Motorola CLIQ Gets A Crucial Update


I know a lot of you Motorola CLIQ owners out there are hankering for a fix to your phone troubles: if a laggy and buggy interface wasn’t bad enough, the actual MOTOBLUR service has all but pissed off quite a few people. T-Mobile and Motorola certainly heard you and they’ve released an update late last night to help address some of these issues.


Hate your battery life? Getting sick of those force closes? Do you just want a phone that’ll just work without fail? Then this update is pretty much for you. The list of improvements and bug fixes is massive compared to what you’d expect from a routine software update, but here’s the full rundown of the changes you’ll be seeing as you finish installing it:

Relocated “End Call” Button: The “End Call” key was relocated within the calling screen to reduce instances of unintentionally ending Active calls

Text Messaging: General improvements to text messaging – especially for longer message threads

Improved Battery Life: Enhanced battery performance

Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity: Improves the touch screen sensitivity and response of the device-including touch sensitivity for keys on or around the display borders

Improved Audio Quality for Calls: Enhances audio quality in certain scenarios in which users experienced issues

MOTOBLUR Set-Up Screen:    Set-up wizard improved to make MOTOBLUR set-up for new users or those who have been prompted to re-enter information easier

Better Audio Routing: Repairs audio routing to prevent: spontaneous speakerphone activations during calls and the random occurrence of music playback through the earpiece instead of appropriate external speakers

Improved Caller Notification: Improves user interface performance-consistently notifying the user when a new call is coming in which reduces missed call notifications

Faster GPS Performance:    Provides faster GPS performance for applications such as Google Maps, Geotagging of photos and other GPS functions

Support For Additional Windows Media Formats: Compatible with more media formats including .WMA and .WAV Windows media files

Bluetooth Improvements: Enables the user to listen to visual voicemail via Bluetooth and enables the Bluetooth car kit to sync to user’s device therefore the car kit can display the names of incoming callers and download phone book contacts (calls can now be made from the car kit display and enables users to view the call history list from the car kit display)

SIM Card Management: Enables user to import, export or delete contacts individually or in groups

Additional Stability: Additional device stability reduces occurrence of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly

The Latest Versions of Google Applications: Updated Google Mobile Services application provides access to the latest Android 1.5 compatible versions of Google applications such as Maps, Talk, YouTube, Market, and more

Updated Quickoffice: Adds the ability to view documents in Microsoft® Office 2007 format

There are some pretty necessary changes to be had here, but there are some new bells and whistles that you’ll want to get your hands on, too. If you have no problem with updating your own phone, then head over to Motorola’s site for the full details about how you can install it. We’re not sure if they’ll be providing this update via USB transfer or not, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

Quick update: T-Mobile USA has confirmed that the update is indeed being rolled out in stages, so if you can’t manage to get the update pulled over the air, then be sure to check back every couple of hours on your phone.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s great. Now when are the Cliq and Backflip going to get 2.1? That there is a far more important issue at this point. Android 1.5 loses out on a whole slew of things compared to 2.1

  2. i have the beta update, and the battery life of my phone lasts at least twice as long. Definitely worth updating

  3. I get no update available when checking manually. I’m guessing this is being rolled out in stages like the last update, and as usual all the major blogs aren’t making any mention of that in their initial posts.

    The motorola page only contains instructions for installing this update over the air, so I’m not sure what the last paragraph of this post is really talking about.

  4. @Darkseider, no it really isn’t. These are fixes that look to genuinely improve the performance of the phone. 2.1 will not regrow lost hair, improve your sex life, end world hunger or help the Cubs win a World Series. Comparing this update to 2.1, people will notice the improvements in this, they won’t see much of anything in 2.1 unless they’re looking for them (and in some cases, even _if_ they’re looking for them).

  5. I did as the instructions said. Cliq says no updates like it always does when I check the “System Updates” in the settings.

  6. @Ross granted this update fixes what alot of deficiencies in the Cliq but they still both need 2.1. Why? Simply to put an end to the incessant fragmentation talk. Everyone on 2.x no more BS fragmentation post, end of problem. As it stands that’s the only sticking point for a lot of people from moving to Android because they read into that crap too much. Hell how’s this? Just prop 1.5 to 1.6 and I’ll be happy seeing that 1.6 can run nearly everything that 2.x can. That’s really the reason the OS update is important.

