2.1 For Samsung Moment Gets a Leak


Along with a slew of other Android handsets, the Samsung Moment  has yet to see an upgrade to Android 2.1. That is until now, if you are one of the brave few who will take advantage of one of TWO leaked builds from SDX -Developers. With a little bit of work, you can soon be running an upgraded version of the OS.


The builds are stable and support voice and data, but between ECLAIR.DC23 and ECLAIR.DD03, the latter seems to be the winner. Some report issues with the Market, but other than that the builds seem good to go.

If you aren’t afraid of wiping your phone and potentially bricking it, you may want to grab the 2.1 builds and get cracking. If any readers try it out, be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments.

[SDX-Developers via Engadget]

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  1. i’ve been running it for about 2 hours and so far the biggest issue i’m having is with streaming audio. neither pandora or last.fm is working at this time.

    there are no live wallpapers and no multitouch either.

  2. This phone seems to have a great keyboard. I’m surprised it’s not more popular.

  3. Its not as popular simply because it has 1.5. I have one and I love it but I’m not willing to mess up my phone with untested and uncertified programming. No offense to the developers, just personal preference

  4. @mrXtc: Three words. “Ugly Thick Clunky.” When holding the Moment and Sprint Hero next to each other, there is no comparison.

  5. LincKraker how did you put the 2.x on ure moment. i tried but was clueless. ive had some experience getting my hands dirty and would appreciate if you could explain on how to get the update onto the sd card

  6. i used the sprint/samsung cl14 update tool. i downloaded and flashed SPH-M900_MR2_DD03_REL-joeykrim-recovery-2.1.3.tar

    once you have installed the cl14 update tool navigate to c:\program files\Samsung Electronics\SWupgrade\Models\binary and remove any files that in there and replace with the 2.1 image

    then run the update utility to actually flash to the phone

  7. okay thanx. but what do you exactly mean when you say ‘replace with the 2.1 image”. do you mean to put the SPH-M900_MR2_DD03_REL-joeykrim-recovery-2.1.3.tar there or is there somethin iam missing

  8. Hard to find instructions but I got it. Really simple once u find out how. I rooted and installed 2.1 on my girlfriend phone in 5 minutes after I figured it out on mine.

  9. i got all the way to the flash then when im about to flash i get a box saying code 87 and it wont go through i tried repeatedly any clue on how to get this to work properly?

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV7FWUCNTMQ

    a video of my phone with android 2.1 and live wallpapers

  11. @greatcasa: No comparison? The Moment has a faster processor and less lag, superior AMOLED screen which also improves battery life, and the keyboard is a huge draw for people who don’t like virtual ones. Those people aren’t going to care if its .10 inches thicker. And to pick the HTC over the Moment just because it lacks the Sense UI is also dumb, considering there are plenty of home replacement options with arguably superior UI set ups and themes than the Sense UI. Plus the Hero costs $50 more with a contract.

  12. Have it on mine as well. Plus all the goodies except multi touch. That will come later I am sure. Love the screen layouts on this version. No more accidental mute or speakerphone. Helix Launcher gives up to 7 Home screens plus some other goodies. Great new Market and more.

  13. I bought both the hero and the moment in November. We kept the hero, returned the moment and got a second for my wife.

    The moment has a nice physical keyboard but it is thicker. And we both liked the hero interface more. Another thing that has probably been fixed is that we could not get the moment through a typical day without a second charge. I was really on the fence before we had them because the moment looks better on paper. But the choice was clear for us after about a week.

  14. This is awesome news. Been running 2.1 all day. Its a simple upgrade to 2.1 and there is a simple fix for the streaming issue. get all info and step-by-step guides at sdx-developers

  15. Awesome! I’ve been running 2.1 since last night and happy with it.
    Still a bit rough, but glad I upgraded!

  16. when i use it in my samsung galaxy i7500?

  17. i forgot my password in google and me cellphone is not working

  18. so how big is this image? the one that is mirrored is 155mb? that is huge

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