I assume was a pleasant little chat with a store manager, and had this to say:

“I have just been informed by a T-Mo store manager (chippenham) that they’re expecting to get stock in store on Wednesday. 10,000 handsets are on their way from HTC as we speak and should get to the T-Mo central distribution/warehouse a few days before Wednesday, fulfilling phone and online orders before the remainder gets filtered down to the high street stores”

Also, for those of you not on T-Mobile, a post over at Tracy and Matt is giving word that Deviceware, Clove, and Expansys all have units ready to ship, and will begin that task by tomorrow. It looks like for most of the people left without the Desire who still want it the wait will finally be coming to an end over the next week.

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  1. Just to let you know, mobilefun.co.uk have shipped a load of sim free Desires – mine’s on it’s way!

  2. If you are thinking of getting this phone, don’t let the wait weaken your resolve. It is simply stunning.

  3. Still waiting for O2 UK to get their act together and give us a release date.

  4. What about T-Mobile USA – will they be getting the HTC Desire?

  5. Bah! Bring this to the states! Why is T-Mo in the US getting crap this year for Droid phones?!

  6. dethduck have you not been following any android news? T mobile customers can get a nexus one, currently the best android phone for as little as 180 with a contract. I know its the only decent phone on tmob usa right now but its still an excellent choice. I know because I got one in january :)

  7. “What about T-Mobile USA – will they be getting the HTC Desire?”

    What he said…

  8. I thought Nexus One is a pretty good phone that came to T-Mobile?

  9. Perhaps when Tmo gets this phone they will take back the crappy Behold 2’s they saddled us with, issue us an HTC Desire and apologize. Considering that the Behold 2 is ending pretty much as it began…being GIVEN away…that about wraps this puppy up. Take my phone…please! (Henny Youngman the droid version).

  10. Handtec have also got them in and are shipping today to anyone who preordered before the 4th. I reordered a week before that so I hope to get shipping/tracking info any minute now.

    If only I’d paid the extra for Saturday delivery. Hopefully the screwiness of Northern Ireland delivery schedules will work out in my favour!

  11. Ahem,I believe I’m holding onto my bum not butt :D

  12. there is a rumor that AT&T is picking up the Desire in the US. Still waiting for an official news…


  13. I got notification that my sim free Desire is on its way! I ordered mine from Handtec and got an email confirming that it was despatched at 5pm today for delivery on Monday.

    I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered until the 14th, so HTC have done really well to meet what must me huge demand from all the UK networks and independent e-tailers.

    “What about T-Mobile USA – will they be getting the HTC Desire?”
    I think the Desire is going to be sold as “HTC Incredible” in the US.

  14. You got a dispatch email from Handtec? When did you originally pre-order?

  15. I pre-ordered on the 1st of April from Handtec, money was taken on the 6th and I still haven’t received a tracking number. Anybody else ordered before the 4th and not received a tracking number???

  16. I pre-ordered on the 28th March, money taken on the 28th and I’ve got nothing. It’s annoying to say the least – why did they charge me before getting it in stock?

  17. I got this phone last Saturday from Carphone Warehouse in Brighton – £409 unlocked … it’s really nice. Very well done, HTC.

  18. i got this for free on virgin for £20 per month with 800 minutes unltd internet and texts it’s great to haggle ;)

  19. Carphone warehouse has already got the desire in stock, I got mine over a week ago on Pay as You Go, and it is UNLOCKED :) I had to buy an orange simcard in store but switched back to the 3 network because the desire does eat up the bandwidth and orange PAYG offers a pathetic internet allowance.
    If your thinking about this phone, STOP thinking and go and get it, it is an awesome phone. Long live the desire.

  20. Got it a few days ago at Carphone Warehouse in London. Most stores are sold out — but some do have it in stock. Got mine on Earl’s Court Rd.

    Fantastic phone — much better than an iPhone.

  21. go get it guys. I got mine a week ago (gsmweb.nl), and it’s fantastic. I can’t name a single thing I don’t like.

  22. I didn’t get any tracking info but either it arrived this morning or I’m imagining typing this. Again.

  23. leon (18). please explain what agruments you used to get £20/Mon from Virgin.
    I tried and they said that there was absolutly no posibility of changing the advertised rates, even If I left.

  24. A friend of mine on O2 ordered his on Friday, and had it by Monday. My wife on T-Mob ordered hers three weeks ago, and is STILL waiting. After numerous phone calls to them, after been told shes on a priority list, and been given three dates now which have all passed, she is STILL waiting.

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