  7. Confirmed: This is an OTA update only and it is being rolled out in stages like all the other official updates.


    Site admins might want to update this post.

  8. Does this update also work with the cliq xt

  9. “As it stands that’s the only sticking point for a lot of people from moving to Android because they read into that crap too much. ” I think techie people put way to much importance on what a few other techie people think. What’s the percentage of customers who care? One in a thousand? One in ten thousand? You hear from the same couple of hundred (tops) people on blogs and message boards. If every last one bailed out, they wouldn’t amount to a blip on the sames numbers. Most consumers simply don’t care which version OS they’re running, and likely don’t even know. Heck, they may not even realize it’s Android. They just want the damn phone to work. Make it work even better, and they’re even happier. Version numbers are for geeks and geeks alone.

  10. See what pisses me off is that Motorola released the backflip on 1.5. This is the NUMBER ONE reason I hate blur. Motorola refuses to update.

  11. Moto isn’t refusing to update, but they are still working on integrating Blur to 2.1 as an upgrade to 1.5.

    I wouldn’t say that Blur has been very buggy.

  12. Oh and LOL@Darkseider…
    This isn’t as important as 2.X… I lulz when I read that.
    So basically you’re saying that a phone that sounds like it barely functions correctly doesn’t need to be fixed? Instead it should be updated? Where it highly likely possible that they just pile more problems onto the phone.
    Obviously not every update goes as smoothly as hoped, though I don’t know how, these people must not do much QA Testing…
    So why would you even think a functioning phone isn’t as important as all the little Apps you can now use in 2.X?
    IT’S A PHONE. NOT A APP Machine. If that’s what you want, get an iPhone.
    I don’t care that much about Apps, why I never thought the iPhone was that cool, or that impressed, or cared, or ever even thought about getting one.
    Back to work..

  13. Weird… It’s not showing my first comment I made… Bah…
    ((Shurgs)) What a waste…

  14. Nice worthless flame, Zack. “What a waste” is right.

  15. I got the update in 2 installments. First was small then right after I had another one that was larger I think close to 18mb. I think there doing these updates so our phones are ready to receive the android os update. Motorola already said q2 that means they have a couple months left before they either update androis os or break there word. And to people that say what’s the difference between 2.1 and 1.5 well its really like night and day. And I own a droid and a cliq I like my cliq more but the difference between even 2.0 and 1.5 is huge. So basically the cliq will get a os update soon but will it be 2.1 I don’t know I being a cliq user I hope so but even if it was 2.0 that would be great and a show that motorola really deos care about all the consumers and devices..

  16. I agree with seth… just reading about all the problems droid is having with 2.1 from 2.0, I think Motorola is learning from that and updating cliq lil by lil 2 prepare it for the integration of blur and 2.1. I mean u gotta think live wallpaper vs live feed from social networks is a lot of processing power not to mention the jump frm 1.5, when droid jumped frm 2.0 and is just barely handling that to say the least!!

  17. Is this update 1.4.8?

  18. Good god this phone must’ve sucked prior to this update I had no idea.

    @ross, I care about firmware versions and I’m really not a techie but you’re completely right. The common user just wants the phone to work, and with Android whenever I ask about an issue in a forum the response is usually “just root and flash a custom rom”. But I don’t want to have to fix my own phone, I’m probably not switching to an iPhone but I certainly see the appeal of a phone that “just works”

  19. Getting mine is stages as well. First was small and updated to 1.4.2. Went right back to check on an update and now its downloading something much larger: the download screen said 1.4.8 before I hit download button.

    I guess I’m not too worried about A2.1 but since the last moto/blur update my Cliq has been buggy, slow and generally a disappointment. I call it the “Not ready for Prime Time Phone”. We’ll see if this changes that. Prior to the last update I was mostly happy with the cliq even though battery life was only so so but I learned to work around that. More later after the update.

