Orange Brings Out the HTC Desire


It seems no carrier in the UK will be spared in the huge push for the HTC Desire over the past few weeks. The latest to pick up the phone appears to be Orange, as reported over at Tracy and Matt. A source confirmed that the Desire should be appearing on the Orange site for sale either today or tomorrow, and it has already begun shipping to stores.


The phone is initially being offered in its brown color scheme, but Orange plans to phase that model out for the black version by the end of April (man, that was a lot of colors for one sentence).

As reported yesterday, the unlocked version of the phone remains delayed but should see release next week. Those thinking about picking up the Desire in the UK sure have a ton of choices regarding which version of the Desire they want, don’t they?

[via Tracy and Matt]

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  1. This was available on Orange @ Phones4U last wednesday as i nearly picked it up :)

    £30 Month (24 months) free phone, 900 minutes, 500 text unlimited internet

  2. Go t-mobile if you don’t mind changing carrier and you get coverage.

    I got mine online for £15/month (24 months), £129 phone, 300 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet (actually 3GB, much larger than any other carrier! Most are only 500MB)

  3. My other half has just upgraded to the X10 on orange and the new panther contacts are unlimited internet with no fair usage applied, but the woman I spoke to said that she is sure there will be if people extract the urine…

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