  20. I have read numerous contrary, though very interesting points on this phone’s software, firmware, etc. I guess it’s my turn to put in my 2 cents worth. I agree with Ross and Zack that reliability of core smartphone functions is more important than having the latest OS version with the latest bells and whistles (especially if the new OS features are equally unreliable LOL), but I think Google should take a similar stand with Android as Apple has with it’s iPhone: require all new hardware sold to run on the latest software. If I go to AT&T right now (just hypothetically, cuz I hate ’em LOL), Apple offers me a choice of either an iPhone 3g or 3gs, but both run the same software, so my choice is based strictly on hardware features (hard drive, camera, etc). If I economize with a 3g, I’m still running the latest OS and not paying a brand new price for old software. This is where Google needs to step up: if they give away Android licenses to phone makers who use their OS, part of the “freebie” should be a requirement that new hardware be released with new software. If a phone maker decides to release a phone after Google releases a new OS, the phone should be required to ship with the new OS, or be delayed to market if bugs arise with the new system. Period. I should not have to choose between 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, etc, when I shop for A BRAND NEW PHONE. IT SHOULD ALREADY COME WITH BRAND NEW SOFTWARE, NOT 2007 or 2008!!! And if a new phone cannot run the latest software, by definition it is obsolete and should not hit the store shelves. Microsoft has done a pretty good job at this, and no one who shops for a new HP has to choose between Windows 7, 2000, or MS-DOS! So why the hell does Google develop new Android versions and allow phone makers to release new hardware with the old retro software? That’s total BS and they need to stop it because it’s self-defeating and anti-progressive from a tech standpoint, as well as a disservice to the consumer, who as Ross pointed out, is too often ignorant about OS versions, firmware, etc, and rarely knows what they’re getting into until after the fact. The consumer should not be forced to check manufacturer websites or blogs like this one to see which phone runs what BEFORE buying; it should be a given that a new phone runs new software and pricing differences should be based on brand, form factor, features, UI’s like Blur and Sense, etc, not whether a new phone is already obsolete software-wise or not! That’s outrageous!

  21. I downloaded my update around 5pm yesterday, fully charged. By 10pm I stuck it on the charger just 2 be @ 100%, so frm about 11pm till now 5:46pm, with no charge and let’s say 2 hours web browsing, sent and received about 10 txt on vibrate and talked about an hour & a half. My battery is @ 53% not bad!!! Just b4 this update I could keep my phone uncharging all nite and as soon as I touched it, it will drop as if I was using it all nite. But I think the end button should’ve been left alone but no biggie

  22. @akkharu1033

    You have to realize that the Phone manufacturer’s are developing the phones and the OS for the phone and can not just drop what they’ve been doing just because Google released another new Android version. It doesn’t make sense.
    And Microsoft did have Vista/XP being sold at the same time, because Vista is crap and wouldn’t run on the new Netbooks that were coming out. But that’s really different than this.

    I don’t know if Google views it (New OS versions & upgrading to them) as a big deal or not. If they don’t, then it’s the Manufacturers that are slacking. If it is a big deal (requires a lot of work) then it’s up to Google to figure out a new way of updating their OS that doesn’t cause the issues we’re seeing.. Which they seem to be working on now, given the last few points on fragmentation.

    A big problem I’m seeing is the manufacturers that are extensively modifying the Android OS for their phones are making problems for themselves. Buggy operation, bad battery life, etc etc. It can’t just be Android (I wouldn’t think at least), as not all phones have the same issues. Some where, the QA Testing isn’t going on. At that’s a big problem in the electronic industry today.

  23. Download and install went off without a hitch. Phone seems more responsive and battery life is indeed better. Not sure why they moved the end call and other buttons around. One of the things that really bothered me was the poor performance of the GPS. Even with assist the margin of error was silly bad: 2000meters, 3000 meters. Well, whatever they did its soooo much better. Fast and very accurate. Now my “tracks” app works like it should. Had it on all day yesterday and will have it on again for my bike/trail ride today. So accurate you could see lane changes in the tracks.
    Overall the phone does seem more responsive. Looks to be a good update.

  24. @akkharu1033, Apple only had one platform (three versions) and they control it as they do the OS. Android is designed to run on different platforms by different manufacturers. And those platforms take time to develop. Plus, phone manufacturers partner heavily with the carriers (who have a lot of influence in the product) so development of each phone is at minimum a three way partnership. That complex relationship is, in part, why you see mostly flagship products release with the latest OS and others release using versions that were stable longer: by developing to 1.5, 1.6 etc, you can reduce the dependency of one of the three (namely Google). @Zack, manufacturers need to modify Android to a point to optimize it for their hardware platform, most of which is custom designed for a particular phone. When they don’t modify it (correctly), that’s when you get most of the poor performance issues.

  25. I have a Moto Cliq on T Mobile and just got my update an hour ago, everything seems to check out fine, and the phone appears to be working quicker. I was already quite happy with the Cliq, having upgraded from the clunky HTC G1, which was becoming slower than a dead turtle even with a few apps.

    I will give the “G1” some credit because, the Google Maps Navigation Application worked like a charm. This was the only thing I really missed about the “G1” phone. The CLIQ hardware is clearly superior in many aspects. I just hope Motorola doesn’t drag the 2.0/2.1 upgrade issue on forever. Google Maps navigation is the number 1 killer application for serious Android users.

    Just my thoughts,

    Middlesex, NJ

  26. How bad was this phone before the update because I just got it

  27. @imaninja

    Can’t speak for you but as posted above it was slow, laggy, unresponsive and the GPS accuracy was terrible. My phone was not like that when I first got it. IMHO the previous update was really bad and maybe they are making up for things and more. Don’t get me wrong, I like my phone: when it works its great. I love Android. But at too often a time pressing the screen got me nowhere….fast. Moving from portrait to landscape seemed to take forever. Working with the messages widget from Motoblur ( I’m not blaming much, if anything on Android. Certainly this is/has been a Moto issue ) was sloooooow. I’ll give Moto credit: this update has made my phone a phone again and a device I love to use. And like I said: OMG the GPS really rocks. A major reason I wanted a smart phone, chose Android ( already a TMO user ) was the extensibility and GPS. It’s like my phone works like I expected it to out of the box. Any other questions?

  28. I just uploaded this new update. And now my home button is not working. Anyone else having the same problem or can assist me with this.

  29. I have to agree with akkharu, he is completly right, see I had the G1 wich is the very first google phone tmobile came up with, I pass that one to my wife and got the cliq becouse it supposed to be an upgrade now the fact that the G1 is running a newer os that my “new” phone is just not aceptable

  30. I hate this phone, I couldnt answer my calls cause of the stupid green bar you have to slide on the screen, it kept turning off and on by itself, sometimes the screen would lock when im touching it, when it should when your not touching it. the gps is always wrong, battery dies so quicly, some apps dont even work like the ones where you have to scan a barcode, i tried three different barcode apps none of them worked on this piece of crap. I had a G1 before and i never had so many issues as i do now with the cliq. I called T-mobile; they sent me a “new one” and i still have the same problems.

  31. Just saying but, I love my cliq. I’ve had it since february and yes it sucked ass. I got around the tough corners and ended up loving it. Ever since the latest update its been operating so much better and thank god it is. For the OS software, so what? I mean if it runs 2.0 or 2.1 than yeah it would be awesome. Right now its good enough, yeah the battery isn’t all that great. Same thing with most androids. Like I said, just saying.

  32. They could have at least updated to GoogleNAV if they were going to take there sweet time with the Android rollout … TELEnav ..Like come on!! thats pure garbage and google maps is cool if my phone was 3yrs old! My phone should be able to do everythin the G1 can do BUT FASTER!

  33. Oh and lets not talk about the Blur service being down and when its up you get the same old post with the comments still blank. 15min updates my ass!! well i gotta go and scroll through thesame 80 happening post that I saw already yesterday. Luckly I have it set for just a day of updates … wait that doesn’t work either SMdamnH!!

  34. is there a way to overclock the processor on the cliq like you can on the g1. thats the only problem i see with the phone is its speed compared to other smart phones. i seen a g1 overclocked to 1ghz and runs so damn smooth. i hate this stupid 580mhz bs. playing with a rooted cliq to 1.6 and a g1 on 1.6 was about the same. overclock the g1 and it blew the doors off the cliq

  35. The reason I am looking forward to the upgrade is because there are a couple of apps that just came out for 1.6 and above. I think Motorola needs to get on the ball for all the Cliq users out there. I am not an app maniac but I have found a few to be quite useful. The next one I want is the Kindle for Android (1.6 and above needed).

  36. Ummm…when will the update be coming? This is kind of annoying, so much for “no phone left behind” :(

  37. How come my home button isnt working anymore?!?!?!?!?! I turned it off in the morning and when i turned it back on in the afternoon the home button wouldnt work!!!!!

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